Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Longoria, Thurman, Lusk win in Milton.

Courtesy Neighbor Newspapers.

Here are the final results of Milton's three contested city council races. The Neighbor will have comprehensive coverage and interviews on Wednesday.

District 1

Karen Thurman 60.51%
Bernard Wolff 39.27%

District 3

Bill Lusk 69.82%
Write-in (Al Trevillyan) 30.18%

District 5

Tina D'Aversa 39.15%
Joe Longoria 60.62%


Anonymous said...

Hopefully we are evolving to having adults managing our city affairs, where members work together to find common ground and seek compromise, vs. the widely publicized childish and embarassing behavior of the past.

Anonymous said...

That will come when we oust one more.

Anonymous said...

write it down -
Crooked Creek gets thier gates and now they all have increased value because of the "status" that comes with it, the corner of Hopewell and Thompson gets developed (Chatham wins), as does the corner of Freemanville and Providence. Kiss the farms goodbye and welcome more traffic and empty strip malls. You made your beds now lets see how long you can sleep in them!

Anonymous said...

A brothel would suffice at Hopewell & Thompson...or maybe a liquor store... on second thought, maybe both.