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Since we required registration earlier this year, the forums have been far more proactive. However, some are using aliases for screen names which disolves the effectiveness of open discussion. We now require that when a comment is sent, you must include your name and email which will be listed along with your post. Your email will also be used to confirm that you were the initial party that sent the response prior to activation. It is our hope that this approach will make future topics even more effective and responsible.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Your Thoughts For Discussion!

Milton, GA Citizens:

As with any incorporation, questions arise. Thus, has opened up the forum floor for topics that you would like to address and discuss. Please send them as one would normally and we will post them as received. Thanks for your continued input and support of!

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Library System Includes Milton Branch

By PAUL KAPLANThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A major library in the new city of Milton's Birmingham community is part of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System's 10-year expansion plan.The library system is asking the County Commission to approve eight new libraries, with seven of them in Atlanta or the southern end of the county. It also is asking for renovations at 28 library branches, five of which are on the Northside.

Roswell had offered to donate a prime piece of land in east Roswell if the board would build a library branch at the site, but the offer was turned down.Major renovations are planned for Sandy Springs ($1.9 million), Roswell ($1.7 million) and Northeast Spruill ($1.5 million). Smaller renovations have been recommended for Alpharetta ($668,000) and Robert E. Fulton, formerly Ocee, in the new city of Johns Creek ($145,000).But the big winner on the Northside is the Birmingham community of Milton."We need one; the population has exploded up here," said Tiffany Santi, who lives in the Birmingham area.

Santi has two children, ages 11 and 14, and when they need a library they use the little one at their school because the nearest library branch is in downtown Alpharetta.Milton has only about 20,000 residents, but they're spread out over 44 square miles, which means most residents have to travel long distances to get to a library.

"There is a very large geographic area and a decently sized population north of Alpharetta that is not currently served by a public library," said library director John Szabo, who led the effort to draw the master plan. Szabo said his $112 million plan would likely require a bond issue approved by the voters.Under the plan, two major new libraries would be built, both 25,000 square feet and costing $12.5 million apiece: one in Milton, the other in the Chattahoochee Hills community of unincorporated south Fulton.

The other six new libraries would be smaller branches in Atlanta or south Fulton. The biggest projects are not new libraries, however. They are a proposed $20 million expansion of the Auburn Avenue library in northeast Atlanta and a $21 million renovation of the system's central library in downtown Atlanta.

"The central library is a significant part of our system," Szabo said. "This plan aims to make the central library relevant to everyone, from Alpharetta to Palmetto. I don't believe the central library serves the entire community like it should."

East Roswell residents have to travel to the west side of the city for a library, and they will be disappointed not to be on the list of new branches — but they shouldn't give up trying, said Roger Wise, who lives in Horseshoe Bend, one of east Roswell's major neighborhoods.

"We should not take no for an answer," Wise said. "Plans can be modified, and we should encourage the library authority to take advantage of free land and put a library here."

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Vandals Hit Bethany Road

By Anderson Lee; Magnolia Media, LLC

Bethany Road homeowners woke up to an unexpected sight Friday morning. "When I was walking the dog about 7:30am, I noticed them missing, "resident Cherilyn Allen stated."It is very frustrating that people think they have the right to trespass on private property and take someone's personal items." The personal items Mrs. Allen is referring to are Tim Enloe & Marty Locke campaign sign for the run-off election slated for December 5th.

District 4 Candidate Tim Enloe agrees, "I always encourage folks to vote regardless of who they are supporting. However, I wish they would channel these energies into their candidates of choice instead of these type of actions. Milton, Ga needs to be about visions and ideas; not blind assumptions and vandalism."

The thefts were reported to North Fulton Police. "This is theft by taking and is punishable by fines or even jail time, " stated Lt. Farran. "My officers have been made aware of this situation and are on the lookout."

As of the writing of this article, the other candidates signs in this area were still in place.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Alpharetta Officer Lagerbloom Named Milton Public Safety Director.

CMH2 Hill and the Milton City council has named Christopher J. Lagerbloom as its Public Safety Director. Lagerbloom has spent the past 11 years in the police force at the City of Alpharetta. While there, he worked his way up from a police officer in the Uniform Patrol Division to Police Sergeant as a Crime Prevention Unit Commander and an Administrative Division Commander.
Most recently, he returned to the Uniform Patrol Division as a Police Captain.

"I am enthused and humbled to have been chosen as the first Public Safety Director for the City of Milton. Our new department will be unique,” says Lagerbloom. “We will build a public safety organization designed to deliver extraordinary service utilizing the talents of extraordinary people."

While at Alpharetta, Lagerbloom oversaw the police department’s national accreditation and state certification processes, which collectively encompass more than 475 individual standards covering the areas of administration, operations, planning and budget. He also re-established the city’s bicycle patrol and expanded the city’s neighborhood watch program, which grew to be one of the largest in north Fulton County.

"What an amazing opportunity to be trusted with one of the most precious things each citizen and visitor to the City of Milton enjoys: their safety,” Lagerbloom adds. Last year, Lagerbloom completed his master’s degree in public administration at Columbus State University in Columbus, Ga. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Lagerbloom will be sworn in at the next meeting of the city council, which will be held at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 21 at Hopewell Middle School, 13060 Cogburn Road. All council meetings are open to the public.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bouyant Johns Creek, Milton Convene as Cities!

BY DOUG NURSE , MARCUS K. GARNER The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionPublished on: 11/15/06

It was like a work party Tuesday night at the new cities of Milton and Johns Creek. The mood was festive, buoyant even, at the first city council meetings of Georgia's two newest cities, but a lot of important groundwork was laid.

Both cities swore in their mayors and four council members. They empowered themselves to levy taxes. They adopted Robert's Rules of Order. Johns Creek adopted a measure warning businesses not to sell obscene material.

But what they did was overshadowed by the mere fact they were meeting at all. "This has been a long time coming," said Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker. "The people of northeast Fulton County finally have a local government that can respond to their needs."
When Sandy Springs proved it was possible to successfully incorporate into a city last year, the community of Milton, population 20,000, with its horse farms, golf courses and mansions launched intense efforts to incorporate to save the rural feel of the area.

Simultaneously, the Johns Creek area of northeast Fulton County, known for its stacked stone shops, manicured lawns, and gridlock traffic also began working for cityhood. Supporters were largely motivated by a feeling that Johns Creek's 63,000 residents had been ignored by Fulton County and wanted more control of taxes and spending.

Voters in July approved incorporation by at least 80 percent in each community. The cities won't begin actually delivering services until Dec. 1, but they need ordinances to give some framework to the government. In each city, two unresolved council posts will be settled in a Dec. 5 runoff.

In Milton, George Ragsdale, the man credited with stirring the fires for the new city's rise watched from the sidelines Tuesday as the mayor and council were sworn in. "It's a very exciting experience to see it come to fruition," Ragsdale said of the work to bring the city to life. "I'm looking forward to being an ardent observer of what's going on."

Jeri Colton, a 42-year-old homemaker, was one of about 200 people attending the festivities at Northview High School, site of Johns Creek's first City Council meeting. She said she came just to witness something historic. "It's self-government in the making," she said. "We have a fresh start, a new city. How often does that happen?"

Anne Thompson, 67, said she was relieved to have Johns Creek become reality. "We have looked forward to this for many a year," she said. "We're tired of paying high taxes and getting nothing in return. We personally know these people [City Council members]. If we don't like the way things are going, we'll tell them."

Former Candidate Sam Bottoms Endorses Tim Enloe for District 4!

"I think that Tim Enloe would be the best candidate for District 4 of the city of Milton, I believe that he represents my best interests and those of the community environmentally, politically and socially. I feel that Tim captures the spirit of the new city quite well and urge everyone to support him. Vote for Tim guys! " - Sam Bottoms.

You can email Sam at:

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rep Jan Jones Annouces Milton, GA's First City Council Inauguration!

Friends and Neighbors-The Milton City Council inauguration and swearing-in will be held tonight, Tuesday, at 6 p.m. at Milton High School. The public is welcome.The mayor and four city council members will be installed. They are Joe Lockwood, Karen Thurman, Julie Zahner Bailey, Tina D'Aversa-Williams and Rick Mohrig.The remaining two positions will be filled after the run-off election, which will be held on December 5. Post Three candidates Marty Locke and Bill Lusk and Post Four candidates Tim Enloe and Neal O'Brien will meet in the run-off.Immediately after tonight's ceremony, the city council will conduct its first city council meeting. Come out to see history made!

Jan JonesState Representative - District 46(Serving northwest Fulton, including Milton, Roswell, Alpharetta and Mountain Park)

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Magnolia Media, LLC has noticed an unfortunate trend regarding the option for Milton Citizens to post comments pro-actively here. In speaking with those running, we have decided it would be best to change the requirements regarding posting. You are now required to register. It should be noted that Magnolia Media, LLC does not sell our users information in any shape, form, or manner. This adjustment is simply meant to create a more responsible forum for all of those involved. In closing, please realize that all candidates are running with the goal of making Milton, GA the very best it can be. These individuals have taken time away from their families as well as money out of their pockets. Please consider this before posting.

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