Sunday, May 31, 2009

Milton Garage Sale Coming Up.

Neighborhood/Multi family gargage sale this weekend, Saturday June 6th from 9am-2pm, in the Sunvalley Subdivision located about one mile east of Highway 9 in Milton. Lost of toys, children items, furniture, household items, books and so much more.. Come visit us - You won't be disappointed.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Speed Limits Lowered in Milton

Motorists need to be aware that speed limits on portions of 11 roads within the City have changed effective today, May 29. Milton's Public Works Department, in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Transportation, made the following changes:

· Bethany Bend from SR9 to Hopewell Road (1.49 miles) from 45 mph to 40 mph.

· Bethany Bend from SR9 to McGinnis Ferry/Morris Road (1.37 miles) from 45 mph to 40 mph.

· Bethany Road from Mayfield Road to Providence Road (1.5 miles) from 45 mph to 40 mph.

· Bethany Road from Providence Road to Hagood Road (0.5 miles) from 45 mph to 40 mph.

· Birmingham Road from SR372 to Freemanville Road (0.75 miles) from 45 mph to 40 mph.

· Cogburn Road from Bethany Bend to Webb Road (1.41 miles) from 45 mph to 40 mph.

· Cogburn Road from Bethany Bend to Francis Road (1.34 miles) from 45 mph to 40 mph.

· Francis Road from Cogburn Road to Forsyth County Line (1.54 miles) from 45 mph to 40 mph.

· Freemanville Road from Mayfield to Providence Road (1.74 miles) from 45 mph to 40 mph.

· Green Road from SR 140 to SR 372 (0.5 miles) from 45 mph to 40 mph.

· Hagood Road from Bethany Road to Redd Road (0.49 miles) from 45 mph to 40 mph.

· Mountain Road from Freemanville Road to Hopewell Road (1.64 miles) from 35 mph to 40 mph.

· New Bull Pen Road from Birmingham Hwy to Cherokee County Line (0.78 miles) from 35 mph to 40 mph.

· Ranchette Road from SR140 to New Providence Road (0.6 miles) from 40 mph to 35 mph.If you have any questions, please call Milton City Hall at 678-242-2500 or visit the
City Web site.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

News from Karen Thurman, Milton City Council Member

Dear Neighbors,

We at the City of Milton are constantly working to make traveling in Milton safer for all of us. Over the past year we have worked with city staff to pursue several different venues to achieve this goal. These included the reduction of speed limits on roadways within Milton, the application of a Safe Routes to School grant, the creation of an Intersection Improvement Committee to look at two specific intersections, and traffic calming alternatives for roads within subdivisions in Milton.

Based on the letters and emails we received from Milton residents, the city applied for and received approval from the Georgia Department of Transportation to lower the speed limit on several roads within Milton. This included lowering the speed limit on all or parts of Green Road, Bethany Road, Freemanville Road, Francis Road, Cogburn Road and Bethany Bend Road to 40 mph. The speed limit on Ranchette Road was also lowered from 40 to 35 mph.

I am also very excited to share some news I learned yesterday. The city of Milton was successful and has been awarded the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) grant money for our District by the Georgia Department of Transportation. Although the exact details of the amount awarded and the actual projects that will be included is still not known, this is very positive news for all of us in Milton and will help to insure safe travel around two of our school zones.

The City, in partnership with Crabapple Crossing Elementary School, Northwestern Middle School and Summit Hill Elementary School, applied for a grant through the Safe Routes to School program, a program created in 2008 by the federal transportation bill. The Program's goal is to increase the number of children who bicycle and walk to school. Benefits of the Program include: reduced congestion and increased safety near participating schools; reduced air pollution in route to and near participating schools; and increased physical activity of children.

Milton's actual grant application was for approximately $500,000 and covered installation of new sections of sidewalk along Crabapple Road which will complete the sidewalk from Crabapple Crossroads to Green Road; installation of a new section of sidewalk on Birmingham Highway across from Northwestern Middle School; installation of new sidewalk on Kensington Farms Drive; raised crosswalks at Northwestern Middle School; safety signage for both Crabapple Crossing and Summit Hill; a gravel trail on Providence Road connecting existing sidewalk in front of Summit Hill Elementary to Cowart Road; a gravel trail connecting Freemanville Road to Summit Road; and a gravel trail on Redd Road connecting existing sidewalk on Thompson Road to Brittle Road.

In addition, the Intersection Improvement Committee was established in December 2008. This seven-member committee was formed to provide input and recommendations on plans for the intersections of Birmingham Highway at Providence Road and Arnold Mill Road and New Providence Road. The committee will be working with a consultant, Street Smarts Inc., in development of concept plans for the improvement of both of those intersections.

In January the City Council met with citizens from our open-road neighborhoods to discuss traffic calming on those roads. At our May work session, the Mayor and City Council explored various traffic calming alternatives for subdivisions requesting traffic calming for specific streets within each subdivision. We discussed the parameters that will be used to determine qualifications and to assess and prioritize the needs for each street. We look forward to implementing this program in the very near future.

The City Council, along with our city staff continue to work to make traveling in Milton safer for everyone. This includes all modes of transportation: walking, biking, horseback riding and automobile travel. Please check the city of Milton website at for further updates on the SRTS grant, the Intersection Improvement Committee's meeting schedule and traffic calming initiatives for both subdivisions and open-road neighborhoods.

If you have ideas of concerns about Milton and and our efforts to ensure your safety while travelling within our city limits, please write me at Thank you for allowing me to serve you and the needs of our community. It is an honor and a privilege to do so.


Karen C. Thurman

As I See It From Tina D'Aversa

Dear Milton Neighbor,

I am proud to formally announce my intention to seek re-election as your City Council Member from District 5. It has been my honor to serve you the last four years. In 2006, I served as the Parks & Recreation Chair for the city steering committee. I have served from November 2006 to present as your District 5 City Council Representative and was appointed Mayor Pro Tem in January 2008. Thank you for your many notes requesting and encouraging me to continue my service to the City of Milton. I appreciate the support very much. I love the city of Milton and all that the city vision represents.
promise to continue to serve you proudly, always be accessible and always do my best to ensure a fiscally responsible, safe community while preserving the unique rural and equestrian character that is Milton.

Throughout my life, I have been a public servant. I enjoy volunteering and take I take pride in the community initiatives I have accomplished over the last 20 years
(City of Milton Bio).
My tenure as chairman of the North Metro Miracle League gave me the opportunity to learn so much about our neighbors with disabilities. I have coached dozens of youth sports teams and served on many recreation boards but nothing gave me the feeling accomplishment as seeing children of all abilities play baseball.
The first year as a city council member, I help to create the Milton Disability Committee (MDAC) in Milton. Since that time, we have accomplished many tremendous efforts leading the charge for an inclusive community accessible and enjoyed by all citizens. See below for the next committee meeting and join us to learn more about our goals and successes.

Save The Date

Please join me, Joe Lockwood and Milton City Council Members at the Old Blind Dog in Crabapple - Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM!
We want you to help kickoff our 2009 Re-Election! Stop by and enjoy a taste of Milton at the Old Blind Dog.
News and Information

Milton Receives Safe Routes to School Grant
The City of Milton applied for the Safe Routes to School Grant last December and received a portion of the requested $500,000 to be used to increase safety for school children who are biking and walking to school in Milton. The funds will be used to create safe passages, sidewalks and pedestrian crossing areas in and around the Crabapple Crossing Elementary School, Northwestern Middle School and Summit Hill Elementary School zones.
Details will be available from the city soon.

Possible uses of the federal funds include: installation of new sidewalks along Crabapple Road from Crabapple Crossroads to Green Road. The city also plans to install a new section of sidewalk on Birmingham Highway across from Northwestern Middle School and on Kensington Farms Drive. The grant may also fund raised crosswalks at Northwestern Middle School; safety signage for both Crabapple Crossing and Summit Hill; a gravel trail on Providence Road connecting existing sidewalk in front of Summit Hill Elementary to Cowart Road; a gravel trail connecting Freemanville Road to Summit Road and a gravel trail on Redd Road connecting existing sidewalk on Thompson Road to Brittle Road.

New Speed Limit for Bethany Road

The City of Milton Public Safety Department has been successful in having the State Department of Transportation approve the speed limit reduction on Bethany Road. The speed limit is reduced from 45 miles per hour to 40 miles per hour. This is a good first step as we strive to reduce speeding throughout the city. The signs will be installed this week. The city manager and public safety department is continuing to work with citizens to ensure that speed limits are reduce on all Milton roads.

Milton County

One of the reasons we incorporated the North Fulton Cities was to ensure that we move closer to creating Milton County.

Although discussion on the possibility of a reformation of Milton County has been tabled for the current legislative session, a viability study was released in March 2009 by the Georgia State University Fiscal Research Center and the University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute of Government. The study is available for download
Milton County Study

I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and the citizens of Milton and look forward to all that the future holds.
Tina D'Aversa
678-242-2498 Direct

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead
Meetings and Events
Click on the event title for additional information or the Calendar link below.

City of Milton May Meeting Calendar of the City Boards and Commissions

City Council Meeting June 1, 2009, 6:00 PM
City Council Meetings are scheduled three Mondays a month at City Hall, 13000 Deerfield Parkway, Milton, Georgia 30004

Milton walkers meet at Starbucks at Bethany Bend and Highway 9 each Sunday at 3:00 and walk for health wellness and neighborly conversation

Disability Awareness Committee Meeting June 3, 2009, 7:00 PM, Milton City Hall

City Council Meeting June 8, 2009, 6:00 PM

Comprehensive Plan (CPAC) Meeting City Council Meeting June 15, 2009, 6:00 PM

Highway 9 Design Review Committee Meeting June 28, 2009, 4:00 PM, Milton City Hall.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Service At City Hall.

Milton Councilman & Vietnam Veteran Bill Lusk Officates.

LTG Roy Beauchamp; USA Ret. - Guest Speaker.

Presentation Of Colors: Fulton County Sheriff's Office Color Guard.

"God Bless America" -
Sung By Members Of The Milton High School Choral Group.

Some Of The Veterans Remembered.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Never Forget!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Veterans Marker Information

The City needs your help creating a database of area-related veterans, both living and fallen, who served in the armed forces. Information on fallen veterans will be used to create markers that will be on display along major thoroughfares in the City during Memorial Day and Veterans Day holidays. Any deceased veteran of a Milton family is qualified to be honored with a marker. Information on living veterans will be used for recognition purposes.

To find out more click here=>

Milton High students learn about marketplace opportunities

By Bob Pepalis

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

May 21, 2009 Alpharetta – Did you know it is a local company that puts a voice to many of the Businesses consumers call for customer service?

The success of GM Voices, which continues to grow during the recession, has Marcus Graham, its founder and CEO, passing along a message of opportunities and entrepreneurship to local high school students.

One night last week six Milton High School students in entrepreneurship classes visited the company, which records messages for major companies, like Dell Computers, HP, McKesson, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport's shuttle rail line, Delta Airline's gate announcements, and even those voices heard on many GPS units.

Graham decided in 1983 that he wanted to be a voice talent, but he found he wasn't good enough to get hired. However, he noticed the recordings on business answering machines were low quality. Graham picked up the phone and called a telecommunications director and told him he could do a better job.

"So that's how this got started. It kind of grew from there," he said.

He moved into the company's first office above the Roxy in 1985. At first he did everything – writing the scripts, recording the voices and editing the recordings. As the company grew, Graham started slicing off components, hiring a production person, a writer and administrative people.

"But I was having fun. I had been doing it a number of years before I realized it was the work and career I was going to have," Graham said.

He realized some potential customers weren't happy with his voice, so he started hiring voice talent, professionals who are paid by the hour to record those call center recordings, business presentation narrations and Webinars. The timing was right as the technology for automated company phone systems took off.How that happened was a matter of timing, opportunity and being ready to take advantage of that opportunity, Graham said.

When digital voice technology was first being offered, those companies attended conferences in the telephone network world. And GM Voices was there with exhibits of its work."The guys who started doing GPS early came to those shows. That's how we met," Graham said.The business that started out in his basement grew to 29 employees and $4 million in annual sales. Some of his sales people are earning $100,000 a year.Approximately 500,000 words a month are recorded by GM Voices now.

Recording sessions are done all over the world, as most professional voice talents have their own recording studios in their homes. ISDN lines are used to link the company with the talent while still retaining recording quality. Recordings are made in more than 30 languages."We are going to save them a lot of money. Our business is ahead of where we were last year," he said."You are going to see opportunities as you are out there in the marketplace. Michael Dell started a business in his college dorm," Graham said. "Fifteen years from now, you can have a story like that."

Milton High students who participated in the event included: Ryan Gula, C. Van Heest, Eric Nail, Brian Richards, Thomas Buscemi and Phillip Speer. Each student had a chance to work as a "voice talent" and as an audio engineer.

Milton Track & Field Athletes Excel at State Championship Meet


Milton High School was well represented at the GHSA State Track & Field Meets held the previous two weekends.

At the boy's state meet contested in Jefferson, GA, Milton had two athletes competing. In the 800 meter run, senior Fraser Reade ran 1:56.92 to eventually place 8th in the AAAAA competition. That time was a new Milton school record, the old record was 1:59.64 from 1967! Also competing for the Eagles was junior Peter Flaaen. Peter was in two events and placed 12th in the high jump and 15th in the long jump.

At the girl's state meet, contested in Albany, GA, the Lady Eagles had two competitors. Sophomore Samantha Becker in the Pole Vault and junior Chelsea Weiermiller in the 3200 meter run. Samantha placed 8th in the pole vault competition and Chelsea had a breakthrough race, passing 3 runners on the last lap to finish in 6th place, running a 11:39.98, breaking the school record in the process.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Study shows Milton School System fiscally viable

by Candy Waylock / Appen Newspapers

May 18, 2009

The issue of restoring Milton County resonates far beyond the city governments, judicial systems and assets that must be considered.

A lingering question, and one that affects the 90,000 students in the Fulton County School System, is how financially sound would a Milton County School System be? And more critically, what would the Fulton County School System look like after North Fulton revenues are removed from its coffers?

Fulton School Board member Ashley Widener says a smaller school system would benefit both North and South Fulton and better meet the needs of each.

"Families live in Johns Creek, Milton, Alpharetta for our schools, [and] they value their child's education and demand excellence," said Widener, who represents Johns Creek. "Splitting the county and the school system allows for smaller governments. This will benefit both north and south county. Each school system will be able to respond to the wants and needs of its stakeholders. Right now we have a one-size-fits-all system."

Widener pointed to the success of Milton and Johns Creek, which both broke away from Fulton County and are now thriving.

The Fulton County School System is reviewing the findings of a report that looked at the fiscal viability of a Milton County School System – one that would encompass that area of Fulton County north of the city of Atlanta, which includes Sandy Springs, Roswell, Milton, Alpharetta and Johns Creek.

Fulton Schools would revert to those areas south of the city of Atlanta, including College Park, East Point, Chattahoochee Hills and Hapeville.

Using statistics from 2007, the researchers at University of Georgia's Carl Vinson Institute of Government and Georgia State's Andrew Young School of Policy Studies concluded what many had already suspected – the Milton School System will be among the wealthiest districts in the state.

The study found that just over 75 percent of local tax revenues for the Fulton County School System is generated in North Fulton. However, the vast majority of funding for special programs, such as Title 1 and federal aid for the nutrition program, are directed to South Fulton.

While Fulton County will lose the North Fulton revenues if Milton County were to form, nearly all of the special funding would remain in place to offset some of the loss.

According to the study, the amount of funding per student would catapult Milton to 16th in the state out of 180 school systems, with an average $9,500 per student based on revenue. Today, the Fulton School System is 28th among all systems.

Based on the 2008 SAT scores, the regular high schools in a Milton School System would have an average SAT score of 1647 - nearly 200 points higher than the state average of 1453.

That would make Milton far and away the top performing school system academically in the state by far.

The study also found the proposed Milton County School System will draw 65 percent of the students enrolled in the Fulton. Based on 2007 numbers, the Milton system would have 52,500 students; a smaller Fulton just over 28,000.

That would mean Fulton Schools would lose its status as the fourth-largest school system, dropping down to 12th behind Forsyth, Henry and Cherokee counties. Milton, on the other hand, would take over the fourth spot, behind only Gwinnett, Cobb and DeKalb school systems.

Researchers maintain state funding for each school system will be relatively even, despite the enrollment gap. As a wealthier district, Milton would be a donor system and have to send up to 5 mils to the state to be redistributed to less wealthy districts through the equalization formula. Fulton would become a recipient of state equalization funds.

In addition, researchers said while Fulton will have the majority of economically disadvantaged students — thus qualifying for federal funding — Milton will have the lion's share of students enrolled in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). It would also qualify for some federal assistance.

The question of how to split assets would be an issue, although most of the assets are fixed facilities and therefore impossible to move. The report did show the majority of properties owned by Fulton Schools are in South Fulton, including the administrative center.

With land values in North Fulton at nearly four times the cost of land in the south, the parcels located in Milton (135 total) are valued at $276.6 million, compared to the 160 parcels located in South Fulton worth $126.6 million.

One other finding of the viability study assessed the certified teaching staff, noting "there is little, if any, difference in the aggregate levels of training and experience of the teachers in the two areas of interest [a proposed Milton School System and a proposed Fulton School System].

"The issue of restoring Milton County is now before the General Assembly and is being championed by North Fulton legislators who occupy some of the top positions in the legislature. The final decision, most likely, would be a statewide referendum to allow Fulton County's division.

If there were a Milton School System
Enrollment: 52,500
Per student spending: $9,500
State rank spending: 16th
Scholastic rank: 1647 SAT average,
No. 1 in stateS ystem population: Fourth largest
Land value: $276.6M

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Teen driver charged in fatal Milton crash

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An 19-year-old driver who crashed his pickup truck last week, killing a Milton High senior, has been charged with vehicular homicide, DUI and reckless driving.

Andrew London (photo right) turned himself in early Tuesday at the Alpharetta jail and was scheduled to be arraigned today.

The early-morning, May 12 wreck on New Providence Road near Dorris Road killed Adam Stephens, 18, and seriously injured London’s 16-year-old brother, who remains hospitalized. The 16-year-old is expected to recover fully.

Police say Andrew London lost control of the 1972 Chevy pickup as the roadway curved, and the truck slammed into a telephone pole before flipping. Police say London was driving about 80 miles per hour, and that they found beer cans in the truck.

“It happened on a straightaway that goes into a pretty good turn,” Milton police Capt. Shawn McCarty said. “The vehicle kept going straight and didn’t go into the turn.”

MBA To Meet This Thursday Night / 6pm

MBA meeting is this Thursday the 21st at 6pm at the Olde Blind Dog.
To find out more about The Old Blind Dog Irish Pub, Click here->
Don't forget the traffic in downtown Crabapple during rush hour. Use the cut through at the high school for easier access. You can also cut through the new subdivision to get to the parking lot of the Olde Blind Dog. The menu for the evening is Thai Chili Lime wings,Guinness BBQ wings,Smoked salmon,Pub club sandwiches,Reuben sandwiches,Fish and chips,Bread pudding,Sticky toffee pudding. WOW! $5 cover charge, cash bar.Guest speaker Jan Jones will be speaking at 7pm.

See you there!

Lauren Holmes
Managing Broker, MMDC, e-PRO, ABR
Office: (678) 240-2201
Cell: (770) 365-5800
direct Fax: (678) 906-4348

Roswell - Crabapple
282 Rucker Road
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Milton News From Julie Zahner Bailey

Dear Milton Citizens, Friends and Neighbors -

May has been a busy month and continues to be as the end of the school year approaches. I wish all students good luck on their finals, fun during this weeks Field Days and a heart felt congratulations for those graduating whether that be from elementary, middle school, high school or college. Our youth are the future of our community and we are proud of all of you!On the City front, there are important meetings taking place this week in an effort to engage citizens before they travel for Memorial Day or early summer trips.

Please take special note of the Community Visioning Meeting scheduled for this Wednesday, May 20 at City Hall at 7:00 p.m. This interactive planning session is tied directly to the Comprehensive Land Use Update Plan which will help chart the course for the future of our Milton community; how it will look and feel for years to come. The Visioning Workshop will include a review of the planning process to date, a presentation of new data collected, Milton's character areas and a visioning exercise. This is a public input forum to discuss the comprehensive plan policies, issues and opportunities, likes and dislikes.

Your participation is vital. Other important meetings this week include Monday's May 18 City Council meeting and Tuesday's, May 19 Special Called meeting dealing with our Parks & Recreation planning initiatives. Details of all of these meetings and others are outlined in the right margin of this release.The City of Milton also will be hosting the second annual Memorial Day celebration at City Hall on Monday, May 25 beginning at 10:00 a.m. Everyone is invited to participate as we gather to honor our great veteran's and war heroes for whom we all are so thankful. Use this link for more details regarding this special service:

In closing I want to thank all those who participated in the Great American Clean-up and a Day of Service on April 25 to help clean-up some of the most beautiful parkland of Milton. This event -- co-sponsored by Milton Grows Green and the Church of Latter Day Saints - resulted in the following:

350 volunteers coming together for the benefit of all of Milton, Five dumps removed,
1.5 miles of barbed wire fence removed (times four strands), 3/4 mile roadway right-of-way cleared, Six acres of pasture bush-hogged and cleared of excess tree growth, House on site cleaned inside and out, roof and back porch repaired. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers that span so many initiatives throughout Milton. Without the hundreds of folks that contribute their time, energy, talents and care each and everyday, Milton would not be the very special place that it is.

It is an honor and privilege to represent you and your family. Please let me hear from you with any questions or comments. Your input matters to me very much.Please be safe.

God bless you all!

All my best -

Julie Zahner BaileyMilton City Council770-664-5529 (home)404-310-6344 (cell)

Upcoming Rezonings/Use Permits


Frank Schafer, 13120 Arnold Mill Road (Deferred from 4/27/09 to the 5/18/09 Council meeting)Requesting a use permit for a landscaping business on 1.74 acres at a density of 3,908.04 square feet per acre (Article 19.4.27). Applicant is also requesting a 3-part concurrent variance: 1) To delete the 50' buffer and 10' improvement setback along the west property line from the right-of-way for a distance of 140' (12H.3.1 Section C.1).2) To delete the 50' buffer and 10' improvement setback along the east property line from the right-of-way for a distance of 140' (12H.3.1 Section C.1).3) To allow a sign located less than 10' from the right-of-way (Article 33 Section 21.C).

Use these links to view the two analyses prepared by staff on this case. The first link provides the initial staff analysis followed by a changed analysis as found in second link.Staff analysis of 2/24/2009Staff analysis of 3/24/2009


Rob Nestor, 15150 Birmingham Highway/Taylor Road, (Deferred to June 2009)Requesting a use permit for a landscaping business on 3.926 acres at a density of 387.92 square feet per acre (Article 19.4.27).Applicant is also requesting a concurrent variance to allow access from a local street (Article 19.4.27.B.1).Use this link to view the Staff analysis

The UPS Store in Milton is under new ownership!

They are located in the Birmingham Village (Publix) Center at the intersection of Birmingham Hwy (372) and Birmingham Road. The new owners, Kim and Ken Mitchell live locally.

This is their second UPS Store. For the last 5 years, they have proudly offered personalized customer service at their original UPS Store located close by in Canton. “As a one-stop shop for shipping, postal, document, and business services, we look forward to serving Milton and the surrounding community” said Owner Ken Mitchell.

Their UPS Store is celebrating its Grand Re-Opening with specials for a limited time including: Color Copies and Prints for only $.19; and 6 Months Free Mailbox Service, with a new 1 year Mailbox agreement.

Stop by The UPS Store for all your personal and business needs, and welcome Kim & Ken. For further information call them at 770-619-9424.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Milton County Legislative Advisory Committee

Many thanks to J.D. Easley / House Communications Specialist GA General Assembly for providing this information. The below press release was originally sent out on May 6th, 2009.

ATLANTA - Representatives Mark Burkhalter (R- Johns Creek) and Jan Jones(R-Milton) announced today an initial Milton County Legislative Advisory Committee. The Committee will assist and advise Representatives Burkhalter and Jones as they proceed forward with historic legislationto allow the re-creation of Milton County.

Rep. Burkhalter first introduced legislation to facilitate Milton County's re-creation over 15 years ago. This January Rep. Jones authored House Resolution 21 to allow the re-creation ofpreviously-merged counties. Rep. Burkhalter and other north Fulton representatives co-sponsored the resolution.

Two counties remain that were merged in the 1930s, Milton County in north Fulton and Campbell County in south Fulton. North Fulton legislators will push to bring HR 21 to the House floor for a vote inthe 2010 Georgia General Assembly session.

"The Milton County Legislative Advisory Committee will evaluate,collaborate with and make recommendations to the north Fulton delegation," said Rep. Jones. "I look forward to working with the Committee to addressing issues identified in the recently-released study performed by the University of Georgia and Georgia State University on the re-creation of Milton County."

The primary areas to be evaluated by the Committee relate to separating the counties' functions, establishing a new school system and addressing judicial services and tax concerns. The Committee will serve through March 2010.

The Committee will consult and engage north Fulton citizens with expertise in specific areas being evaluated. It will also serve as a conduit for information and input with other north Fulton elected officials, including school board members, judges, mayors and city council members.

The Committee will be composed of: Tom Campbell, Fulton County Superior Court Judge; former State Representative Randall Johnson, Johns Creek City Council MemberJim Paine, Alpharetta City Council Member, Mayor Pro TemRusty Paul, Sandy Springs City Council Member, Mayor Pro Tem; former State Senator Robert Proctor, Tax Attorney, north Fulton resident Katie Reeves, Fulton County School Board Member Lynne Riley, Fulton County Commissioner Ashley Widener, Fulton County School Board Member Ex Officio Mark Burkhalter, State Representative, Speaker Pro TemEx Officio Jan Jones, State Representative, House Majority Whip.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Milton County Web site looking for input

By Caroline Gray / Neighbor Newspapers

As more is being heard from local officials about the formation of Milton County, nothing has been heard for quite a while the issue bas been quiet in the General Assembly.

District 46 State Rep. and Majority Whip Jan Jones (R-Milton) and District 50 State Rep. and Speaker Pro Tem Mark Burkhalter (R-Johns Creek) announced March 18 that they would choose a Milton County steering committee May 7.

The deadline has come and gone without an announcement from the main authors of the Milton County resolution, which would allow a state referendum to decide whether previous counties could be reformed.

If Milton County were re-created it would include the cities of Mountain Park, Alpharetta, Roswell, Milton, Johns Creek and Sandy Springs. The original county seat was Alpharetta.
In the meantime, Alpharetta City Councilmen David Belle Isle and John Monson have founded a website,, and a Facebook page seeking Milton County input from citizens. The website was designed by Roswell resident and District 56 state senate candidate John Albers.

Milton County Rising includes extensive historical data about the north Fulton area, Milton County news links, links to studies concerning the viability of a recreated Milton County and several “coming soon” sections.

The stated purpose of the website is: “An inclusive group of citizens, business men and women, stakeholders and elected officials committed to a solid foundation and exceptional leadership as we create our common destiny in forming the new Milton County.”

The Milton County Rising group page on Facebook has 151 members and a message board to discuss Milton County topics. The group is open to anyone with a Facebook account.

Milton substitute teacher heads to big leagues

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

May 13, 2009

After 1,013 games, 3,303 at-bats, 942 hits and stops in Fort Wayne, Lake Elsinore, Portland, Mobile, Scranton, Pawtucket and Des Moines, Bobby Scales is finally in the big leagues.

Scales, 31, was called up to the Major Leagues May 4 to take Carlos Zambrano's spot on the Cubs' 25-man roster after the pitcher was placed on the 15-day disabled list. Scales gives the Cubs a backup infielder; they don't need another starter until May 7, when Randy Wells is expected to be called up from Triple-A Iowa.

Scales' time with the big league team may be limited, and he's going to make the most of it."I'm happy he's here for a couple reasons," Cubs manager Lou Piniella said. "The biggest is because this man has endured for a long, long time in the Minor Leagues. He's getting an opportunity here after 10, 11 years. It's a really, really nice story."

Scales was batting .303 at Iowa with three homers and 10 RBIs in 21 games. He can play second, short, third, wherever the Cubs need him.

"Now I don't have to be looking for a pitcher to pinch-run," Piniella said.

Scales was in Chicago April 30 just in case the Cubs decided to put Aramis Ramirez on the disabled list. Ramirez was determined good to go, and Scales went back to Iowa. He didn't tell his parents about the trip — he called it a "pump fake" — but word got around quickly about this call up.

"This is everything you hope for when you get a chance to play professional baseball," Scales said. "Some of us late bloomers have to wait longer than others, but I made it and that's half the battle."

He's gone through the scenario of his first big league call up several times."As you get a little older, you try not to think about it because you don't want to go there mentally and be disappointed," he said. "You think about it from time to time but you bury it in the back of your mind. Fortunately, today's here for me today, and I'm happy to be here."

Being a Minor League lifer means Scales can't rely solely on his baseball career for his income. In the offseason, he's a substitute teacher near his home in Milton. Right now, he can enjoy big league meal money.

"He's the kind of guy you root for," Cubs player development director Oneri Fleita said. "He's paid his dues, he's rode the buses, he's made all the 4 o'clock wake-up calls in the [Pacific Coast League] and grinded it out and never said never. He's a great example to all the kids out there. When you get an opportunity, make somebody rip your jersey off before you quit."

Why did he stay with it this long? "A lot of different things," Scales said. "From the baseball side of it, just a belief I could play. It may sound hokey, but I knew in the depths of my soul that I could play this game. I felt I could help a big league team win games in whatever capacity that a manager saw fit to use me. I knew that. That's part of it and the support I got from my family. My wife, my mom and dad have been unbelievable."There's a lot of people doing a lot worse than Minor League baseball players. It's tough sometimes to make ends meet. It's harder on your family because you're gone a lot, and there's not money to fly home on off-days. I just had the belief I could play here."

From Appen newspapers =>Editors note: This story is reprinted with permission of

Milton High School home to nation's top riders

by Jason Wright / Appen Newspapers

May 13, 2009 It's obvious when you meet the Milton High School equestrian team that the members are all good friends. There are the inside jokes, the loads of smiles, the horseplay – pun intended – and the fits of uproarious laughter synonymous with a group of teenage girls happy to be together and loving what they're doing.

Maybe it's that camaraderie that contributes to the riders' success. In just their second year, Milton High's 25-member equestrian team placed all but two of its members in the top eight in the nation at the Interscholastic Equestrian Association's National Championships, held April 30 to May 3 at Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio.

One rider, sophomore Lauren Jones, placed fifth in the country.

Milton senior Britain Cecil is captain of the team. She said the squad, which missed the National Championships last year by just one point, came into the contest this year tied for second, points-wise, from their zone. "I'm very proud of my team, and it was an honor to be there," she said. "I just hope we can live up to the legacy next year."

It's been a meteoric rise – membership has doubled since the first team of 13 riders last year – for the club team that competes in what is called "equitation." Essentially, Cecil said, the sport involves participants completing a series of riding and jumping exercises flawlessly. The wrinkle? Riders never know which horse they are going to get.

"You're expected to do the same tasks as everyone else to determine your level of riding regardless of the horse," she said. "It is your job to figure out which technique will be best in the ring."

It can be extraordinarily tough going. Just ask Milton junior Jessie Singer. Because a rider never knows which horse she will ride, luck is a big part of the equation."I'm just glad to be in this spot," she said. "Last year was not a great year for me, so this year has been really exciting."

Their season begins in August and consists of about eight shows a year, plus regional and national competitions. And only once did they have "home field advantage," as it were.

Milton's team hosted a 15-school contest at Foxcroft Farms, where they practice every week, on New Providence Road outside Crabapple in late January.

The rest of the season the team travels and competes against region foes like Alpharetta High, Lovett and North Gwinnett – and the pride of all of Milton's horse farms go with them.

"We're representing this entire area, which is kind of cool," said Cecil. "A lot of football teams don't have the ability to say they represent the entire area."Meghann Murphy of Foxcroft Farms is the coach of the squad. She said a lot of riders are drawn to competing in the team setting because it provides a "cost effective way of riding.""And since it's such an individual sport, it builds the team camaraderie and gives them an introduction to college level riding," she said.

Cecil said the secret to the team's success is Murphy's easy rapport with the team."We could not have done it without Meghann Murphy's coaching and training," she said.How they got to Ohio is another exciting story. At the zone finals competition at Chateau Elan, freshman Angelea Motz scored seven of her team's 17 total points to help clench the victory. The shy but consistent rider blushed when her teammates said it was just another case of her "being on fire.""Yeah, they had to call the fire department," she joked. "I'm just happy to be able to help take the team to Ohio and represent Milton."

Milton's Jones honored for charter schools work

by Candy Waylock / Appen Newspapers

May 13, 2009 Milton - State Rep. Jan Jones of Milton has been honored at the national level for her contributions to charter schools, joining U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson in being named a 2009 Champion for Charter Schools.The three, along with a mayor for Rhode Island, were recognized at a reception May 5 in Washington D.C. during National Charter Schools Week May 3 through 9.

Long known as an advocate for providing parents with choices in their children's education, Jones' work in Georgia has resonated beyond the state borders.

"Rep. Jones stands out as a leader committed to innovation in public education. She has helped lead the fight to expand the number of high-quality public charter schools," said Nelson Smith, president of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Jones was first elected to the state legislature in 2003, working her way through the ranks in 2008 to become the Majority Whip of the House – an influential position outranked only by the Majority Leader and the Speaker of the House. From that platform, Jones has been instrumental in pushing through education reform legislation.Last year, Jones has helped establish the Georgia Charter Schools Commission, an independent, statewide, charter school authorizer.

This session she cosponsored and ensured the passage of legislation to give charter schools access to school district facilities without rental charges. That bill was signed into law May 5.

But her work is not limited to charter schools. Jones has also fought for more parental control and involvement in the public schools, supporting legislation several years ago that reformatted the Local School Advisory Councils (LSAC) to include a majority of parent members. This year she also helped pass legislation that provides an alternative route for high school students, allowing them to complete their requirements for a high school diploma while attending college or a technical school."I will continue to push for more public education choices for Georgia's families, including charter schools. One size does not fit all students," said Jones.

Jones' House District 46 covers northwest Fulton, including Milton, Mountain Park and portions of Roswell and Alpharetta. A native of Warner Robins, she has lived in Fulton County for more than 20 years. She and her husband, Kalin, have four children.

Public Safety Fair Reminder

All: Please make some time this weekend to attend the Milton Public Safety Fair. These heroes keep our families safe each and every day. Needless to say, they need our support.

Keep safe,

Tim Enloe / Magnolia Media, LLC

Please join us for the Milton Public Safety Fair on the weekend of May 15 - May 17 from 11 a.m. 'til 3 p.m. each day at Fry's Electronics on Highway 9. This event, which is being held in conjunction with Fry's Anniversary Sale, will benefit the Milton Public Safety Fund. The full-blown MPS Fair will take place on Saturday, May 16.During the three-day long event, Milton's Public Safety officials will be selling hotdogs, chips and cold drinks. On Saturday, the department has a series of special treats for Milton adults and youth alike.Here is a list of some activities to be held on Saturday, May 16:
Fire Safety House – A large, modified trailer used to teach critical fire safety education to children in North Fulton, this "house" can simulate fire, smoke and heat in a home to teach safety and fire escape techniques. The house includes: a smoke machine that provides realistic although non-hazardous smoke; a training component, including a tornado simulator, that teaches proper response when confronted with severe weather conditions; and a non-functional stove that teaches vital safety lessons associated with the kitchen area.Life Flight - A look at a helicopter used to provide critical care transportation to sick or injured people.K-9 DemonstrationFire Extinguisher DemonstrationCar Seat CheckThe Milton firefighters also will be kicking off their annual Muscular Dystrophy Association Boot Drive on Saturday, May 16. Please check back for details.•
Download the
Public Safety Fair flyer

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Milton High teen dead, two injured

by Jason Wright / Appen Newspapers
May 12, 2009

To view a video segment on the accident, click here=>

Courtesy goes to

A 19-year-old Milton High School senior is dead and his two friends, brothers who both attended MHS at one time, are in North Fulton Regional Hospital after an early morning crash May 12. Police say alcohol and excessive speed caused the accident.

Milton police said 19-year-old Adam Stephens, who was to graduate in a little less than two weeks, was pronounced dead at the scene on New Providence Road near its intersection with Dorris Road.

He was the passenger in a 1972 Chevrolet pickup traveling north on New Providence Road driven by 18-year-old Andrew London. London's 16-year-old younger brother, who police have not identified, was also in the truck.

London apparently lost control of the truck at about 2:37 a.m. allegedly due to excessive speed and alcohol, according to police. The truck flipped twice, ejecting both brothers, said Milton Police Lt. John Borsey.

Milton rescue personnel were on scene in two minutes and took both London brothers to North Fulton Regional Hospital. According to hospital staff, the younger brother is in critical condition. The elder London is in stable condition.

Borsey said the recovering teenager faces several pending charges in the crash including vehicular homicide, DUI, failure to maintain lane, minor in possession of alcohol, open container, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and reckless driving, among others.

Milton High School Principal Ron Tesch said Stephens was a well-liked and popular student. "This is an even deeper tragedy," said Tesch. "You never want to lose anybody, but when you are this close to graduation and you have a young man who is not going to be crossing that line with you, it really hits."

Tesch said Andrew London had graduated from the school last year, and his younger brother had withdrawn from the school in January to be home schooled. Staff and students at Milton were given counselors to provide support in the tough situation, said Tesch."When you have a sudden death like this, there are a lot of kids who have a lot of pain and a lot of need," he said.

Tesch said the situation is devastating. The Class of 2009 has now had three deaths, he said. The other two were Parker Jackson, who died in November 2006, and Will Stough, who died in August 2006."It is hard to fill that void and suddenly realize that someone has been ripped away from the class and the school," said Tesch. "When a student dies, someone at the very edge of a life — this isn't supposed to happen."


All - We received the following email from Steve & Abbe Laboda
earlier today. If you can help these Milton Neighbors find a new home for Jackson, they would appreciate it!

- Tim Enloe / Magnolia Media.

PLEASE HELP!!!!After helping to rescue and place dozens of animals......I am now in need of your help in finding a home for my beautiful dog!!!Please see the attached photos of Jackson!!!He is a beautiful black lab mix, about 3 years old. He was rescued and we took him home at about 6 mo. of age. He loves to be with you, play ball, give you kisses when you wake up in the morning, chase squirles, he leans on you when petted and scratched, and loved his neck and belly rubbed. He is a good protector and a bit skiddish and loyal. He needs lots of love and a routine. He needs a loving home without children. He has bitten due to children scaring him, so a home with children is not suitable. A fenced yard is necessary. He is in the beginning stages of training with a k-9 trainer. The rest of the training will be provided free of charge if in the north Fulton area. The officer will come to your home and train you together. Please help me find a loving home for my dog Jackson!!!. We only have until Tuesday, May 19th to find him a home before he is euthanized.Please pass this on to any responsble dog lover you know!!I can be reached at 678-867-7870 or at 678-491-1015.

Please help us,

Prayfully, Abbe Laboda

Milton High Student Killed In Wreck

This 1972 Chevrolet Pickup was involved in a fatal wreck early Tuesday morning in Milton. photo courtesy

Two other teens seriously injured


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Milton High School student was killed in an early morning wreck that injured two others, one of whom is also a student at Milton High, according to police.

Adam Stephens, 19, died in the single-vehicle wreck that occurred at 2:37 a.m. Tuesday near the intersection of New Providence and Dorris Roads, about a mile away from Milton High, said Milton Police Department spokesman Capt. Shawn McCarty.

Police say Stephens and two male teens, whose names have not been released, were riding in a 1972 Chevy pick-up truck when the 18-year-old driver lost control. The vehicle flipped at least two times, ejecting the driver and the 16-year-old male.

The two injured teens are in serious condition at North Fulton Regional Hospital, McCarty said.

No others were involved in the wreck. Police believe alcohol and speed played a role in the crash.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Meet Milton's First Dog, Henry!

"What to do today..."
New Best Friends Charlie & Henry Lockwood!

"Let's Play!"

"My fellow canines..."

Mayor Joe was kind enough to share some pictures of Henry; a yellow lab puppy that recently became part of the Lockwood family. Enjoy!

Do you have a pet picture that you would like to share? Then send it to us at / subject line: Pets!

Alpharetta man, 19, arrested in Milton after wreck


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Monday, May 11, 2009

A driver was arrested in the city of Milton on Sunday when, after getting into a wreck, he allegedly retrieved drugs from his burning vehicle and tried to hide them. Witnesses told police that the driver of a white Ford Explorer lost control on Hopewell Road, ran off the road and flipped the vehicle four times. An officer arrived on the scene to find the Explorer still engulfed in flames and a passenger lying injured in the grass, according to a Milton police report. The driver, Nathan Mejerle, 19, of Alpharetta, was walking on the shoulder of the road. Police later found a blue mesh bag hidden in the tall grass where the driver had been standing. The bag contained Xanax and 1.1 grams of marijuana. Mejerle admitted throwing the bag into the grass, but said they belonged to “some other kid who was in the car earlier,” the police report said. Mejerle is charged with driving under the influence, reckless driving, tampering with evidence and possession of a controlled substance.

Alpharetta Toddler Hit, killed By Father's Car

We received many inquiries about the helicopters above Crabapple earlier this evening. We believe the following occured in Danbury Park off of Mayfield. Credit for the information below goes to wsb-tv.

Posted: 6:50 pm EDT May 11, 2009Updated: 9:25 pm EDT May 11, 2009

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- An 18-month-old child has died after he was hit by his father's vehicle on Bascomb Farm Road in Alpharetta Monday evening, Channel 2 Action News has confirmed.
The boy was transported to North Fulton Hospital by ambulance where he was later pronounced dead.

Officials said the child and his three siblings were in the front yard with their mother playing Monday evening when their father pulled up in his truck. Somehow, the 18-month-old ran in front of his father's truck without the man seeing him. The father knew he hit something, but didn't realize it was his son until he got out of the car, police said.

George Gordon with the Alpharetta Police Department called the incident "a terrible tragedy."

Sunday, May 10, 2009

City Council Work Session


City Council is having a work session on Monday, May 11th at 5pm. To find out more, click here=>

Public Safety Fair

Please join us for the Milton Public Safety Fair on the weekend of May 15 - May 17 from 11 a.m. 'til 3 p.m. each day at Fry's Electronics on Highway 9. This event, which is being held in conjunction with Fry's Anniversary Sale, will benefit the Milton Public Safety Fund. The full-blown MPS Fair will take place on Saturday, May 16.During the three-day long event, Milton's Public Safety officials will be selling hotdogs, chips and cold drinks. On Saturday, the department has a series of special treats for Milton adults and youth alike.Here is a list of some activities to be held on Saturday, May 16:

Fire Safety House – A large, modified trailer used to teach critical fire safety education to children in North Fulton, this "house" can simulate fire, smoke and heat in a home to teach safety and fire escape techniques. The house includes: a smoke machine that provides realistic although non-hazardous smoke; a training component, including a tornado simulator, that teaches proper response when confronted with severe weather conditions; and a non-functional stove that teaches vital safety lessons associated with the kitchen area.
Life Flight - A look at a helicopter used to provide critical care transportation to sick or injured people.
K-9 Demonstration
Fire Extinguisher Demonstration
Car Seat CheckThe Milton firefighters also will be kicking off their annual Muscular Dystrophy Association Boot Drive on Saturday, May 16. Please check back for details.•

Thursday, May 07, 2009

From 30004USA

Milton Neighbors:

This is not intended to cause undue alarm but so you know about it in advance in case you happen to see this vehicle in your neighborhood, or if approached, please be advised of the following email received today..........

There is a an Orange truck with stickers on it trying to look like an
"OFFICIAL DOT" selling asphalt. He is NOT "OFFICIAL" and is ripping people off. Driving around door to door (looks very shady too) Telling them it is
left over from a state job and will only charge $2-$3 a square foot. Any other real paving company charges by the square yard $10-$12. There are 9 square feet in a square yard.
Milton Police have been notified.
Please share this email with friends.

Thank you,
Todd Nadler

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Moms To Get FREE Pretzel This Mother's Day!

This Mother's day, drop in to your Milton, GA Pretzel Factory and get a FREE PRETZEL for dear ol' Mom!
To find out more about your Milton, GA Pretzel Factory, click here=>

In The Spotlight

EMS Week May 17-23 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week honors our EMTs and paramedics whose dedication provides the day-to-day lifesaving services of medicine’s “front line.” The theme of this year’s EMS Week is “A Proud Partner in Your Community.” This slogan recognizes the commitment emergency medical personnel make on behalf of the community they serve. Wednesday, May 20, is dedicated to safety and injury prevention programs for children.
Click here for more child safety tips=>

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

***Motorcycle Thefts In Milton***


We have recieved reports from various Miltonians that their motorcycles have been stolen from their homes over the last two weeks. Two homes in the open road neighborhood of Freemanville alone fell victim to these theives.

We are in the process of acquiring more information. In the mean time, please be on the look out and be aware. You can report anything suspicious to the Milton Police at 678.297.6300, Option 1 or dial 911.

Finally, do what you can to know your neighbors and their contact information. Remember, the more we look out for one another, the better off we will be.

As I See It News From Tina D'Aversa

Dear Milton Neighbor,

Happy May Day! I hope this note finds you safe and enjoying this beautiful day. During this month as we celebrate Memorial Day May 25, it is appropriate to remember our military men and women and their families working for peace. Please join me at Milton City Hall May 25 at 10:00 am for a celebration honoring military veterans and others who give so much so that we can live in America.

Swine Flu
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Gainesville Time Article
Fulton County Swine Flu Memorandum

Many folks have asked me about swine flu updates. My suggestion to all of us is to stay abreast of what's going on in the world regarding this potential pandemic. Above is a link to an article from the Gainesville Times (circulated by the president of the college where I teach) and a memorandum from Fulton County with helpful information about the flu. There is no reason for panic but awareness and steps towards prevention is important. It is vital at all times and especially now to encourage your children to wash their hands with warm soapy water during the school day. As always, watch for news and information as this serious situation develops.
Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers and business sponsors that participated in the Great Birmingham Park Cleanup last Saturday.
Through the efforts of the city manager's staff,Milton Grows Green and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints organizing committee, the city of Milton showed great support during "The Great American Cleanup" and "Day of Service." Click on this link for a list of the sponsors.

Earth Day Celebration
A special thanks to the Hopewell Middle School Eco Explorers for their support of Earth Day. The students participated with the Starbucks (Bethany and Highway 9) staff in a special Earth Day celebration last Saturday. Starbucks provided free trees and coffee grounds and education about recycling and water conservation.

Events in Milton
Several important meetings of the City Council are listed below. The next City Council Meeting is Monday, May 4 6:00 at Milton City Hall (13000 Deerfield Parkway).

This weekend, the city council will be working on the short-term and long-term plan for Milton. This is a two-day planning session and I look forward to sharing some important initiatives in the coming weeks. You have a very dedicated team including the council members, mayor and city manager who are working to make Milton the best city in Georgia. If you have any questions about your city, do not hesitate to contact me.

Special Youth Baseball Fund Raising Opportunity
Join me Friday night, May 8, at Sip Wine in Crabapple for a wine tasting beginning at 6:00. It is only $5.00 for the wine and appetizers. All proceeds will support the Milton Rays Youth Baseball Team. These young people are great representatives of the extraordinary youth we have in the City of Milton.

It is an honor to serve you and the City of Milton as your District 5 representative!

Wishing you good health and prosperity!

Tina D'Aversa
678-242-2498 Direct

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead

Events Click on the event title for additional information or the Calendar link below

City of Milton May Meeting Calendar of the City Boards and Commissions

Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting
April 30, 6:00 pm, Milton City Hall

Milton Milers Walking Club
Milton walkers meet at Starbucks at Bethany Road and Highway 9 each Sunday at 3:00 and walk for health wellness and neighborly conversation.
City Council Meeting May 4, 2009, 6:00 pm
City Council Meetings are scheduled three Mondays a month at City Hall, 13000 Deerfield Parkway, Milton, Georgia 30004.
City Council Work Session May 11, 2009, 6:00
Comprehensive Plan Update Meeting May 13, 2009, 6:30, Milton City Hall
City Council Meeting May 18, 2009, 6:00
Disability Awareness Committee Meeting May 6, 2009, 7:00 pm

Highway 9 Design Committee MeetingIf you are Interested in ensuring development guidelines for the area along Highway 9 are appropriate, please attend. May 7, 4:00 pm, Milton City Hall.

Memorial Day Celebration May 25, 2009, 10:00 am, Milton City Hall
Planning Commission May 26, 2009. 7:00, Milton City Hall

Join us each Sunday at 3:00 at the Starbucks on Bethany Road in Milton.
Milton Milers Walking Club Kick-Off
City of Milton Vision and Mission Statement
Incorporated on December 1, 2006, the City of Milton is a distinctive community that embraces small-town life and heritage while preserving and enhancing the city's equestriancentric rural character.
The City of Milton is committed to maintaining a unique quality of life while efficiently delivering essential services to residents and businesses in an interactive community environment.

Milton Rays Fundraiser

New Exhibit In City Hall: Marcia Blake

The City and the Milton Arts committee are proud to present a new exhibit by Milton resident Marcia Blake. The exhibit, running through June in City Hall's Council Chambers at 13000 Deerfield Parkway, features Blake's photographs of flowers and plants.Blake has been studying and practicing photography for over 30 years. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Georgia and has done post-baccalaureate studies in photography and related subjects at the Georgia State School of Art and Design. Blake also studied photography at the Penland School in North Carolina, and the Showcase School and the Southeastern Center for Photographic Arts in Atlanta. She has studied book arts and papermaking at Penland, Atlanta's Chastain Arts Center, the New York Center for Book Arts and the South-West School of Art and Craft in San Antonio, Texas.In addition, Blake has exhibited in many venues around Atlanta, including shows juried by Jane Jackson, Fay Gold and Cathy Byrd. She has had work in the Gala at Brenau College in Gainesville, Georgia, the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking at Georgia Tech, the Decatur Fine Arts Festival, Atrium Gallery in Trinidad, Colo., the ALL Gallery in New Haven, Conn. and The Institute at Palm Key , S.C .Blake has had a solo show at the Showcase School Gallery and two solo shows during Atlanta Celebrates Photography/2003. During Atlanta Celebrates Photography/2004, Blake showed work in four venues around the city.Blake continues to be inspired by her garden full of flowers and quaint walking paths. Her art studio sits nestled in her garden behind her Kensington Farms home.