Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Proposed Milton Filling Station Runs Out of Gas.

Proposed site for Milton Filling Station Looking North On Highway 9.

By Maggie West / Beacon Media

The city of Milton's young government is known best for two things: lots of horses and no sewer. Now a third distinction has emerged: no more gas, either.

A number of residents protested a rezoning request for a gas station on a triangle of land of less than an acre at the intersection of Highway 9 and Bethany Bend during the Feb. 23 Milton Planning Commission meeting. Their primary concern was people’s safety at an already congested corner.

The applicant, "D Squared Development LLC" couldn’t make the shoe fit when it petitioned the commission to allow construction of a gas station comprised of a 2,400-square-foot building with five pump islands on their 0.871-acre parcel.


In a room filled with more than 30 residents, six commission members, and two of the community development staff, the development company was the first to hold the floor. Speaking on behalf of the owner -- Nathan V. Hendricks III -- a representative from Lance Oil Company, Royce Brooks, and Brad Riffel, an engineer, laboriously detailed the need to rezone the parcel from AG-1 (agricultural) and C-1 (community business) to exclusively C-1 in order to complete the project. They also requested a concurrent variance to reduce a 20-foot landscape strip along Bethany Bend to 10 feet, and presented the commission with numerous maps and site plans.

Needless to say, they did their homework.

But the locals in attendance graded them an "F," anyway.

Residents who stood in opposition to the rezoning request ran the gamut: some were parents, some were not, some lived in sub-divisions and some on roads -- but they all agreed that squeezing the proposed building and islands onto such a small tract of land at an already congested corner, due to its triangular shape, "is not conducive to [anyone’s] safety," said Milton resident Wes Favors.


Among the greatest concerns of those speaking at the meeting were the safety of children who live in the nearby residential areas, pedestrians and motorists who frequent the acute-angled intersection. Ten residents spoke in opposition to the project. The fact that three other gas stations are located within a three-mile radius of the proposed site only intensified the controversy. The residents stated they were not opposed to commercial businesses on the site. They simply want a foot that fits the shoe.

The commission agreed, denying the applicant’s petition.

The final decision, however, resides with Milton’s City Council, which will meet in mid-March.

Based on history, you can stick a fork in this filling station, its dry. And dead.

Friday, February 26, 2010

My Take On Joe Longoria.

By Tim Enloe /

Since this past election, people have come to me and asked what my take is on Joe Longoria.

This is a good question.

While council member Longoria is still getting his feet wet in his new position, I can tell you that I think he is going to do well.

In sharing this, let me stress that I do not vote for people based on how often they agree with me. I vote for people who emerse themselves in the issues at hand, listen to both sides of the arguement, and make an educated decision from there.

I do not see Joe being an advocate of one side and an enemy of another. I think he will lead and leaders are what a proper governing body needs when it comes to the job.

Now, as many of you know, I am friends with Tina D'Aversa. I respect her greatly and appreciate all the hard work that she has done for Milton before the area was even incorporated in addition to her valueable time in office.

I am not going to get into the infamous ethics talk.I have no doubt that what the press has shared is merely the tip of the iceberg in regards to the true facts of the case. We have an ethics board in place which will decide that issue. Enough said on that topic.

Even with her time in office coming to a close this past fall, she still remains active in the community which is impressive and respectable. It is too bad other past council members and candidates haven't followed this positive trend.

However, my friendship of Ms. D'Aversa does not mean that I can't be friends with others. After all, the more we know our elected leaders and they understand what their constituency is wanting, the better off we will be.

So I wish Council Member Longoria the best. The future is out there. Let's see what story is yet to be told.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Acclaimed cop heads Milton’s new outreach program

Courtesy Neighbor Newspapers

The only officer in Georgia to have been awarded the Department of Justice’s National Medal of Valor is now heading Milton Police Department’s new Community Outreach Program.

Local groups seeking education about issues related to law enforcement may get in touch with Officer Andrew Phillips, an 11-year police veteran. Phillips said homeowners’ associations, parent teacher organizations, professional groups, Boy and Girl Scout Troops, and others are welcome to contact him to request a police presence or training for matters important to them.

The program is designed to connect Milton residents to their police professionals in a variety of ways.

For instance, if a homeowners’ association would like to start a Neighborhood Watch Program, Phillips would meet with representatives and introduce them to Milton Police and Citizens Together (MPACT). He would then assign the neighborhood an officer who would be their point of contact and provide Neighborhood Watch signage.

Each officer will have only a few neighborhoods under his or her purview, said Phillips. “Those officers can then be a resource for the residents, able to provide relevant training and general information to suit the specific needs of that community.”

Phillips said in April he will launch a 10-week Citizens Police Academy that will meet one night a week. Also in the works are rape awareness and defense classes, training in and partnerships with the Georgia Child Identification Program and child safety seat demonstrations.

Phillips began his law enforcement career in 1999 with the Marietta Police Department and has served in the Uniform Patrol Division, on SWAT teams and in narcotics and drug-related investigations, including undercover work.

During his career, Phillips has garnered some 15 separate commendations for his police work, including having Aug. 10, 2005 named Officer Andrew Phillips Day in Marietta in honor of the National Medal of Valor given to him by Vice President Dick Cheney and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Last year, he was named 2009 Fulton County District Attorney’s Office Officer of the Year from Milton and was awarded a Medal of Valor from the Milton Police Department for his work saving two men from a burning vehicle.

Citizens can reach Phillips at (678) 242-2505 or by e-mailing An online form for residents to schedule a meeting with Phillips is on the city’s Web site,

A Century of Scouting

Former Boy Scouts share their memories

By Joan Durbin / Neighbor Newspapers

This month the Boy Scouts of America is celebrating its 100th year. In honor of the landmark, we asked former Boy Scouts in north Fulton to share their fondest memories of Scouting. Here is what they had to say:

Kelley Christy / City of Milton Staff:

“The Boy Scouts of America was a part of my life for the majority of my adolescence. There were certainly numerous fond memories of Summer Scout Camp at Bert Adams, the Junior Leadership Training at the Woodruff Scout Reservation and, of course, the monthly camping trips with the troop that would take us to various wilderness destinations throughout Georgia. Of all these outings I would have to say my fondest memory was my trip to the Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico. There, with some fellow Scouts, we spent two weeks and trekked 64.5 miles through some of the most beautiful land I have ever seen.

The trip taught me not only wilderness survival skills, but also leadership skills that have helped tremendously in my personal and professional life. I can only hope that if I am blessed with a son that he will be able to enjoy the many opportunities and adventures that Scouting has to offer. Happy 100th Scouting, and here’s to 100 more!”

Alan Tart / Milton City Councilman

“Without a doubt, my fondest memory of Scouting was the time spent with my father. Although my father worked out of town a lot when I was young, he would join our troop on camping trips on the weekends. As an Eagle Scout himself, he was a role model for all of us.

I always admired him for being able to do anything, and he loved to pass on what he knew to others. From survival skills to his profound respect for the environment and our country to his vast knowledge of science, my father learned a lot of what he knew from being in Boy Scouts. I was proud to have a dad who not only was intelligent, but who also had a talent for being able to patiently teach others what he knew in a way that was fun and interesting.

I am thankful to Boy Scouts for allowing me the opportunity to share experiences with my dad that I might not have otherwise had.”

Milton Police Report From Haygood / Bethany Rd Wreck.

Double Click To Enlarge Image.


The following information has been provided to us by Katherine Fies of the Milton Police Department regarding the severe wreck that took place at the intersection of Bethany Road and Hagood Road earlier this month. Many thanks to Mrs. Fies and the wonderful Milton Police Depaartment for helping these people in need and providing with the information.

SEX: Female.
VEHICLE: 1996 Ford Explorer.

SEX: Female.
VEHICLE: 2008 Ford Expedition.


INJURED TAKEN TO: North Fulton Hospital
BY: Rural Metro


Driver #1 stated she was on Bethany Bend attempting to make a left turn onto Haygood Rd when she was struck by vehicle #2. Due to the injuries suffered by driver #1, she could not remember exact details of the accident. Driver #1 suffered lacerations to her head, along with pain in her left arm and neck. Driver #1 was transported to North Fulton Hospital by Rural Metro Ambulance. Vehicle #1 has extensive damage to the drivers side and was removed from the scene by United Towing. Driver # 2 said she was traveling north bound on Haygood Rd, approaching Bethany Bend , when vehicle #1 pulled out in front of her. Driver #2 said she was not able to stop in enough time and struck vehicle #1. Driver #2 had a visible injury to her right hand, chest, and back and neck pain. She was transported to North Fulton Hosptial by Rural Metro Ambulance. Passengers #2 and #3 refused EMS transport and were released to their father on the scene.


Witness #1, who was on south bound on Haygood Rd approaching Bethany Bend, said driver #1 did not stop for the stop sign and pulled into the path of vehicle #2. Witness #1 said vehicle #2 could not stop in enough time to avoid accident.

Driver #1 was cited for disregard of a stop sign (OCGA-40-6-73) and was assigned a court date of March 15th, 2010 at 1330 hours. Driver #2 was issued a case card with a case number for the accident.

March 1 Council Meeting Notice.

Media Contact:
Jason Wright
678-242-2523 (office)
770-825-3096 (cell)

Monday, March 1, 2010 Regular Council Meeting Agenda 6:00PM

INVOCATION - Worship Leader Ken Hayes, Crabapple First Baptist Church



3) PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE (Led by the Mayor)

4) APPROVAL OF MEETING AGENDA (Add or remove items from the agenda) (Agenda Item No. 10-1059)



1. Approval of the February 1, 2010 Regular Council Meeting Minutes. (Agenda Item No. 10-1060) (Sudie Gordon, Interim City Clerk)
2. Approval for the Addition of American Disposal Services, Inc. to the List of Approved Solid Waste Haulers for the City of Milton. (Agenda Item No. 10-1061) (Matt Marietta, Assistant to the City Manager)
3. Approval for the Addition of Red Oak Sanitation, Inc. to the List of Approved Solid Waste Haulers for the City of Milton. (Agenda Item No. 10-1062) (Matt Marietta, Assistant to the City Manager)


1. A Census Awareness Week Proclamation. (Presented by Mayor Joe Lockwood)


1. RZ10-01/VC10-01 - 3105 Bethany Bend (Southeast corner of Bethany Bend and Hwy 9) by D Squared Development, LLC to rezone from AG-1 (Agricultural) and C-1 (Community Business) to C-1 (Community Business) to develop a 2,400 square foot gas station with 5 pump islands at a density of 2,755.45 square feet per acre. The applicant is also requesting a concurrent variance to reduce the 20- foot landscape strip to 10 feet along Bethany Bend (Section 64-1090(a)). (Agenda Item No. 10-1063) (Presented by Lynn Tully, Community Development Director)
2. ZM10-01 - Birmingham Hwy (SR 372) (West Side) and Crabapple Road (North Side) aka Braeburn by John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods, Inc. to request a 5 part modification to Z05-117 for the following:
1) To modify Condition 1.d, which currently allows up to 54 townhomes at a maximum density of 0.86 dwelling units per acre to allow up to 47 townhomes at a maximum density of 0.75 dwelling units per acre based on total acreage zoned, whichever is less.
2) To modify Condition1.e, which currently allows up to 45 single-family residential units at a maximum density of 0.72 dwelling units per acre, to allow up to 52 single-family residential units at a maximum density of 0.83 dwelling units per acre based on total acreage zoned, whichever is less. 3) To modify the required minimum lot size in Condition 1.f from 18,900 square feet such that no more than three (3) lots shall have a minimum lot size of 10,890 square feet (approximately ¼ acre) or above, at least three (3) lots (Lots 11-13) shall have a minimum lot size of one (1) acre or above, and the remaining lots shall have a minimum lot size of 14,500 square feet (approximately 1/3 of an acre) or above.
4) To modify Condition 2.a to replace the revised site plan received by the Fulton County Department of Environment and Community Development on June 7, 2006 with the revised site plan received by the Milton Department of Community Development on February 4, 2010. 5) To modify Condition 3.e to reduce the 15-foot building separation to a 10-foot building separation with a 5-foot side yard setback for lots less than one (1) acre. (Agenda Item No. 10-1064) (Presented by Lynn Tully, Community Development Director)

9) PUBLIC HEARINGS ALCOHOL BEVERAGE LICENSE APPLICATION 1. Approval of the Issuance of an Alcohol Beverage License Application to All About Spirits Incorporated d/b/a All About Spirits located at 15840 Birmingham Highway, Suite B, Milton, Georgia 30004. The applicants are Tana Coleman and Terry Coleman for Package Retail Sale - Distilled Spirits. (Agenda Item No. 10-1065) (Presented by Stacey Inglis, Finance Director and City Treasurer)

10) ZONING AGENDA (none)


12) NEW BUSINESS (none)


1. Discussion on the Privatization of Crabapple Hill in the Crabapple Estates Subdivision. (Presented by Carter Lucas, Public Works Director) 15) EXECUTIVE SESSION (if needed)

16) ADJOURNMENT (Agenda Item No. 10-1066)

Ed's Picks At The Beverage Depot!

Double Click To Enlarge Screen.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Response Heard From Encroachment Inquiry.

By Tim Enloe /

As with any topic that touches a nerve with the Milton citizenry, we do our best to find answers to questions asked by our readers.

One of which was in regards to the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) decision to allow the Fulton County Board of Education to encroach into a stream buffer for another high school being built off of Bethany Bend and Cogburn Roads.

Not only did we email the city council, but all the BZA members as well TWICE. The responses were few and far between.

We did hear from Council member Hewitt relaying to us that his appointment (Todd Chernik) voted against the encroachment.

In addition. Council Member Tart responded as well as his appointment; John McRae. Mr. McRae voted against also.

Finally, we did hear from Council Member Zahner Bailey. She wrote " In short, my understanding is that there was a motion to defer the case given much data was missing. My appointment, Scott Kilgore, supported this request for deferral in order to get the necessary information, but the motion to defer failed. " Bailey went on to state that she was going to review the formal record.

We appreciate all of these individuals taking the time to respond to our questions on behalf of our readers; the citizens and voters of Milton.

On the other hand, it was disappointing that the majority of elected and appointed officials did not respond to our question which simply asked "How you ( or your appointment) voted on the stream encroachment and why?"

They include:

Council Members

Mayor Joe Lockwood
Council Member Lusk
Council Member Thurman
Council Member Longoria

BZA Appointees

Gary Willis (Mayor)
Marcia Parsons (District 1)
Scott Kilgore (District 2)
Walter S. Rekuc, Jr. (District 3)
Todd Chernik (District 4)
Nancy Plesnarski (District 5)

The encroachment was approved 5-2.

It is our hope that this negative trend of not responding to the public's questions does not become common place. After all, the lack of communication from Fulton County was one of the reasons citizens voted for incorporation in the first place.

Milton moves high school project forward.

by Candy Waylock / Appen Newspapers

February 22, 2010 Milton - The Fulton County Board of Education cleared a major hurdle in the construction of the Bethany Bend high school site with the approval of site variances by Milton.

Fulton officials were seeking two variances to "allow minor encroachments into the stream buffers associated with intermittent streams" on the property site. The variances impact about one-tenth of one acre on the 65 acre site.

In a letter to the Milton zoning board, school architect Robert Sussenbach wrote the site design has gone through many versions in its effort to minimize the need for variances.

"The [current] site plan is the last of many attempts by the design team to place all of the building and site elements required by [Fulton's] Educational Specifications for high schools," noted Sussenbach. "Every effort has been made to preserve the streams and buffers and place the buildings in areas already disturbed by previous development."

The site was originally approved for a 187-home subdivision and had gone through the early stages of development before the plan was abandoned two years ago and the property sold to the Fulton County School System. The Bethany Bend high school is on schedule to open in August 2012.

Sussenbach noted the encroachments were partly the result of complying with stipulations handed down by Milton. The city asked the school system to provide access for a potential school entrance off Ga. 9. The school system does not now own the connecting parcel of land. To accommodate this request, architects shifted the stadium to the north, resulting in the running track and retaining wall encroaching on the wetlands by .04 acres.

Sussenbach said the school system has received approval for the encroachment by the Army Corps of Engineers for the wetlands disturbance.

Milton's fire marshal also required an access road around the entire perimeter of the school buildings for fire truck access. This road and accompanying retaining wall will cause encroachment into the 75-foot buffer by 0.03 acres. Fulton Schools also asked for variances to encroach into stream buffers with the placement of a roadway to the athletic field complex. The variance covers .06 acres, for a total variance allowance of .13 acres.

After more than two hours of discussion, including consideration of deferring the vote, the request for variances was approved on a 5-2 vote by the Milton Zoning Board. The members also considered a letter from a community organization urging denial of the request.

In a letter from Protect Milton, chairwoman Lisa Cauley said the Fulton County Board of Education failed to perform "due diligence" before purchasing the site to determine if there would be negative impacts to the environment.

"We are especially concerned about the request to encroach into the stream. This request of the Army Corps of Engineers would allow the FCBOE engineers to destroy the stream bed by piping and filling this intermittent stream," wrote Cauley.

Cauley also headed the opposition to the original site of the high school off Freemanville Road several years ago. The prior site was purchased with the intent to build both a middle school and high school – similar to the Milton High and Northwestern Middle setup – but was determined to be too small for both campuses. Plans are for the middle school to open in 2013, with any excess lands sold off.

High School on Track for 2012

Despite the rampant rumors of the high school's demise or delay, school officials say the new high school is on track for a 2012 completion. Funding woes are plaguing the school system, but the funding for the construction of the Bethany Bend high school is contained within the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST).

While SPLOST revenues have fallen below projections, construction costs have also declined with the lagging economy. Alpharetta School Board member Katie Reeves noted the Bethany Bend high school site will likely be the last major project completed in the current SPLOST cycle which ends on 2012. For that reason, it is very important the project stays on track.

"Our planners are telling us that Milton High School will be out of room for more portables by 2012," said Reeves. "The only option will be to bring in bulldozers and start carving out more space. It is so important that we work closely with the city of Milton to keep on schedule."

Milton High School is projected to have 2,700 students by 2012 in a school built for 1,950. City officials note they are working closely with the school system to ensure the needs of both the community and the students are being considered.

"The City of Milton and Board Education each have their own set of responsibilities in this process and both are moving forward with those responsibilities," said Lynn Tully, Milton's director of Community Development. "It is a positive partnership that will result in a win for the community."

With the variances approved, the school system will soon be applying for a Land Disturbance Permit which will allow construction to begin in June.

The final issue between the city of Milton and the Fulton School System is to work out a traffic plan that is agreeable to both sides. Patrick Burke, chief operations officer for Fulton Schools, noted the school system cannot legally fund offsite improvements on land it does not own, but is working collaboratively with the city of Milton to come up with solutions for traffic flow.

Milton Clydesdales to climb again.

Milton firefighters, from left, Danny Elliott, Josh Payne, Michael Baumgartner, Danny Snyder and Chris Seay are five of the team that will climb in full turnout gear 50 floors of One Ninety One Peachtree in Atlanta for the 2010 Fight for Air Climb.

Media Contact: Jason Wright
678-242-2523 (office)
770-825-3096 (cell)
Firefighters ascend 50 floors for charity this April.

MILTON, GA., Feb. 24, 2010 - The Clydesdale is renowned for its strength, stamina and teamwork - just like Milton's firefighters.

This April, the Milton Clydesdales will once again prove why they are worthy of the name as a team of city firefighters will ascend the 50 floors - that's 1150 stairs in full turnout gear - of One Ninety One Peachtree in Atlanta for charity.

It's called the Fight for Air Climb 2010, and it's all to raise money for the American Lung Association in its mission to foster lung disease awareness, research, advocacy and education. The event takes place Saturday, April 17 and features hundreds of families and corporate and fire station teams from across the state. This year, the team's goal is $1,500. The Clydesdales are currently in fourth place among fundraisers, and were the top team last year. To donate to the Milton Clydesdales,
click here.

This will be the Clydesdales' second year competing, and hopes are high for an overall win. Milton took third last year and had the winner and fastest climber in the event - firefighter Thom Brown. He scaled the skyscraper in 9 minutes, 38 seconds - all while wearing 25 pounds of gear. Firefighter Christopher Seay has competed in the Fight for Air Climb for the three years he's been a Milton firefighter. Last year he helped organize the Clydesdales, an opportunity he jumped at again this winter. "This is an amazing event," said Seay. "It is a way to encourage fitness among the firefighters, get the community involved in charitable giving and, above all, raise funds for the American Lung Association."

Incorporated on December 1, 2006, the City of Milton is a distinctive community that embraces small-town life and heritage while preserving and enhancing the city's rural character. The City of Milton is committed to maintaining the unique quality of life for its constituents while efficiently delivering essential services to residents and businesses in an interactive community environment. For more information, visit, or call 678-242-2500.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Police: Intoxicated Woman Drives Car In Pond.

Courtesy Wsbtv

MILTON, Ga. -- An intoxicated woman was arrested after driving her vehicle off the road and into a pond, Alpharetta police spokesman George Gordon said.

It happened in the 13500 block of Morris Road in Milton at about 2 a.m. Sunday.

Police said the woman was driving a Hyundai Tiburon.

Investigators described her as “uncooperative and very intoxicated.”

She was taken to North Fulton Regional Hospital to be checked out and then hauled off to jail.

Police said no other people were involved in the incident.
The woman is charged with DUI.

Planning Milton’s Future — One Acronym At A Time

By Annie Piekarczyk / Beacon Media

There is a lot of planning going on in the city of Milton.

And a lot of acronyms nobody understands that go with it.

Milton has recently attached Supplemental Plans to the Partial Plan Update of Milton’s 2008-2009 Comprehensive Plan. The Supplemental Plan will serve as a bridge between the adopted Focus Fulton 2025 Plan and the new plan underway. It will also be a bridge between the documents created under the precious state planning regulations as well as those to be prepared under the current regulations.

The list of supplemental plans is an explicit list of plans incorporating documents that focus on special areas, situations or issues of importance to the community such as the Crabapple Crossroads Plan (2003), the Birmingham Crossroads Plan and Development Standards (2004), maintaining rural character in Northwest Fulton County (2001), the Milton Trails Plan (2007), and the Milton Transportation Plan (2009). The Partial Plan Update is an interim plan and will serve as the City’s Comprehensive Plan until the Community Agenda is completed, accepted and adopted.

In 2007, the preparation of Milton’s first Comprehensive Plan was initiated. The state planning regulation required three basic sections of the Comprehensive Plan: Community Assessment, Community Participation Plan and a Community Agenda. The Community Participation Program and the Community Assessment portions of the Plan are both completed.

In 2008, the ARC and DCA authorized Milton to proceed with the final phase of the plan, Community Agenda, after learning the CPP and Community Assessment portions were in accordance with state regulations. Milton proceeded but then discovered the deadline for the plan’s submittal was November 30, 2008 instead of November 30, 2011. The DCA and ARC then directed Milton to complete a Partial Plan Update under the approaching deadline. DCA and ARC said a Partial Update was in the best interest of better regional coordination and inter-jurisdictional cooperation.

Now if the city could just plan for more revenue to stave off the coming financial Armageddon that looms in its future, things would be looking up.

Bringing Smiles To Milton - Chapman Orthodontics!

Chapman Orthodontics is the orthodontic practice of Dr. James C. Chapman.

There is never a charge for initial consultations, so it costs nothing other than your time to find out what orthodontic options may be available for you or your child.

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Milton welcomes UC Fitness

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

February 22, 2010 Milton – UC Fitness opened in Milton this month, putting five fitness trainers under one roof as separate Businesses with their own clientele.

Owned and operated by Larenzo Reid, an industry veteran and life coach with more than 13 years of experience, UF Fitness is at 631 North Main St., Milton, in the Watercrest Village shopping center.

Toby Eddison, a member of the UC Fitness team and owner of Next Level Training, was eager to establish business in North Fulton.

"Since competing in the 1996 Summer Olympics in the Decathlon for Trinidad, I've been impressed with Atlanta's commitment to fitness," Eddison said.

They worked with the city of Milton's Community Development department ad the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce to open the business.

Fitness trainers include:Tody Eddison; Benjamin Flavors, Split Second Fitness; Kim Nash; Joseph Powe, and; Larenzo Reid, UC Fitness.

For information, e-mail or call 404-281-5451.

Car leaking? In Milton, Replace The Front Tire.

by Tim Enloe;

Since Milton's incorporation back in 2006, it has been an interesting animal to watch. Decisions here, decisions there, decisions, decisions everywhere. Many of the verdicts have made little sense to me.

To begin with, the city website loves to promote Milton's "rural character". They promote it everywhere; even using a borrowed horse logo as the official city symbol. Yet, when is the last time you heard of a law or ordinance passed by the city council; both past or present, that had to do with the equestrians or open road residents of our community? I have heard nothing even though these people are the reason that Milton is refered to as "rural." Why they are not balancing their focus on this type of lifestyle is beyond me.

Next, we have the issue of police coverage. Milton is actually the second largest city in Georgia with exception to Atlanta when it comes to actual geographical size.

So, when an emergency comes your way, it is going to be a little while before they start knocking on your door. Yet our council approved the hiring of a parks director for $85k as opposed to bringing on additional officers. When an emergency transpires, seconds matter. Have they forgotten this fact?

Let it be stressed that I love parks and believe they are very important when it comes to a city truly being a desireable entity. However, hiring a parks director now when we only have three parks with only one currently available to use is premature at best. This fact is especially true when you consider that we normally have three to four officers per twelve hour shift. Point being, parks are like the icing on the cake and the officers are the eggs. Without the eggs, you have no cake to put icing on.

Finally, we come to the issue of speeding in Milton. Yes, I talk about it more than most, but passions are spawned by tragedy. No one is immune to this problem. Both subdivision and open road neighborhoods experience this dangerous habit daily.
However, there have been no fatalities due to wrecks within our subdivisions. Yet, there have been six in our open road neighborhoods. Even with all this information right in front of council, they are now looking at ways to help cover costs in slowing down people in...guess what...the subdivisions! Remember, everyone drives the open road neighborhood roads but not everyone drives the subdivision roads.

In conclusion, Milton needs to wake up and remember that for every action, there is equal and just reaction. When dealing with problems, fix the one that harbors the biggest negative return first and then go down the list. After all, changing a tire doesn't fix a car leak.

Announcing Wednesday Nights as JDRF Night at Milton's

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Enjoy some DELECTABLE TREATS as you contribute to JDRF's FUNDRAISING FEATS!

Please Join Pam & Mike Kipniss and John & Sharon Miner on Wednesday,February 24th as they treat themselves to Chef Boyd's award-winning new southern cuisine while contributing to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International. As many of you know, the Kipnisses & the Minors both have daughters with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes & JDRF is dedicated tofinding a cure to this chronic disease.

Beginning Feb. 24th and every Wednesday through May 5, 15% of ouradditional sales will be donated to JDRF to help find a cure.

Milton's has recently added "lighter" bites to it's menu, including lighterapps and chef-crafted entree salad features.

Help make this a sustainable fundraiser by joining us & more importantly by getting your friends involved.

For more information, map & direction, go to

Please RSVP for Feb. 24th to Pam Kipniss at mailto:pkipniss@gmail.comMilton


Jimmy Carter
General Manager

Boyd A. Rose
Executive Chef
780 Mayfield Road
Milton, GA 30009
Phone: 770-817-0161



We have received comments below as well as emails regarding the recent poll results. The data collected was in response to the question:

Milton hired a parks director for $85,000 / yr. Starting salary for a police officer is $39,500 /yr. For $85k, would you still have hired the parks director or two additional officers instead?


1 Parks Director 166 votes (52%) 2 Police Officers 148 votes (47%)

Both the comments and emails questioned why anyone would choose to vote for a parks director over more police officers for the city. If you did vote for the parks director, some of our readers would like to understand why.

Please share your logic in the comments section below.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Poll Up.


We have a new poll up. It asks:

Should the Fulton County Board of Education be required to have approval of the Milton City Council before a public school is built within the city limits?

Cast your vote in the upper right!

The last poll asked:

Milton hired a parks director for $85,000 / yr. Starting salary for a police officer is $39,500 /yr. For $85k, would you still have hired the parks director or two additional officers instead?


1 Parks Director 166 votes (52%)
2 Police Officers 148 votes (47%)

NOTE: While our polls only allow one vote per vistor, the results can be manipulated with the proper knowledge. Thus, with any results, a margin of error should be anticipated.

New North Fulton Libraries Face More Delays

Alpharetta Library will move from it's current location, but it's not clear when.By Maggie Lee

By Maggie Lee / Beacon Media

A proposed contract that would start work on three north Fulton libraries hasn’t checked out with the County Commission, meaning the long overdue plan will sit on the shelf at least two more weeks.

It’s because commissioners found too many problems with how the county ran its request for proposals, and question the fairness of the evaluation of nine companies that bid on the project management project.

For one, it’s not clear whether there should be separate RFPs for project management on Phase I and Phase II of the project.

“It was always my impression that one project management team was going to be in place for all phases of the project,” said North Fulton commissioner Lynne Riley (R-Johns Creek) on seeing an RFP for only Phase I. “I don’t know where the disconnect occurred between the time when we put this out, it went for referendum and the RFP went out inconsistent with my understanding.”

She and at-large commissioner Robb Pitts (D) took the lead in poking holes in a $3.3 million bid to manage the building of eight new county libraries and two major expansions.

Fulton County procurement proposed awarding the contract to the Jacobs Project Management Company with the Guide Management Group, at $3.3 million. The pair beat fourteen other companies in a nine-month evaluation process, something that included three Q&A sessions, numerous presentations from the companies and 90-minute interviews with each bidder.


Pitts said some of the losing bidders alleged the RFP had been broken up to favor one bidder.

It could be sour grapes, but the commissioners found more things they didn’t like.

Five shortlisted bidders failed to present their financial information.

That means the county doesn’t exactly know the financial liabilities of the project manager they’d be hiring, which could be near financial insolvency or could be perfectly healthy.

The commission doesn’t know the companies’ legal liabilities either, suggested Commissioner Emma Darnell (D). The companies signed a disclosure claiming they’re not now nor have they ever been in litigation. Darnell doubts that and makes another emphatic point. “This is an historic procurement. I have never, in my years here, seen an evaluator give any proposal a perfect score across seven categories.”

When Fulton evaluates a major project, one team of people compares the bid to a list of somewhat subjective seven criteria like experience, key personnel and overall plan. Evaluators give a number to how well or poorly a bid matches what they want. Cost is considered separately.

The accumulated problems with the RFP led the commission to hold the proposal until they get more information, especially on bidders’ finances and the RFP process. “I’m going to get with my colleagues to get an amendment that would give more weight for finance,” said Riley. Right now, a company’s financial position is weighted as five percent of the overall evaluation. A company can win a bid even by completely skipping that criteria.

The commission also postponed awarding the contract to the PMF Group to handle the bond issue and provide financial advice.


“This is a good firm,” said Pitts,”but why is it that in every instance the same firm gets the work? It doesn’t make any sense when there are other qualifed firms around.”

“There was one firm that had the airport advertising contract for twenty years, another had the airport shuttle contract for twenty years,” he also said. The first alludes to Clear Channel’s nearly three-decade lock on that contract, over which a losing bidder sued Atlanta officials, claiming rigging.

Said Pitts of long contracts: “I just think that does a disservice and discourages other qualified firms from bidding.”

However, the commission cannot unilaterally reject a proposal on the grounds that a bidder already has too many government contracts.

Riley added: “I want to point out ... both folks that bid on this – neither of them received points for a financal information presentation.”

North Fulton will get new libraries in Milton, Alpharetta and East Roswell when work starts. East Roswell’s will be at Fouts Road and Holcomb Bridge Road. Site selection is still underway in the other two cities. The Library Board of Trustees declines to release the prospective site list to keep from tainting the acquisition process.

Site selection should be done this calendar year; shovels won’t hit the ground until at least next year. County voters approved a $300 million bond for the project in Nov. 2008.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

28 ORN Wrecks So Far In Feb 2010.

Stock Image.

Milton GA - City Of Hors..Wrecks?

According to; a total of 28 wrecks transpired in Milton's open road neighborhoods thus far in Feb of 2010; 10 took place in retail nodes, and 2 were DUI's which also transpired in the ORNS. A total of 40 wrecks are listed. It should be stressed that 30009 was not included in this posting and some Milton residents do have that zip code. The reports state the following:

1. TRAFFIC 18 Feb 2010
Distance: 0.65 miles
Identifier: 2010027946
Time(24h): 18:41:59 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

2. TRAFFIC 18 Feb 2010
Distance: 3.66 miles
Identifier: 2010027960
Time(24h): 19:05:03 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

3. TRAFFIC 17 Feb 2010
Distance: 1.65 miles
Identifier: 2010027312
Time(24h): 20:13:05 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

4. TRAFFIC 15 Feb 2010
Distance: 7.08 miles
Identifier: 2010025978
Time(24h): 12:38:24 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

5. TRAFFIC 14 Feb 2010
Distance: 7.06 miles
Identifier: 2010025354
Time(24h): 09:23:47 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

6. TRAFFIC 14 Feb 2010
Distance: 7.06 miles
Identifier: 2010025354
Time(24h): 09:23:47 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

7. TRAFFIC 13 Feb 2010
Distance: 5.57 miles
Identifier: 2010024780
Time(24h): 10:24:18 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41 X
Agency: Milton Police Department

8. TRAFFIC 13 Feb 2010
Distance: 5.41 miles
Identifier: 2010024790
Time(24h): 10:41:49 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

9. TRAFFIC 13 Feb 2010
Distance: 4.63 miles
Identifier: 2010024756
Time(24h): 09:20:48 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

10. TRAFFIC 13 Feb 2010
Distance: 4.63 miles
Identifier: 2010024778
Time(24h): 10:22:55 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

11. TRAFFIC 13 Feb 2010
Distance: 4.58 miles
Identifier: 2010024797
Time(24h): 10:53:35 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41 X
Agency: Milton Police Department

12. TRAFFIC 13 Feb 2010
Distance: 4.92 miles
Identifier: 2010024901
Time(24h): 16:05:34 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

13. TRAFFIC 13 Feb 2010
Distance: 1.49 miles
Identifier: 2010024787
Time(24h): 10:36:47 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

14. TRAFFIC 12 Feb 2010
Distance: 5.85 miles
Identifier: 2010024254
Time(24h): 13:00:53 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41 X
Agency: Milton Police Department

15. TRAFFIC 12 Feb 2010
Distance: 5.48 miles
Identifier: 2010024363
Time(24h): 17:42:26 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

16. TRAFFIC 12 Feb 2010
Distance: 3.03 miles
Identifier: 2010024345
Time(24h): 17:07:47 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

17. TRAFFIC 12 Feb 2010
Distance: 1.91 miles
Identifier: 2010024612
Time(24h): 23:19:20 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

18. TRAFFIC 11 Feb 2010
Distance: 4.17 miles
Identifier: 2010023808
Time(24h): 17:18:25 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

19. TRAFFIC 10 Feb 2010
Distance: 6.25 miles
Identifier: 2010023249
Time(24h): 17:17:35 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41 X
Agency: Milton Police Department

20. TRAFFIC 10 Feb 2010
Distance: 5.73 miles
Identifier: 2010023252
Time(24h): 17:37:30 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41 X
Agency: Milton Police Department

21. TRAFFIC 10 Feb 2010
Distance: 4.17 miles
Identifier: 2010023400
Time(24h): 21:34:52 DUI 30 DUI
Agency: Milton Police Department

22. TRAFFIC 09 Feb 2010
Distance: 5.85 miles
Identifier: 2010022525
Time(24h): 14:02:17 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41 X
Agency: Milton Police Department

23. TRAFFIC 09 Feb 2010
Distance: 4.82 miles
Identifier: 2010022310
Time(24h): 07:48:10 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

24. TRAFFIC 09 Feb 2010
Distance: 4.82 miles
Identifier: 2010022312
Time(24h): 07:49:13 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

25. TRAFFIC 08 Feb 2010
Distance: 5.72 miles
Identifier: 2010021776
Time(24h): 10:46:23 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41 X
Agency: Milton Police Department

26. TRAFFIC 08 Feb 2010
Distance: 5.52 miles
Identifier: 2010021859
Time(24h): 14:04:33 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41 X
Agency: Milton Police Department

27. TRAFFIC 08 Feb 2010
Distance: 2.5 miles
Identifier: 2010021815
Time(24h): 12:24:46 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

28. TRAFFIC 07 Feb 2010
Distance: 7.03 miles
Identifier: 2010021553
Time(24h): 22:21:55 DUI 30 DUI
Agency: Milton Police Department

29. TRAFFIC 06 Feb 2010
Distance: 5.99 miles
Identifier: 2010021037
Time(24h): 17:40:04 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41 X

30. TRAFFIC 06 Feb 2010
Distance: 6.46 miles
Identifier: 2010021175
Time(24h): 21:49:31 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

31. TRAFFIC 06 Feb 2010
Distance: 7.37 miles
Identifier: 2010020814
Time(24h): 10:45:43 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

32. TRAFFIC 06 Feb 2010
Distance: 3.33 miles
Identifier: 2010020712
Time(24h): 07:01:58 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

33. TRAFFIC 05 Feb 2010
Distance: 6.5 miles
Identifier: 2010020104
Time(24h): 07:51:54 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

34. TRAFFIC 05 Feb 2010
Distance: 6.46 miles
Identifier: 2010020214
Time(24h): 10:57:20 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

35. TRAFFIC 05 Feb 2010
Distance: 7.08 miles
Identifier: 2010020584
Time(24h): 23:48:29 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

36. TRAFFIC 05 Feb 2010
Distance: 6 miles
Identifier: 2010020503
Time(24h): 21:38:09 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

37. TRAFFIC 05 Feb 2010
Distance: 5.37 miles
Identifier: 2010020476
Time(24h): 21:00:26 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

38. TRAFFIC 05 Feb 2010
Distance: 4.14 miles
Identifier: 2010020090
Time(24h): 07:29:59 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

39. TRAFFIC 05 Feb 2010
Distance: 3.1 miles
Identifier: 2010020410
Time(24h): 18:37:58 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41
Agency: Milton Police Department

40. TRAFFIC 18 Feb 2010
Distance: 7.11 miles
Identifier: 2010027937
Time(24h): 18:34:17 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 41 X
Agency: Milton Police Department


Double Click To Enlarge Screen.

The following is a video recorded on Thursday / 2.18.10 on Bethany Road between Mayfield and Providence. Time is between 4:05pm and 4:15pm.

The video starts after the driver passed the camera car at a high rate of speed headed north on Bethany Road. All open road neighborhoods harbor double yellow lines meaning passing is not allowed. Bethany Road has a posted speed limit of 40mph and is home to 44 families. 4000 plus cars a day travel Bethany Road.

A couple of things to look out for as you watch the video:

1. The offending driver brakes numerous times. The reason being is there is a car and school bus in front of him and he is tailgating this driver looking at another chance to pass.
2. At approximately 14 to 16 seconds into the video, you will see him begin to attempt to pass the car and bus in front of him but quickly changes his mind. Watch his front tires go over the center line at this time.
3. When the intersection is reached, you will notice some movement within the offending vehicle. They are actually looking back at the camera car due to passing it earlier.
4. Once it is their turn at the intersection, they punch it and fly up to Bethany Way.
5. Once on Bethany Way, you will see that they are long gone due to driving at a high rate of speed.

The vehicle in question is a white Cherokee Laredo; Fulton TAG# BAU 2946 with an LSU decal on the back windshield.

The Milton Police Department & City Council have been given this video and made aware of the issues surrounding it.

Since Milton's incorporation in 2006, we have suffered six wreck related fatalities - one of which transpired on Bethany Road in early 2009.

All fatalities have taken place in the open road neighborhoods; none have happened in the subdivision neighborhoods.

If dangerous drivers such as this are not dealt with properly with a good system put in place for the open road neighborhoods, ALL Milton families are in jeopardy; including yours.

Many thanks to our wonderful Milton Police Officers for all they do in keeping Milton Families safe!

Milton's Cuisine & Cocktails Weekend Menu!

Chef’s Features

Lobster Corn Chowder
with basil butter


Grilled Espresso Rubbed Lamb Chops
with country ham goat cheese grits, spinach with roasted garlic & dried cherries,
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Pan Seared Yellow Eye Snapper
with grilled zucchini, buttermilk mashed potatoes and roasted tomato champagne vinaigrette

Grilled Gulf Red Grouper
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Albers For Senate.

Double Click To Enlarge Screen.

NOTE: encourages all candidates running for office both locally and state wide to share information with us on their campaigns. This type of information does not mean that is endorsing one candidate as opposed to another. Here, all are treated equally and with respect.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Milton named "Tree City USA"

Milton is one of the few municipalities in Georgia to be named a "Tree City USA" by the Arbor Day Foundation, an honor City Council celebrated at its Feb. 17 regularly scheduled meeting.

The honor comes as a result of the hard work of the Milton Tree Preservation Committee and city arborist, Mark Law, center.

The Tree City USA program, sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters, provides direction, technical assistance, public attention and national recognition for urban and community forestry programs.

Milton is one of only 130 cities is the state to be awarded the distinction, and one of only 3,400 nationwide. As part of the honor, Law traveled to the Gold Dome Feb. 18 to watch Gov. Sonny Perdue sign his Arbor Day Proclamation.

Ed's Picks At The Beverage Depot!

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T-Mobile Shares Information On Cell Tower Plans.

Double Click To Enlarge Screen.

An Exclusive


As discussions continue among residents regarding T-Mobile's plans to construct cell towers, we encourage you to listen to both sides before coming to a conclusion. encourages those interested in this topic to share their thoughts with us and we are more than happy to provide equal air time.

We would like to thank Ann Brooks of T-Mobile for providing this informative video on their plans for cell towers in Milton.

Milton Business Alliance Meeting Tonight.


The second Milton Business Alliance (MBA) meeting will be held this evening at Milton's Cuisine & Cocktails in Crabapple. Time is 6pm. We encourage you to attend!

Feb. 17 Post-Council Meeting Notice

Media Contact: Jason Wright
678-242-2523 (office)
770-825-3096 (cell)

Feb. 17 Post-Council Meeting Wrap-Up


1. Approval of a Resolution to Attach a Section Called Supplemental Plans to the Partial Plan Update of the City of Milton 2008-2028 Comprehensive Plan. (Deferred on February 1, 2010) (Agenda Item No. 10-1047) (Presented by Lynn Tully, Community Development Director)

APPROVED 6-0. (Mayor Joe Lockwood was absent)


1. Approval of a Resolution Amending Resolution No. 08-12-63, A Resolution to Create a Citizen Advisory Committee for City of Milton Concept Plans for the Intersections of Birmingham at Providence and Arnold Mill at New Providence. (Agenda Item No. 10-1054) (Presented by Carter Lucas, Public Works Director)

2. A Resolution Amending Resolution No. 10-01-128, A Resolution Appointing Members to the City of Milton Board of Ethics Committee. (Agenda Item No. 10-1055) (Presented by Sudie Gordon, Interim City Clerk)

APPROVED 6-0. Board members Lisa Cauley and Carl Haase appointed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Police Officers from Milton and Johns Creek will be taking part in the Polar Plunge, where they will be jumping into Lake Lanier as part of a fundraiser to benefit Georgia Special Olympics. Here, Milton Police Chief Deborah Harrell cheers on officers Andrew Phillips and Romney Scott as they brave the frigid waters of Lake Winward on Friday morning in preparation for Lanier.

Milton, Johns Creek police officers take Polar Plunge

By Joan Durbin / Neighbor Newspapers

By nature, police officers are stalwart, resolute and brave.

But a few officers in Milton and Johns Creek are about to demonstrate extraordinary fortitude by jumping into Lake Lanier in the dead of winter.

On Saturday at 1:30 p.m., at least four intrepid Milton cops and five courageous souls from the Johns Creek Police Department will take the Polar Plunge to raise money for Georgia Special Olympics.

“I don’t know if there’s really any way to prepare for this,” said Milton Officer Andrew Phillips, one of the participants. “Guess you plan for the worst and hope for the best. The worst would be if Lake Lanier freezes over. We probably could go and pick up some wet suits, but that’s not in the plan.”

Johns Creek Police Maj. John Wilcox also will be a Plunger, but it hasn’t been easy to recruit his fellow officers. “Most people are scared of the cold water, but you don’t have to go all the way under water. All you have to do is dip a toe in to be considered a Plunger.”

According to the Special Olympics Web site, the Polar Plunge is the largest fundraising effort benefiting the program, and cops in many states across the nation participate in the annual event.

For Milton officers, this is the latest in a series of fundraisers for Special Olympics, which will culminate in three months in the Law Enforcement Torch Run. Up next will be Cuffed for a Cause in early spring.

“Basically, we’ll be handcuffing a cop to a treadmill for eight hours,” Phillips said.

But first, they’ll have to get past that dip in the lake’s frigid waters. Those who take the plunge must have raised at least $50 in pledges for Special Olympics. Phillips, Sgt. Romney Scott, Capt. Shawn McCarty and Chief Deborah Harrell have all qualified.

“I wasn’t really nervous about it until it got so cold,” the chief said last week the day after relentless winds battered north Fulton and sent temperatures plummeting. “A wet suit crossed my mind, but that would be cheating. I have to lead by example. I can’t wimp out.”

The Milton department’s overall fund raising goal for Special Olympics is $3,000, and more than $1,000 has already been pledged.

Milton's Cuisine & Cocktails Special Announcement!

Double click to enlarge image.
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Tempers Flair As Board Approves Stream Buffer Encroachment.


Council Member Alan Tart's appointment; John McRae; voted
against approving this encroachment. Many thanks to
Council Member Tart for sharing this information with us.

By Tim Enloe /

Wednesday, February 17, 2008 - MILTON

A decision made Tuesday night by the Milton Board Of Zoning Appeals (BZA) has had many scratching their heads with some being outright livid.

This council appointed body approved a zoning variance by the Fulton County Board Of Education allowing them to encroach into a stream buffer. The vote was 5 to 2. The location of the encroachment is at the BOE property off of Cogburn and Bethany Bend where another high school is planned.

Unlike other Milton appointed boards, the BZA is not required to submit a decision to the city council for final approval.

We have contacted the Milton City Council & the BZA board members in the hopes of getting answers to share with our readers regarding this controversial decision.
The BZA members are:

Gary Willis (Mayor)
Marcia Parsons (District 1)
Scott Kilgore (District 2)
Walter S. Rekuc, Jr. (District 3)
Todd Chernik (District 4)
Nancy Plesnarski (District 5)
John McRae (District 6) - voted AGAINST allowing encroachment.

Two of Three Ethics Appointments Official.

By Tim Enloe /

February 17, 2010 MILTON - Various rumors were finally put to rest regarding possible ethics board appointments at the city council meeting Wednesday night.

Council member Burt Hewitt appointed Karl Haase with Mayor Joe Lockwood's choice being Lisa Cauley. Both citizens have been active city participants.

"I have always had an interest in seeing what is right; ethics have always been a big part of my family's life", commented Haase," The desire to insure that our city is run ethically has been a calling of mine."

Both were sworn in by Mayor Pro tem Hewitt as Mr. Lockwood was out of town. All were approved unanimously by the council.

With these new citizens taking their seats, only one chair remains open on the Ethics board - that being Council Member Zahner Bailey's appointment. No word yet on who that choice will be.

On behalf of, we congratulate Mrs. Cauley and Mr. Haase on their recent assignments. We appreciate their willingness to serve the Milton community.

Board of Zoning Appeals post-meeting notice

Media Contact: Jason Wright
678-242-2523 (office)
770-825-3096 (cell)

Board of Zoning AppealsFebruary 16, 2010 7:00pm

A. V09-019, 2845 Bethany Bend Road, Fulton County Board of Education, Stacy Stewart Request(s): ** To allow encroachment into the 50 foot stream buffer, ** To allow encroachment into the 75 foot impervious setback (Chapter 14, Article 6, Section 5.a.i,ii)
Approved 5-2
B. V10-001, 13695 Highway 9, Legacy Crossing Pavilion/Christian City Church, Stephen Bullen Request(s): ** To allow a reduction in the required number of parking spaces for a church (Article 8, Section 64-1410)
Approved 6-1