Monday, February 15, 2010

"Riddle Me Milton" Winner!


We have a winner in the "Riddle Me Milton" quiz! Karl Haase guessed correctly when he offered up "Venison / Deer" as his answer for this week's riddle.

Karl will now receive one coupon giving him a free Chicago Dog at Milton's own Chicago Eatery, Bobby G's!

Many thanks to Karl for playing.

Remember, every Monday we will challenge you with another Riddle about your city with a wonderful Bobby G's Chicago Dog waiting for the winner!

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Anonymous said...

Makes total sense that Karl would know. I can just see him now, scouring the edge of his yard for deer and beer bottles. "Honey git your butt out here and lets have us a special dinner, venison and beer"!

Karl H said...

If someone would just toss out a cheesecake we'd have been set for Valentines dinner!