Monday, February 01, 2010

Milton man arrested as teens stage wild party

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

February 01, 2010

MILTON - Officers were called to a residence on Double Creek Lane in Milton just after midnight Jan. 24 about a loud party where several juveniles were suspected of being drunk.

When police arrived, they found groups of teenagers in the road and a fight in progress. When the officers announced their presence, most people in the front yard stopped what they were doing, but a group ran inside the house, shut and locked the door and turned off the lights.

The officers went to the back of the house where, among the many empty beer cans and liquor bottles, they found an unconscious boy who was unresponsive to attempts to revive him. An ambulance was called.

Officers entered the house through a rear door and called out for the owner. Not only did no one step forward, people ran and shut doors behind them. Eventually the homeowner, M. Thomas Riddick, 57, emerged. Police enlisted his help in rounding up the remaining people inside the home. According to the police report, "approximately 50" youths were found hiding throughout the house. Another three were found to have run into into woods behind the house.
Two people were taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. The remaining crowd was administered breath tests and their parents were called.

Charged with being minors in possession of alcohol were Canton residents Ryan Obriant, 18; Jake Andrusko, 18; Kirk Medas, 18; William Carter, 18; Alexandra Dawson, 18; Jade Denison 18; and Justin Velazquez, 19.

Woodstock residents charged for being minors possessing alcohol were Nicholas Suwalski, 18; Charles Fleming, 18; Jordon Naliwajka, 18; James Stanley, 18.

Others arrested on the same charge were Alexander Fearnley, 18, of Kennesaw; Joshua Hassan, 18, of North Fauderdale, Fla.; and Timothy Patterson, 18, of Ball Ground;

Thomas Riddick, 57, of Double Creek Lane in Milton, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and maintaining a disorderly house.

Thirty juveniles were also charged with being minors in possession of alcohol.


Anonymous said...

See the fun you open roaders miss out on by not living in a subdivision!

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun we open roaders have when the drunk teenagers get in their cars and drive in front of our homes. You may think it's funny but it is not in the least.

Tim Enloe said...


Another issue that open road neighborhoods constantly deal with are various beer cans and beer and liquor bottles being thrown in our front yards.

It is not uncommon to see bottles being smashed in our driveways either.

I am all for having a good time, but when it comes to the detriment of others, that crosses the line.

Keep safe,

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Karl Haase said...

Not limited to the open roads there Tim - I am the first house in a subdivion - with 500 ft along Hopewell as well. My favorite trash to pick up from the cars turning around in our subdivision is the plastic coke bottles that folks used to relieve themselves in or use as a spitoon!

As a matter of fact I just went to Fry's and spent $400 on a nice little wireless camera/dvr setup with night vision so I can start capturing some license plates and reciprocating :-)

We can sit back and complain or we can fight back!!!! I can't wait to unload my recyle bin in their front yards - LOL!!!!

Tim Enloe said...


Good to hear from you and I totally agree that roadside litter hits both subdivision and open road neighborhoods.

I will say that the open road neighborhoods recieve far more, but in your case, you get the best of both worlds.

I am interested to find out how your new camera works out. What brand it is?


Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Karl, look at the positives. Sometimes there is a little bit of beer left in the cans and you can collect them to consume on a Sunday if you run out and cant buy more.

test said...
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Anonymous said...

"As a matter of fact I just went to Fry's and spent $400 on a nice little wireless camera/dvr setup with night vision so I can start capturing some license plates and reciprocating :-)"

Karl, while I applaud your actions, are they legal? I'm not sure you can do that...

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time that Riddick has had trouble with contributing to delinquency of minors. Parents should beware.

Anonymous said...

Jake Andrusko was probably a large contributor to all of the minors getting in trouble and drinking underage. Everywhere he goes, trouble seems to follow him. This surely was not the first time the police have been involved.