Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Letter To The Editor: Petition Against Cell Towers

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I have just put our petition online. Please notify your neighbors andfriends within the Milton area to view the petition and sign.

I would like to go out and canvas neighborhoods and get signatures of individuals in the affected areas concerning their cell coverage. If anyone is willing to canvas their neighborhood, please contact me and we can coordinate this. There is a total of 13 more sites in Milton T-Mobile would like to place towers. Do Not think this doesn't effect you. If these applications pass, your neighborhood could be affected next.Let's keep the energy going. If you haven't already written the city council and mayor, please do. They have a file of all the emails sent.

It is very important we are all vocal. You can find their email addresses at

Thanks for your help and let's keep cell towers out of residential areas,

Kay Norvell


Unknown said...

In this mostly rural area of Milton, horse country really, there a already 27 towers within a four mile radius of the proposed site.

As a matter of fact, measured from the City Halls of Milton, Johns Creek, Alpharetta and Roswell, Milton already has more Towers per capita (1 tower for every 450 residents)than any of our neighboring cities (Alpharetta at 1 Tower for every 764, Roswell with 1 tower per 1325, and Johns Creek at 1 per 1500)

We already have great cellular service, and multiple carriers to choose from.

We have enough towers.

Anonymous said...

One worde - "propertey rights"
City better watch out or they are going to get there a$$es sued.

Karl Haase said...

The maps are pretty interesting. Apparently not all cell towers are alike. For instance - the maps show one on Bethany Bend right near the Hopewell intersection. Have you seen that one? It's just a metal telephone pole with a little spike at the top - doesn't even rise above the trees. I was always wondering what that was!!

I wonder how many of the existing and proposed towers are like this unobtrusive one vs the tall towers??

Anonymous said...

What always amazes me when I read blogs against cell towers is the complete lack of participation prior to the carrier application. Where was all the opposition when the city council was adopting it's ordinance? And how many times do you think the carriers have reached out to the city planners to discuss stealth options (pine trees, light poles, etc.)only to be told they have no time?

Cell towers are expensive to build and maintain. The break even point for most towers is 15 years; 15 years to turn a profit on a tower. Carriers build the towers because their customers demand it.

Protesting against T-Mobile when they are following the laws seems counterproductive when we should all be upset about the law itself.

Kay Norvell said...

You obviously are unaware of the immense profits produced by cell towers. I do not know where you got your facts concerning not turning a profit for 15 years but I am afraid you are misinformed. Cell towers are currently one of the largest money makers. Another name for cell towers in the industry is "vertical Real Estate". Milton did not have a viable cell tower ordinance before this application. Since then, new ordinances have been written but will not apply to these applications. There are 13 more proposed T-Mobile towers in Milton so maybe those of you who do not mind them and believe in property rights to the detriment of all others may get your wish to look out your window and gaze lovingly at your own cell tower. Those of us in opposition to these applications are trying to look beyond our own needs and to help all of Milton in keeping cell towers in the least intrusive areas. T-Mobile does not seem reach out to any city municipality concerning stealth options. the majority of lawsuits are against T-Mobile not the other carriers. Have you asked yourself why aren't the other carriers trying to disturb the residential landscape of Milton? They have planned appropriately to house their towers in commercial locations away from residential areas with excellent service. I won't be shedding any tears for cell towers trying to turn a profit. And, we don't know yet whether T-Mobile has followed the law with their application.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time for you to move on, just like leaving Roswell.

PS and take Cauley with you.