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On A National Note...

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Studio One to One Launches Metamorphosis Women’s Wellness Retreat.

Studio One to One, a personal training studio located in Milton, GA, announces the launch of its Metamorphosis wellness retreat. The retreat will take place in scenic Big Canoe, and will focus on transforming nutrition and fitness habits to help women achieve their weight loss goals.

Studio One to One, Milton’s premier personal training studio, will present its first “Metamorphosis” women’s wellness retreat in Big Canoe. This all-inclusive program includes structured fitness activities and nutritional guidance designed to help guests learn how to adopt healthy lifestyle habits necessary for achieving and maintaining their ideal weight. The weekend-long program will feature the exercise and nutrition experts of Studio One to One providing interactive fitness, health, and wellness programs in a retreat-like atmosphere.

Metamorphosis will be an escape from ordinary, everyday workout routines and will feature a well-rounded approach to wellness. The itinerary is designed for all levels of fitness ability and includes resistance training led by NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, Jennifer Caso, guided hikes, yoga, light meditation, personal fitness and body composition assessments, as well as Studio One to One’s Food-FIT4U interactive nutrition counseling.

Nutrition programs will take place right in the kitchen and focus on "putting your best body forward" by establishing healthy eating habits for life. The programs will be led by Kira Mesi, Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Coach and self described "foodie" who loves to cook. She will introduce her fun and entertaining ways to keep you on the right track in the kitchen and loving that new number on the scale. This sensible approach will not only keep you satisfied at mealtime, but help you lose weight and reach your health and fitness goals at the same time.

Guests will enjoy accommodations in a luxurious cabin nestled against the scenic backdrop of Big Canoe, healthy gourmet meals, cooking and nutrition instruction, personalized fitness assessment and meal plan, and a wide variety of fitness programming.

Elaina Smith, owner of Studio One to One, states "the focus for our Metamorphosis retreat is to empower women to be healthy, fit, empowered, and confident. Our goal is to provide a nurturing, supportive environment in which women can be educated abut their health and bond with other women. All too often, women spend most of their time in the caretaker role while neglecting their own needs and health. My desire is that this retreat be a renewing experience for them, a time for taking care of themselves, and an ‘aha’ moment to know it's okay to prioritize their own health and wellbeing."

The Metamorphosis retreat will take place October 22-24th and costs $297 per person. For additional details and registration, please visit

Elaina Smith
Studio One to One Our Blog:

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The Beverage Depot - Your Labor Day HQ!

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Le Grande Salon & Day Spa Special

Free Haircut & Style with Tammy (20 years experience in color & cut, first time guest with Tammy)
Free Micro-Current with Carmen (experience medical aesthetician)
with any booking of the following services:
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Brow Wax $ 8
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Le Grande Salon & Spa
Aveda Concept
980 Birmingham Rd. Suite #712
Alpharetta, Ga. 30004
(678) 526-6067

Please mention promotions when booking appointments.
Front desk will verify client email before applying email specials. A 24 hr. notice of cancellation is required. Restrictions may apply.
Can not combine with other offers.
There's no greater compliment than a referral to your friends and family. Thank you for your business.

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Principal booted for 'insubordination, neglect'

by Candy Waylock; Appen Newspapers

August 23, 2010

MILTON - The end came swiftly, with a series of small accusations and charges, as opposed to one smoking gun.

Just days after Tracy Trussell sat down with Fulton Schools Superintendent Cindy Loe and Area Superintendent Sam Taylor, the Birmingham Falls Elementary principal was handed his walking papers.

The Aug. 2 meeting between Trussell and the school system administrators was called to discuss eight accusations leveled at the principal, ranging from inappropriate jokes in e-mails, to the use of an expletive to describe a staff member, to comments about the age and gender of a staff member in a conversation with a parent.

There was nothing criminal, but certainly some charges were embarrassing and perhaps unethical for Trussell when the charges were made public. And apparently it was enough to terminate the once-popular principal just four days later under a host of reasons including "insubordination, incompetency and neglect of duties."

Although Taylor announced to Birmingham Falls staff and parents that Trussell had been terminated Aug. 12, it was modified to a "resignation" just days later.

A resignation allows Trussell to maintain his salary and benefits through the end of the school year and removes the termination reference from his personnel files for future employment. The charges, however, will still be reviewed by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, which certifies educators.

In reviewing correspondence between Trussell and school administration over the past four months, and obtained through an Open Records request, it appears nothing was publicly amiss until late July when Trussell was summoned to a meeting with Loe and Taylor. Prior to that, correspondence was mundane, related to repairs at the school, vacation issues, personnel moves and other routine matters.

But it is now apparent that tensions had long been strained with Trussell and several staff members, particularly Lynn Johnston, the former assistant principal at the school, who has since transferred to another school, and bookkeeper Donna Gunter.

Trussell apparently made no secret of his inability to work with either woman, or his preference to name his own leadership team. His reliance on his "confidential secretary," Robin Cunningham, also was called into question, with the accusation that his long-time assistant was given duties "inappropriate for her position and seniority," elevating her to that of an unofficial assistant principal.

In the termination letter, the school system said it could call upon nearly a dozen staff members and several parents who would testify in support of the termination. The letter also stated Trussell admitted to many of the allegations.

Trussell's termination was announced to parents Aug. 12, after what appears to have been some effort to simply transfer Trussell from his principal position to one in school administration.

In a letter to Fulton School Board member Katie Reeves dated Aug. 7, Trussell wrote he was "still in shock and disbelief that I am apparently not going to be the principal of Birmingham Falls Elementary School when the children arrive in a few days."

He also noted the he was aware the school board had voted 7-0 against his termination, and that a position "was to be created … to act as a child advocate and report directly to" a senior staff member.

Trussell said he was given 36 hours to respond, but that the he was not given details on the reassignment at the time and could therefore not accept an unknown position.

In the letter, Trussell accused Taylor and Deputy Superintendent Linda Anderson of withholding the details of the reassignment purposefully, which led directly to the termination. He said he was the victim of a "witch hunt," orchestrated by Human Resources.

Trussell becomes the 22nd principal change among the 101 schools heading into the 2010-2011 school year, the majority of which were due to principal retirements.

It was the plum assignment for the "out of the box" principal to leave a high performing school and open a new school in a high performing area. Trussell had a successful tenure at Creek View Elementary in Alpharetta for eight years, but was eager for the challenge of opening Birmingham Falls Elementary.

He worked overtime for months, still shepherding Creek View while staying intimately involved with the design, construction and opening of Birmingham Falls.

Open House last August was akin to Willy Wonka welcoming the kids into the Chocolate Factory, as Trussell pulled out the stops to create a magical memory for his new students. The bands, the speakers, the "ooh and aah" factor was all in place, as the doors opened to the community for the first time.

But reality set in nearly the moment the school opened. According to parents who asked not to be identified, the "over the top" treatment for every event was a bit off-putting. Every publication was a full-color design, every activity was red carpet.

"We just all wondered where the money was coming from, and how this added to education," one parent said.

It was not uncommon for parents to answer the door at dinnertime to find their child's principal on the porch for an impromptu visit. While these activities may have been the norm at Creek View, parents at Birmingham Falls apparently weren't quite ready for the Tracy Trussell Experience.

"It was always 'This is what we did at Creek View.' But this was Birmingham Falls," said the parent. "And we weren't used to it."

She also said communication with Trussell was limited and difficult, with everyone, including parents and apparently staff, having to go through Cunningham before meeting with the principal.

But there were many Trussell supporters as well. Some attended the parent meeting in tears after learning the person who had reached out to their child was out.

"This is not a happy day for the Fulton County School System," said Reeves when the news was released. "Tracy Trussell dedicated many years to the Fulton County School System and the students, and none of us is happy to see him leave in this manner."

For his part, Trussell, who has stayed out of the public eye over the past few weeks, wrote Reeves that "This matter has broken my heart and tarnished my reputation possibly beyond repair. Worst of all, however, is that the needs of the children have yet to be considered."

Accident Report On Recent Bethany Road Wreck.

Many thanks to Katherine Fies of the City of Milton for providing this information to us.

Accident Number: 10-01712

Date: 8-18-2010

Road of Occurrence: Bethany Road

Time: 15:32

Off. Arrived: 15:37

Total Number of vehicles: 2

Driver #1: 2002 Nissan Altima Blue

Driver#2: 1999 Ford Explorer Maroon

REMARKS (Officer At Scene)=>
Vehicle #2 was traveling north on Bethany Road when it came to a stop due to a vehicle in front of it attempting to turn left. Vehicle #1 was traveling directly behind Vehicle #2 when it struck it from behind.

No injuries were reported on scene.
Vehicle # 1 was towed by United Towing.

Once again, another wonderful Milton Police Officer comes to the rescue of those in need!

If you would like to find out more about an accident in your area, please email us at Once the information is released, we will post it on

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On A National Note...

Courtesy The Smoking Gun.

Justice Department Seeks Ebonics Experts.
DEA to hire nine “Black English” linguists

AUGUST 23--The Department of Justice is seeking to hire linguists fluent in Ebonics to help monitor, translate, and transcribe the secretly recorded conversations of subjects of narcotics investigations, according to federal records.
A maximum of nine Ebonics experts will work with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Atlanta field division, where the linguists, after obtaining a “DEA Sensitive” security clearance, will help investigators decipher the results of “telephonic monitoring of court ordered nonconsensual intercepts, consensual listening devices, and other media”.

The DEA’s need for full-time linguists specializing in Ebonics is detailed in bid documents related to the agency’s mid-May issuance of a request for proposal (RFP) covering the provision of as many as 2100 linguists for the drug agency’s various field offices. Answers to the proposal were due from contractors on July 29.

In contract documents, which are excerpted here, Ebonics is listed among 114 languages for which prospective contractors must be able to provide linguists. The 114 languages are divided between “common languages” and “exotic languages.” Ebonics is listed as a “common language” spoken solely in the United States.

Ebonics has widely been described as a nonstandard variant of English spoken largely by African Americans. John R. Rickford, a Stanford University professor of linguistics, has described it as “Black English” and noted that “Ebonics pronunciation includes features like the omission of the final consonant in words like ‘past’ (pas’ ) and ‘hand’ (han’), the pronunciation of the th in ‘bath’ as t (bat) or f (baf), and the pronunciation of the vowel in words like ‘my’ and ‘ride’ as a long ah (mah, rahd).”

Detractors reject the notion that Ebonics is a dialect, instead considering it a bastardization of the English language.

The Department of Justice RFP does not, of course, address questions of vernacular, dialect, or linguistic merit. It simply sought proposals covering the award of separate linguist contracts for seven DEA regions. The agency spends about $70 million annually on linguistic service programs, according to contract records.

In addition to the nine Ebonics experts, the DEA’s Atlanta office also requires linguists for eight other languages, including Spanish (144 linguists needed); Vietnamese (12); Korean (9); Farsi (9); and Jamaican patois (4). The Atlanta field division, one of the DEA’s busiest, is the only office seeking linguists well-versed in Ebonics. Overall, the “majority of DEA’s language requirements will be for Spanish originating in Central and South America and the Caribbean,” according to one contract document.

The Department of Justice RFP includes a detailed description of the crucial role a linguist can play in narcotics investigations. They are responsible for listening to “oral intercepts in English and foreign languages,” from which they provide verbal and typed summaries. “Subsequently, all pertinent calls identified by the supervising law enforcement officer will be transcribed verbatim in the required federal or state format,” the RFP notes.

Additionally, while “technology plays a major role in the DEA’s efforts, much of its success is increasingly dependent upon rapid and meticulous understanding of foreign languages used in conversations by speakers of languages other than English and in the translation, transcription and preparation of written documents.” (11 pages).

Milton's Kaylin McClure - A Singing Sensation!

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Many thanks to Dad Jim McClure for sharing this video with!

Monday, August 23, 2010

MPACT program gaining members.

The Milton Police Department's MPACT (Milton Police And Citizens Together) program has begun to take hold in several neighborhoods across the city.

MPACT is the Milton Police Department's way of organizing and conducting neighborhood watches. It works by creating a network of residents - normally a Homeowners Association - specifically assigned as that neighborhood's point of contact at the Police Department. They report information to each other and police, and distribute information from authorities when needed. In turn, the Police Department is able to provide information and training specific to that particular community.

To schedule a meeting in your neighborhood, contact Community Officer Andrew Phillips. He is available by calling 678-242-2505 or e-mailing You may also click here. For more information, click here.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Council Member Responds To Inquiry.

NOTE: This past week, sent the email below to all members of council as well as the police chief and city manager. To date, we have only received one response. We applaud Council Member Longoria for taking the time to reply to our inquiry. Should others respond, we will post them as well.


Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 11:36 PMTo: Joe Lockwood; Joe Longoria; Alan Tart; Bill Lusk; Burt Hewitt; Julie Zahner-Bailey; Karen Thurman; Deborah Harrell; Chris LagerbloomSubject: Requesting Feedback On Video (Included)


We have posted the following video on>

We would like to get some feedback from each of you before week's end regarding what has transpired here.
Any quotes given will be posted on


Tim Enloe
770 653 0552




As always, I appreciate your diligence in voicing concerns related to the safety of our roads here in Milton. Your e-mail asked for a response as to "what transpired here?" My comments are as follows:

I watched the video - the excessive speed and maneuvers you observed, and the "warning" given by the drivers who were flashing their lights was unfortunate, but not surprising. I am sure drivers in Milton, as well as most other areas in Atlanta and the country, observe similar actions on a daily basis. While I do not condone this behavior, I am at a loss for what can be done to remedy this situation. I would make the following observations:

1. The city prides itself on the performance of our public safety employees. I know you support these individuals and the job that they do. However, it is not reasonable to think that every instance of a driving violation will be observed by one of our police officers. There just isn't enough coverage to catch every violation.

2. You remind us on a regular basis that the Bethany Rd / Freemanville Rd / Mayfield Rd area is problematic. I know that our officers take this type of feedback into consideration when they plan their daily routes.

3. Ultimately, observance of traffic laws and the safe operation of any motor vehicle lies with the driver or operator of that vehicle. We can't legislate good driving. Choosing to follow traffic laws is a choice that each driver makes when they turn the key to start their vehicle.

As I stated above, I appreciate your continued diligence in the area of public safety. My recommendation is to keep up the good work, and hope that individuals who see and read your posts on Access Milton heed the warning, and change their behavior. I know that this information has had a positive impact on many individuals.


Joe Longoria
Council Member
District 5
The City of Milton

Fulton, Northside cities feud could land in court.

By April Hunt and Patrick Fox
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

An ongoing tax argument between Fulton County and its Northside cities may be headed to court for a final answer.

When the county commission approved a road project on Fulton Industrial Boulevard in the southside Wednesday, it enraged mayors of Northside cities and recast a question that was once thought settled: Who pays to fix roads in the county's unincorporated areas?

At issue is whether the county can use general funds -- taxes that property owners in both cities and unincorporated areas pay -- on roads in the unincorporated areas, all of which are in south Fulton.

In 2005, Roswell challenged using the money for unincorporated roads instead of on benefits for all residents -- such as libraries and the court system. That led to a formal agreement calling for taxes from special districts to pay for local roads.

But the county began again using general fund money for roads last year and it's been in mediation since.

The new development came Wednesday when the county approved $26 million in projects using federal stimulus bonds, including $1.38 million for intersection improvements and other fixes to Fulton Industrial Boulevard.

Northside mayors, meeting Thursday morning, were furious.

"The Fulton County Commission could give a crud about any of us, or anyone in North Fulton, or even anyone in South Fulton, except those in unincorporated areas," Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker said, also making his point with stronger language.

The county is not violating the earlier agreement either with last year's projects or its latest vote, county spokeswoman Jessica Corbitt-Dominguez said. The county considers Fulton Industrial a main drag, not a local road such as those in subdivisions that prompted Roswell's earlier challenge.

“The policy is that roads the county maintains are maintained with general fund dollars,” she said.

Fulton County Commission Chairman John Eaves declined to comment on the turmoil, saying only that the county is working to provide all services to all communities.

Still, mayors in the North Fulton Municipal Association say they will retain a lawyer and they expect the matter to end up in court.

The Northside mayors said they expect to have an attorney on retainer by October, a month after the next scheduled mediation session. They said they would then invite all of the other cities – Atlanta and those in south Fulton – to join their fight.

“The only place the county is spending money is in unincorporated Fulton,” said Roswell Mayor Jere Wood. “That’s as unfair to the citizens of Atlanta or East Point as it is to Roswell.”

The complicating factor is Fulton Industrial is not a local road but a main county thoroughfare that lies in the county’s only unincorporated area, a 66-square-mile swath in south Fulton.

The road project is focused on redevelopment, to help lure businesses to the warehouse district along the boulevard, Corbitt-Dominguez said. There are several vacancies in the area, despite it being the prime commercial tax base for the south Fulton area.

The county is likely to use general fund money to pay back the debt, which the county believes is allowed under the 2005 deal, she said.

Because the debt is through a federal stimulus program, half would be repaid with federal dollars and half by the county.

And that was enough to send the mayors in search of legal help.

“We have to have an enforceable agreement so we in the cities aren’t paying for our roads and those in the unincorporated areas,” said Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos. “If that means going to court or to the Legislature, so be it.”

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

...Another Speeder In One Of Milton's Open Road Neighborhoods.

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The video above was recorded on Thursday, August 18, 2010 at 8pm. This individual not only broke the law speeding, he also passed on a double yellow line. For those unaware, the double yellow lines represent a no passing zone.

In regards to the oncoming traffic flashing their lights, there was a Milton Officer who had just turned out of the Trotter's Ridge Subdivision headed north bound.

Some simple facts: Hagood Road is home to 14 families while Bethany Road is home to over 40.

We have emailed all of council in addition to Police Chief Harrell as well as City Manager Lagerbloom requesting a response for on this video.

If and when we receive replies, we will post them here.

Alpharetta Police Warn Of Counterfeit $100 Bills

Alpharetta Police Warn Of Counterfeit $100 Bills


The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety issued an advisory warning Wednesday to all Alpharetta businesses regarding an increase in the passing of counterfeit $100 bills.

The public safety department warned businesses not to be fooled by $100 counterfeit bills that cannot be identified by the chemical detection pens commonly used at businesses.
Criminals are using chemicals to wash out real $1 and $5 bills and reprint the $100 image onto the treasury paper. To determine if the bill is genuine, simply hold it up to a light source. A real bill contains a matching ghost image of the portrait and a security thread imprinted with the bills denomination from top to bottom.

Any merchant that receives suspected counterfeit money with the suspect at the scene should immediately call 911. If there is no suspect on scene, please call 678-297-6300.

Cloud Remains Over Ouster Of Birmingham Principal

Candy Waylock
Milton Herald

August 16, 2010 MILTON –

Just days before students were expected back to school, parents and faculty at Birmingham Falls Elementary learned the school's principal, Ronald "Tracy" Trussell had been fired for "inappropriate behavior and comments" in violation of state and federal laws. More details are sorely lacking.

Parents and teachers were given little information about the alleged behavior during two meetings held last Thursday at the school. However Area Superintendent Sam Taylor read a statement, prepared by the Fulton School's attorney, which stated: "This matter does not involve the misuse of taxpayers' dollars. It is not related to any criminal activity that the district is aware of. It does not involve children and it is not a result of any parent complaints."Taylor said the charges levied against Trussell focused on "behavior and comments, many of which place the school system in legal jeopardy… [And] are a direct violation of Title VII, which are issues that deal with age, gender and race."Trussell has admitted to the violations of policy, Taylor said. And he noted the matter has been referred to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) which provides certification for educators. When pressed for further details, Taylor gave none, suggesting individuals file an Open Records request for information. However, an Open Records request filed by Appen Newspapers last Tuesday had yet to be responded to by deadline on Friday.

In the interim, veteran principal Cathy Barlow will take Trussell's place at Birmingham Falls, committing to a 90-day stay while a new principal is selected. Taylor explained the search will include input from parents through a survey of what they want in a leader, and will involve an interview panel composed of teachers, parents and administrators. No time frame was given for when a new principal would be in place. Many parents in the audience Thursday night expressed their concerns that the pool of available applicants would be slim, given the start of the new school year.

Taylor, along with School Board representative Katie Reeves assured parents there would be no effect on the quality of education at the school during the change in leadership. In addition to a new principal, Birmingham Falls will start the school year with a new assistant principal. Former assistant principal Lynn Johnston's request for a transfer was granted and has been assigned to Mimosa Elementary School."The fact that all of you are here and you care will help your kids through this transition," said Reeves. "These are wonderful teachers and your kids will be fine. The eyes of the entire system are on this community and this school to make sure the focus is on [education]."Trussell opened the brand new Birmingham Falls Elementary school last year after spending more than a decade at Creek View Elementary School in Alpharetta. His success at that school, both academically and in parent support, factored into the school system's decision to tap him as the inaugural principal at the new school in Milton.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Milton regulates cell towers within city.

By Rachel Kellogg / Neighbor Newspapers

The Milton City Council approved an ordinance to establish guidelines for location, placement and leasing of cell towers and antennas within the city.

Three representatives from the cell phone industry came forward to speak in opposition of the ordinance’s definition of “radiof requency engineer” and the requirement for annual licensing fees, but city attorney Ken Jarrard said he felt the ordinance was a “solid” one.

“We have worked with the industry and spoken with them at length,” he said. “We think it’s a good ordinance…that I suspect is embedded as much as any telecommunications ordinance in the state.”

The representatives from AT&T, Verizon and the Georgia Wireless Association took issue with the fact that the licensing fees mentioned in the ordinance did not list a cost, but Jarrard predicted it would be about $1,000 or less each year.

Though Verizon attorney Jennifer Blackburn suggested tower owners could submit annual affidavits, council members kept the language in the ordinance the same, noting that tower owners would know in advance what the cost will be.

“[The cost of managing and maintaining the towers] needs to be shared by the industry,” said Councilwoman Julie Zahner Bailey.

In addition, the ordinance says tower owners must provide written certification and a technical analysis when requesting a permit for a new tower taller than 100 feet.

It also says new telecommunications towers cannot be located within 3,500 feet of any existing or permitted wireless telecommunications towers or facilities.

The ordinance, which was deferred twice in the past two months, passed unanimously with Mayor Joe Lockwood absent.

Milton passes cell phone tower ordinance.

By Jonathan Copsey; Appen Newspapers

MILTON - After months of revisions, Milton finally has its telecommunications ordinance.

The city declared a moratorium on new cell towers after they discovered the previous ordinance allowed, among other things, cell towers to be placed very close to residential areas and city fees that did not cover the costs of the application process. In the intervening months since the moratorium, the city has worked with the telecom industry to craft a final document.

Several new aspects were added to the ordinance, including requiring separate licenses for each cell tower in the city to be renewed on an annual basis, as well as requiring inspections from a third party engineer to guarantee the safety of the towers – the cost of which must be footed by the industry.

These in particular had the telecom industry understandably upset.

Dennis Boyden, a regional director for AT&T, said that he did not see the need for a third party engineer to inspect the sites, saying the companies can and should do it themselves.

"Don't forget that we're professionals too," he said, pointing out that the companies hire their own professionals the inspect their sites. After all, a broken tower is of no use to anyone.

Of second concern was the prospect of an annual licensing fee for each and every tower. With dozens of towers scattered around the city, such a fee can quickly add up to serious money. The licenses are used by the city to keep track of what carriers are on what towers, for regulation and tax purposes.

"We are required to maintain a license every year from the FCC," explained Verizon attorney Jennifer Blackburn in opposition to the fees.

She suggested an affidavit from the tower owner could be given instead.

"There are a lot of industries with annual fees," said City Attorney Ken Jarrard, rebuffing the complaints.

Milton prides itself on running a tight ship, so for much of its inspection work it hires third parties, having no in-house professionals to do such work. Because an outside company has to be hired, there is a fee that goes along with it. The annual fee charged for the towers would cover that hiring cost.

The exact cost of the fee has yet to be determined.

"We feel like we have a good ordinance," concluded Jarrard.

"I think this seems to be a fair approach," said Council member Julie Zahner-Bailey, saying the ordinance straddles the middle of what the industry wanted and what the city needed. Mayor pro-tem Burt Hewitt agreed. "We appreciate the input the industry's given us," he said. "We've got a better document because of that input and we look forward to continuing to work together."

Milton-area residents train in pet emergencies.

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

MILTON - On July 17, more than 150 pet owners were empowered to respond to various medical emergencies with their pets. This free event was hosted by Loving Hands Animal Clinic, 13775 Ga. 9 in Milton.

Pet owners consider their pets to be members of their family, their best friends and lifelong companions. Today, there are more than 120 million pet owners in the United States. There is a tremendous need for training in Pet CPR and First Aid because unfortunately, thousands of pets are injured every year from preventable accidents.

Loving Hands Animal Clinic will be hosting another Pet Safety day on Saturday, Oct. 16 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Information available at

Balloon makes scheduled stop in Milton.

Daryl Tatum, of Balloons Over Georgia, makes a scheduled stop in
a horse pasture in Milton and lets his passengers hop out.

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

MILTON – It is a surprisingly quiet ride in a hot-air balloon, truly all alone with the clouds. But what balloonist Daryl Tatum of Cumming likes about Milton are all of those beautiful horse pastures just made for setting down in.

Many people on their way to vote Tuesday, Aug. 10, may have been surprised to see his balloon coming down into a pasture by Hopewell-Holbrook Campground Road. But Tatum said it was a scheduled landing.

"We land like this all of the time. That's why I like the area. But most of the time we set down in subdivisions," he said.

This morning it was Tabitha and Jason Gordy's first trip in a balloon. It began at 6:30 and ended two hours later. Tabitha said she couldn't wait to do it again.

"It was fun – peaceful up there. Sure, I would do it again. We have three boys, and next time we'll bring them," she said.

Fight brewing over transportation sales tax

By Patrick Fox and April Hunt

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Fulton County mayors have united to fight a new penny sales tax for regional transportation plans, unless neighboring counties kick in extra money for a regional transit system.

A similar battle is brewing in
DeKalb County, which along with Fulton has imposed a 1-cent sales tax for two decades to build and maintain MARTA. The trains and buses of the Metropolitan Atlanta Regional Transit Authority have benefited the entire region, Fulton and DeKalb mayors argue, even though no other counties have chipped in.

"This is the only place we have leverage to get the other counties on board," Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos said. "We are for the one cent, provided the other counties come into an arrangement on a metropolitan transit plan."

That won't mean counties such as Cobb and Gwinnett will have to pay for MARTA. The north Fulton mayors envision a new transit agency and expect there will have to be a legislative requirement to make it happen, Galambos said.

Legislation allowing for the regional sales tax was created this year. The new law divides Georgia into 12 transportation districts, including one for metro Atlanta that takes in Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry and Rockdale counties. It provides for the tax to be imposed if approved within the district by a special referendum in 2012.
Transportation officials anticipate the 10-year tax will generate $16 billion, about one-tenth of what metro Atlanta needs to fix its
traffic woes.

Tonight, city councils in Alpharetta, Milton and Johns Creek will consider a resolution to formally oppose the sales tax.
So far in north Fulton, only Mountain Park has passed the resolution. Sandy Springs and Roswell city councils have discussed it but have not taken action.

"The big issue I see is we're already paying a penny and some of these other regions aren't paying," Milton Mayor Joe Lockwood said. "It's not that we don't want to pay two pennies or a penny and a half, we just want it to be fair -- everybody to chip in."
Nevertheless, Lockwood said he may pull the resolution so the municipal association can discuss the language further.

Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker said the resolution is fine the way it is relative to its goal.
"Others who share in regional transportation haven't contributed," Bodker said. "It makes sense that everyone come to the table."

Bodker, who chairs the metro Atlanta Mayors Association and serves on the executive board of the Atlanta Regional Commission, said he supports the idea of local funding for transportation, but he wants everyone to pay their fair share.
"I'll be working very hard to see [the new law] is the best it can be should citizens decide they want to move forward with it," he said.

Alpharetta Mayor Arthur Letchas said it's all about equity.
"Fulton and DeKalb have been supporting MARTA for decades, and this bill is a regional transportation bill supposedly," Letchas said. "Why should Fulton and DeKalb pay an additional penny while the rest of the region would pay one penny?"

Mayors in south Fulton also unanimously support the tactic. The entire county has elected Union City's mayor, Ralph Moore, to be the Fulton representative going forward.
The issue is more complicated in DeKalb, where only Dunwoody receives a share of the county's sales tax. The other four largest cities have been locked in a court battle with the county since 2000, arguing for a share of the one-cent homestead option sales tax, or HOST.
Decatur alone claims to be owed between $8-$10 million since the fight began. Dunwoody, meanwhile, got $2.5 million from the tax last year and expects to get another $1.6 million this year.

"The DeKalb mayors will probably come out with some kind of statement soon," Chamblee Mayor Eric Clarkson said. "Personally, I don't philosophically agree with anything in the process, until the cities in DeKalb get some sales tax revenue."
Gwinnett County Commission Chairman Charles Bannister said the county has not taken a formal position on the tax, but he is watching to see how the issue plays out in DeKalb and Fulton.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teen Arrested For Sexual Exploitation Of Minors.

Courtesy CBSAtlanta.

A 17-year-old arrested by Milton Police Department Detectives on Thursday and charged with 10 counts of Sexual Exploitation of Minors was granted bond Saturday.

Matino will also be required to wear a monitoring bracelet and avoid children and computers.

Milton Detectives were alerted that child pornography had been downloaded by Andre Matino.

The investigation revealed Matino had access to the IP address that was tracked.
A forensic search confirmed that at least ten movies had been downloaded that depicted child pornography, according to reports.

The movies include known children ranging from the ages of five to 13 years old. Numerous other images of suspected children were recovered, According to Milton Detective S.W. Hewitt.

Pending further investigation to identify these images, more charges may be levied against Matino.

Letter from Interim Birmingham Falls Principal Cathi Barlow.


Greetings, Birmingham Falls families and friends:

I look forward to joining the Birmingham Falls Elementary School community. During the months ahead I will count on your support to help ensure the year is a productive and positive one.

I want to begin our partnership by telling you something about myself. I am a retired principal with 30 years of full time experience in Fulton County schools. Since my re-tirement I have served as interim principal in elementary, middle and high schools throughout Fulton County.

I received a B.A. from Centre College of Kentucky in Spanish and Political Science, followed by an M. Ed. And Ed. S. in Educational Administration from Georgia State University. I find teaching and learning two of life’s most exciting and interesting en-deavors. I love being in classrooms and finding effective ways to support teachers; these and the joy of working with young learners have brought me to Birmingham Falls Elementary.

I will meet with the BFES faculty and staff on Friday, August 13, at 8 a.m. Although this is primarily a staff meeting, parents are welcome to drop by. In addition, there are other back-to-school opportunities in August and September and I look forward to meeting our students and their families then.

Your child’s education and well-being are my priority. Together with the Birmingham Falls faculty and staff, we will build upon the foundation of high expectations already in place. Please know that my door is always open to you.


Cathi Barlow
Interim Principal

Lowest Gas Prices In Milton Area 8-16-10.


$2.55 - Costco at Windward Pkwy.
$2.61 - Chevron / 272 South Main Street Near Maxwell Road.
$2.61 - BP 9915 Haynes Bridge Rd & Old Alabama Road.

Birmingham Falls Parent Meeting Summary & Video.

By Tim Enloe;


At the Birmingham Fall Elementary parent meeting on Thursday, August 12th, Deputy Area Superintendent Linda Anderson introduced herself to the many parents who attendd to hear about the replacement of Principal Tracy Trussell. She thanked everyone for coming and said that they would be answering as many questions as they could within the one hour time frame for the meeting.

She then introduced Area 4 Superintendent Mr. Sam Taylor. He who would be giving an official statement from the FCBOE which was provided by their attornies to read to the parents.

Taylor offered a public apology about the lack of communication and knew it was a source of frustration. He then relayed that the BOE had a plan they were implementing to share what had transpired with the community. However, the information was leaked which resulted in some rumors which were incorrect and spreading like wildfire.

"As you know, Mr. Trussell will no longer be the Principal here at Birmingham Falls," commented Taylor. The official statement read was, "The change in leadership was necessary because there has been a pattern of inappropriate behavior and comments which have put the school system in legal jeapordy. Most of the concerns are a violation of Title 7. Which are those that deal with age, race, and gender. As a result of this action we are referring this to the Georgia Standards Professional Division."

Taylor continued "We understand there are many rumors out there. Let us assure you this does not involve the misuse of tax payer dollars. It is not related to any criminal activity that we are aware of. It is not related to any issues about children. It is not related to a group of parents of any parent complaints or anything to do with the Foundation. What is accurate is that there has been a violation of Title 7."

It was then relayed that the rest of the meeting would be discussing their transition plan and questions. Cathi Barlow would be the interim Principal and would be in the position for three months. He also stated that they would be posting the opening for the position in the Fall.

Concerns were made by parents that such and approach would be too time consuming. Mrs. Anderson assured the parents primary focus is on the children and getting the school year off right to a good start.

To watch the complete meeting, please see the video below.

Birmingham Falls Elementary Meeting On Principal Transition / Pt 1.

Double Click To Enlarge Screen.

Birmingham Falls Elementary Meeting On Principal Transition / Pt 2.

Double Click To Enlarge Screen.

Birmingham Falls Elementary Meeting On Principal Transition / Pt 3

Double Click To Enlarge Screen.

Birmingham Falls Elementary Meeting On Principal Transition / Pt 4.

Double Click To Enlarge Screen.

Birmingham Falls Principal Public Records Request.


Here is the Public Records Request regarding the principal transition at Birmingham Falls Elementary sent to Dr. Watlington with Fulton County Schools this past week.

"Dr. Watlington,

Please be advised that this is a formal records request regarding the dismissal of principal Tracy Trussell from Birmingham Falls Elementary in Milton GA.

Will you get this information to me as soon as possible?

Thank You
Tim Enloe

As soon as we have this information in hand, we will post it on for your review.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Georgia Power Worker Burned In Explosion Dies


MILTON, Ga. -- A Georgia Power worker burned by a ruptured gas line in July has died, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed to Channel 2 Action News.
The Medical Examiner’s Office told Channel 2 that Kylan Warren, 24, died overnight.

Warren was working in a crane bucket when a work crew digging a hole to replace telephone poles hit a gas line in Milton. That set off an explosion, causing flames to shoot into the air. The flames left warren trapped and scorched the bucket. Warren suffered burns to 80 percent of his body.

A second worker was treated for burns to his hands.
A motorcycle benefit ride was planned for Saturday, and it will go on in Warren's memory.

Friday, August 13, 2010

HYA Fall 2010 13-15 yr old league.

Parents of 13-15u baseball players,

We currently have 37 kids registered to play baseball at HYA this fall in the 13-15u age group. We need an additional 3 kids to register to allow us to add a 4rth team. Please reach out to any friends that you know encouraging them to register and play ball this fall. If we are unable to add a 4rth team, we will have to request that those families who registered late to play at Wills Park (with 3 teams – we have room for 33 kids). Note that we are working with Wills Park to ensure that every child who wants to play baseball will have a spot – whether it is at Hopewell or Wills. We will reach out to those families who may be impacted in the next day or two. But again – please be assured that every child who wants to play baseball will have a spot!

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thanks, HYA League Administration

A Heartfelt Thank You From Brandon Beach.

Tuesday's Three Big District 56 Senate Race Winners

Wow, what an exciting night Tuesday turned out to be! When the final votes were tallied, only a few hundred votes separated John and me out of over 14,000 cast.

In reflection, there were three big winners in the District 56 state senate race. First, let me congratulate our new North Fulton state senator-elect John Albers. John worked very hard, and his victory on Tuesday reflected his determination. I look forward to working with John on the many critical issues facing North Fulton and Georgia over the next few months as he gets set to take his seat in the 2011 legislative session.

Second, my gratitude, appreciation and respect for my many supporters is paramount. For those of you who worked the phones, put up signs, knocked on doors and donated your hard earned money to our noble cause: thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are an inspiration to me, and I'll never forget any one of you. I have been blessed with so many great friends - its really what life is about.

Third, the voters of North Fulton D-56 were the big winners. We actually had a higher voter turnout in Tuesday's run-off than we had in the first go around on July 20. That really says something about our North Fulton voters. While turnout across the state was down, North Fulton was up. You engaged. You participated in the democratic process. You cared. It's what really sets us apart. I'm proud to represent each of every one of you. I am excited about our future and I look forward to the many upcoming opportunities for me to continue to serve our wonderful community called North Fulton.


Brandon Beach

Milton 17 Year Old Facing Child Porn Charges

Milton 17-Year-Old Facing Child Porn Charges
Courtesy :

MILTON, Ga. -- Police in Milton arrested a 17-year-old boy and charged him with 10 counts of sexual exploitation of minors.

Officials with the Milton Police Department said they were told by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit that child pornography had been downloaded to a computer that had an IP address located in Milton.

Detectives said Andre Matino, 17, had access to the computer and a search revealed that at least 10 movies had been downloaded that depicted child pornography.

According to Detective S.W. Hewitt of the Milton Police Department, the movies included children ranging from the ages of 5 to 13 years old.

Numerous other images of suspected children were recovered, police said. Pending further investigation to identify the images, more charges against Matino are pending.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Longtime Bethany Resident Passed Away

Family-Placed Death Notice

MIERS, Lewis, Jr. LEWIS JAMES MIERS, JR. Lewis James Miers, Jr., 82, of Atlanta, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, August 10, 2010. He was born on April 17, 1928 and grew up in Powder Springs, GA. Mr. Miers graduated from North Georgia College with distinguished military honors and served in the US Army at the end of WWII and during the Korean Conflict.
He worked as a commercial underwriter for the Continental Insurance Company until his retirement in 1985. Mr. Miers is preceded in death by his parents, Lewis James Miers, Sr. and Inez Shaw Miers. He is survived by his loving wife of 59 happy years, Kathleen; his daughter, Molly Patrick, and her husband, Kevin; son, Roger Miers, and his wife, Lanie; six grandchildren: Erin Patrick Kirkland and her husband, Travis; Brady Patrick; Kaylan, Keri, Meg, and Torrie Miers; great grandson, Walker Kirkland; siblings: Ann Wilson, Faye Golden (Gene), Elizabeth Smith (George), Steve Miers (Evelyn); and many nieces and nephews. Mr. Miers loved and was very active in his church, Dunwoody United Methodist, where he served in many leadership roles for over sixty years.
Visitation will be held on Thursday, August 12, from 6-9 pm at Roswell Funeral Home. A memorial service will celebrate his life at Dunwoody United Methodist Church at 2 pm, Friday, August 13, with additional receiving one hour prior in the church parlor. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to DUMC or the charity of your choice. Family arrangements are under the care of Roswell Funeral Home.

Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

Milton moves out on its own with 2011 budget

By Patrick Fox
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Milton moved into uncharted waters this week as city officials got their first glimpse of the 2011 budget -- the first spending plan where every penny is a matter of public record.

The proposal calls for $17.4 million in spending, down about $400,000 from last year. The big change is that Milton has severed ties with a private firm that had provided the majority of municipal services since the city incorporated nearly four years ago.

The company, CH2M Hill-OMI, still provides services to Johns Creek and Sandy Springs, north Fulton's other two new cities.

Milton's parting with the firm should save the city about $1.4 million, said City Manager Chris Lagerbloom. The company's contract called for a fee of $8.2 million this year.

Because CH2M Hill-OMI is a private company, how the money was spent was proprietary and not open to public scrutiny. With the city assuming the services, Lagerbloom said, all expenses, from workers' salaries to the price of operating copiers, is accounted for.

"Don't get me wrong," Lagerbloom said. "Without CH2M Hill-OMI, we wouldn't be where we are today. They helped us a lot."

Milton still hires out some of its work. Labor for public works costs the city about $540,000 annually. The city also contracts for a planning reviewer and building inspector and a part-time traffic engineer.

Johns Creek is similarly pursuing a path to ween itself from CH2M Hill-OMI. The city last month authorized its own information technology director to eventually assume some of the duties now handled through the firm.

Johns Creek will present its preliminary budget at Monday's City Council meeting.

While the Milton budget proposes a decrease in spending, Lagerbloom told council members at a Monday work session that the plan calls for adding one new police officer. The police budget is proposed to increase from $2.46 million to $2.51 million as a result.

Preliminary estimates from the Fulton County Assessor's Office show a relatively flat tax digest, meaning the city's property tax levy should bring in about the same amount as last year, about $8.6 million.

The county also indicated that Milton's ZIP code, 30004, was the only zone in Fulton showing an increase in value over 2009, up 3 percent. The rest of the county averaged a decline of about 5 percent, Lagerbloom said.

The Milton City Council plans to review more of the spending plan at its regular meeting Monday and again on Aug. 23. It is set to adopt a final budget Sept. 6.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lowest Gas Prices In Milton Area 8-11-10.


$2.58 - Kroger at 12870 Hwy 9 & Windward Pkwy (W/Kroger Card.)

$2.58 - Costco at Windward Pkwy

$2.59 - Sam's Club / Mansell Road

Firefighters hit streets to 'Fill the Boot'.

Milton FD at major intersections on weekends until Labor Day

MILTON, GA., Aug. 11, 2010 - On Fridays and weekends from Aug. 13 until Labor Day, Milton's firefighters will be at major intersections raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association's (MDA) "Fill the Boot" drive.

All you have to do to help out is toss them some change - a small act that adds up quickly.

"Milton residents have proven to be some of the most generous people in the state," said Milton Fire Chief Robert Edgar. "Last year alone we raised $48,000, which put us second in the state over much larger and older departments."

In just three years, the City of Milton Fire Department has raised more than $113,000 for MDA, which uses the money to aid local children and adults affected by neuromuscular diseases by providing wheelchairs, leg braces, clinic visits, support groups and a chance for children to attend Camp Walk-N-Roll.

"For the last three years The City of Milton's firefighters and citizens have shown a dedication unmatched by any city in the metro area," said Milton Lt. Chris Coker. "What our small community has been able to accomplish has not gone unnoticed. The few hours we spend each year in the heat and sometimes intimidating roadways make a tremendous difference in the lives of these children."

Edgar said each of the three shifts of Milton firefighters are competing to see who can raise the most money. They will choose the intersections each day based on traffic and ease of use, though drivers should expect to see them at Windward Parkway and Ga. 9, in Crabapple and at the Birmingham Crossroads.

Free Haircut At Le Grande Salon & Day Spa!

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Pinots Around the World Wine Tasting at Olde Blind Dog.

Pinots Around the World Wine Tasting on Thursday, August 12 from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM. A delicious experience at Olde Blind Dog! Enjoy fabulous wine, yummy cheeses and live music! Each wine will be perfectly matched with select artisanal cheeses. $15 per person. Please call for reservations!

To find out more about The Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub, click here=>

Superintendent Letter Re B'Ham Falls Principal Change.


August 9, 2010

Dear Parents,

I regret that this news must be shared by mail, but I wanted to make you aware that Tracy Trussell is no longer the principal of Birmingham Falls Elementary School. With the new school year fast approaching, you may be interested in this leadership change. I will share more information at a specially-called meeting for parents on Thursday, August 12, at 6 p.m. at the school.

Cathi Barlow, a retired Fulton County principal, is Birmingham Falls’ acting principal. She is a respected school leader with many successful years of teaching and leadership experience. She is well prepared to help Birmingham Falls move forward in the most positive manner possible and will work with the BFES leadership team to continue the school’s educational focus.

I will introduce Ms. Barlow to the BFES staff on Friday, August 13, at 8 a.m. Although this is a faculty meeting, parents are welcome to drop by and meet her.

Ms. Barlow also will be present at several back-to-school events. The school’s “sneak-a-peek” is August 19 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and several curriculum nights are planned from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on August 26 (kindergarten and fifth grade), September 2 (first and fourth grade), and September 16 (second and third grade).

Although this news comes at an unfortunate time, we are ready to begin a new school year with your child. We are confident that the school’s educational program will be carried out at its highest level under Ms. Barlow’s leadership.


Samuel Taylor, Ph.D.
Instructional Area Superintendent
Johns Creek, Langston Hughes and Milton Clusters

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's close: Albers wins by 112 votes.

John Albers hugs volunteer, Ken DiPrima of Roswell, during the excitement of his campaign party at the Tara Humata Restaurant.

By Rachel Kellogg / Neighbor Newspapers

The District 56 State Senate runoff between Brandon Beach and John Albers was close all night as results came in from the precincts.

With all Fulton County precincts reporting, Albers appears to have won, carrying 50.43 percent of the vote. Albers took 6,564 votes, while Beach had 6,452.

“We're very excited and proud of our accomplishment,” he said just minutes after the final numbers came in. “I'm looking forward to serving the people of north Fulton.”

According to Fulton County elections officials, a recount can be triggered at Beach's request because the margin of victory is less than one percent.

Beach was not immediately available for comment, but Albers said he did not feel a recount would make a difference because the county uses electronic voting.

97 Comments In 24 Hours...


Never in the 4 plus years of's history have we experienced so many comments on one topic in such a short period as we did in the post about Birmingham Falls Elementary. Regardless of your stance, it is impressive to see so many parents active in their children's lives. America needs more parents of this caliber.

In witnessing such activity and passion, I encourage you to not stop there. Become active in your hometown of Milton, GA. Options of making this city the best it can be are endless; from supporting our wonderful Milton Police Officers and Firemen to reaching out to someone you don't know and simply say "Hello, neighbor!"

As I have said many times since we voted to incorporate, Milton can be that shinning city on the hill. All we have to do is practice objectivity, courtesy, and respect / equal treatment for all; be it residents in a subdivision or open road neighborhood. If we can do that, our families are safer, our property values are protected, and our lives are that much better.

I'm up for it, neighbor - How about you?

Tim Enloe / / 770 653 0552

Milton Police At Touch A Truck Event

Milton Police at Touch-A-Truck Aug. 14

North Park event attracts thousands each year

MILTON, GA., Aug. 10, 2010 - Members of the Milton Police Department will be on hand at the City of Alpharetta's 12th annual Touch-A-Truck event Saturday, Aug. 14 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at North Park, 13450 Cogburn Road.

Community Outreach Officer Andrew Phillips said Milton's finest will be on hand as part of an interactive public safety display.

"We partner with Alpharetta for public safety response, and North Park is literally surrounded by Milton, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to include our city in the event," he said. "We hope to see you all out there."

Touch-A-Truck showcases all types of vehicles, including fire engines, race cars, trucks, heavy-duty construction equipment, military vehicles, motorcycles, emergency vehicles, buses, entertainment and much more. According to the City of Alpharetta Recreation and Parks Department, the free event attracts more than 5,000 people a year and also includes inflatables, face painting and animal balloons.

While there, visitors can register to win a new 2010 Harley-Davidson® motorcycle from Killer Creek Harley-Davidson. It is free to enter the contest, said Alpharetta representatives.

For more information on the 12th annual Touch-A-Truck event, please call the City of Alpharetta Recreation and Parks Department at 678-297-6133 or e-mail

Incorporated on December 1, 2006, the City of Milton is a distinctive community that embraces small-town life and heritage while preserving and enhancing the city's rural character. The City of Milton is committed to maintaining the unique quality of life for its constituents while efficiently delivering essential services to residents and businesses in an interactive community environment. For more information, visit, or call 678-242-2500.

Election Coverage at Olde Blind Dog

Olde Blind Dog™ Irish Pub North Fulton’s Election Headquarters
Tuesday, August 10
7:oo PM

Join your friends & neighbors as the Georgia election runoff results are reported live from precincts across the state. Come early, stay late and mingle with the candidates as the results come in. Watch the televisions inside or on the patio!

Don’t Forget to Vote!

12650 Crabapple Rd., Milton, GA 30004

A Message From Brandon Beach


Thank you for your support these last 15 months. Today is Election Day, we are 6 hours away from the polls closing.

Remember to go out and vote and please spread the word to your family and friends.

Around 7 this evening please join us at the Olde Blind Dog in Crabapple for our election night party.



Victory Celebration BBQ & Concert This Saturday

Please come this Saturday!
Victory Celebration BBQ & Concert

Saturday, August 14, 2010
4:00 - 11:00 p.m.
Riverside Park*

575 Riverside Rd., Roswell, GA 30075

· Award-winning BBQ cooked on-site and served hot off the grill by Heat Hog BBQ
· Concert featuring two great local bands -- The J&J All-Stars and MidLife Crisis-- these are great bands!!!
· Children's activities and fun for the entire family
· Silent Auction featuring unique artwork, gift certificates, travel & sports memorabilia
· Raffles every hour featuring many great prizes

If you'd like to help with this special event, we are seeking corporate sponsors, private donations,
To learn how you can help today, please visit:

We encourage you to participate in whatever manner you can, but most
importantly, show up.

For more information on Chris, visit

Riverside Park's concert stage is located in a beautiful amphitheater. Please bring your own chairs and blankets. We will have everything else at the park -- including food and non-alcoholic drinks. In the event of rain, "the show will go on"at the Hembree Park Recreation Center, 850 Hembree Road, Roswell, GA 30076.
The Inspirational Story Behind The Chris Coen Cancer Fund

Our good friend and neighbor, Chris Coen, was diagnosed in January with Stage 4 Burkitt's Syndrome Lymphoma. The cancer is throughout his lymph system and in his bone marrow. Cancer is a scary battle; it's made worse by the financial implications. In Chris's case, he is without major medical insurance, and he is unable to work - and as the sole breadwinner for his wife and two young children, he is facing financial devastation while fighting for his life.

Through all of this, Chris has continued to inspire and amaze his friends and family with his strength, toughness and ever-positive attitude. This should come as no surprise to those who know him the best. Chris has spent most of his life volunteering his time to coach little league baseball, youth football, middle school football and high school football - and he has made an immeasurable impact on the community.

Chris would be the last person in the world to ask for anyone's help, but he needs us right now, and we want to be there for him.

We have everything else at the park -- including food and non-alcoholic drinks. In the event of rain, "the show will go on"at the Hembree Park Recreation Center, 850 Hembree Road, Roswell, GA 30076.

Please come or send money or items to donate!!

Steve Beecham
Home Town Mortgage

Monday, August 09, 2010

Girls' Night LITE With Studio One To One!

Milton, GA- Elaina Smith, owner of Studio One to One, is inviting the women of North Fulton out to attend “Girls’ Night Lite,” a happy hour with a healthy twist. The event will take place on Tuesday, August 10th at 6:00 p.m. and be held at Milton’s Cuisine & Cocktails, where guests can enjoy delicious cocktails and appetizers without all the calories found at a typical happy hour.

“This is a way for us to invite women out into the community in a fun and healthy setting,” says Smith. “Milton’s Cuisine & Cocktails is known for creating meals based on fresh, local ingredients. We’ve collaborated with Chef Boyd to deliver food that is good for both your body and taste buds. Even the pickiest eater will love every bite!”

Smith and her team will be on hand throughout the evening to demonstrate how to make the “skinny” cocktails served at the event, as well as address any fitness or nutrition questions attendees may have. Admission is $15 in advance or $20 at the door, and each attendee will receive a goody bag with $25 fitness bucks that may be used for any Studio One to One service, along with several other special offers from local businesses.

“Everyone loves getting out and socializing with their friends over a cocktail. But no one ever looks forward to consuming all the calories that come along with a typical happy hour. It doesn’t have to be that way, and we’re determined to prove that you’ll never miss the calories! There is such a thing as great tasting, low-calorie drinks and food when they are done the right way. Our goal is to inspire North Fulton women to make small changes in their eating choices that will lead to an overall healthy lifestyle.” says Smith.

Register for Studio One to One’s “Girls’ Night Lite” at

Elaina Smith is the owner of The Studio One to One, a personal training studio specializing in weight loss. She provides an engaging and informative interview. Elaina can be reached directly at (678) 367-3619 or by email to

Elaina Smith
Studio One to One


Milton passes tougher cell tower standards.

By Patrick Fox
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Telecom companies will have a tougher time building and maintaining cell towers in Milton after the city council voted in more restrictive laws governing construction Monday.

The revised ordinance calls for a more detailed application process and more restrictive policies regarding location and height of cell towers, primarily for aesthetic purposes. It also institutes a licensing fee, which the city says will help pay for annual inspections.

The city established a moratorium on cell tower applications in April until it could revise its ordinance. Twice in the past month, the city council has delayed a vote on the ordinance, citing the need for extra time to consider all objections raised by the industry.

No residents spoke on the issue Monday, but representatives from Verizon, AT&T and the Georgia Wireless Association raised questions about the licensing fee. They said the industry is capable of providing inspections and signed affidavits to the city each year.

Sheryl Sellaway, spokeswoman for Verizon, said the company is concerned that such fees could snowball into a major expense.

"It's not just about Milton," she said. "If this comes to be, then there will be other counties that could potentially take on this move to a licensing fee."

The expenses would eventually be passed on to the consumers, she said.

City Attorney Ken Jarrard said the city has an obligation to inspect the facilities for safety and compliance. The industry should bear that cost, he said.

Council member Julie Zahner Bailey said the fee would not be arbitrary but would reflect to only the cost to regulate the industry.

The revised telecommunications ordinance requires applicants to compile a study detailing coverage areas for all existing towers and demonstrate the need for a new tower. This includes whether the tower's proposed height is the minimum necessary to achieve the required coverage.

The industry did win one concession when the city backed out of its requirement that the applicants' coverage studies be certified by a licensed professional engineer. The city agreed to allow radio frequency engineers and professionals to certify such reports, but it insisted professional engineers certify studies relating to the structural integrity of towers.

The ordinance also addressed another industry concern raised last month when an attorney told the council that language in the proposed ordinance may violate the Advanced Broadband Co-location Act signed into law May 24.

In particular, the act requires governments to expedite applications where telecom companies plan to add to or replace equipment at an existing tower. Jarrard said the new ordinance now clearly differentiates between existing and new construction.