Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dog disappears, reappears in heat.

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

MILTON - Police were called to a missing dog July 4 at the Target shopping center on Ga. 9 in Milton. According to the victim at about 5:20 p.m. he had driven to the shopping center, leaving his dog in the car. According to the driver, all four windows were rolled down roughly 5 inches so the dog could get plenty of air. Less than 10 minutes later, the victim returned and saw his doors were unlocked and the dog missing.Evidently the dog was “rescued” and turned up at a nearby Petco store.


He didn’t say a mouthful.

MILTON - Police pulled over a vehicle on Avensong Crossing July 11 when the officer noticed neither passenger wearing a seat belt.The driver, Kwame Lebron-Smith, 20, of Sonata Lane, Milton, was known to the officer and had been arrested before. The officer asked Lebron-Smith if he knew it was the law to wear seat belts, Lebron-Smith nodded but said nothing. When asked if he was all right, he nodded again. When asked if he was high, he shrugged. This was when the officer noticed that there was something in Lebron-Smith’s mouth - a small bag of marijuana. Lebron-Smith was arrested for not wearing a seat belt and possession of marijuana.

News Has Been S-L-O-W.


As some of you might have noticed, news here on AM has slowed down considerably due to the summer vacation season.

Regardless, we want to put together and write stories that you would like to read.

Thus, please let us know in the comments section below what you have in mind and we will see what we can do.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Milton resident creates winning Roundup design.

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

MILTON - The City of Milton is proud to announce the winning logo and theme for the 2010 Milton Roundup, to be held Oct. 23 at Birmingham United Methodist Church, has been chosen. And it is a beauty.

The winning logo is the brainchild of Milton resident Andrew Furman, founder and president of Roswell-based Apparel Image. The 16-year-old company specializes in manufacturing identity apparel and promotional products nationally for Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit-organizations, local schools and recreation departments.

"Knowing this logo would be printed on T-shirts, I wanted it to be a T-shirt that people would wear, not just a give-a-way that you would do your yard work in," he said. "I hope others feel the same."

Furman, a 10-year resident, said he felt he was uniquely qualified to capture the spirit of Milton and the yearly event that has come to define the city.

"When considering an idea for the Roundup logo, I first thought simple, but updated," he said. "What comes to mind for me when thinking of Milton is horses, black, four-board fencing, open spaces and a friendly community with updated, old-country charm.

" The design is a synthesis of history and high-class, just like the community itself, said Furman.

"In essence we tried to capture that updated, old-country charm by having elements of the design look worn, yet with a distinctly modern flare," he said. "The City of Milton's abstract horse logo and the color choice for the word 'Roundup' bring in modern elements of design. But the 'crackle' effect in the background and tag line 'New City, Old Lifestyle' help convey the message that we are an established community -- comfortable like an old pair of jeans or your favorite T-shirt."

Furman's logo and event theme will guide the planning and execution of the 2010 Milton Roundup, the city's fourth. This year's event will also include the second Milton Mayor's Run Oct. 16, which marks the dawn of the week leading up to the Roundup.

Parks and Recreation Director and Special Events Coordinator Cyndee Bonacci is hard at work planning the events, and sponsorship information will be available publicly soon. For early information on how you can sponsor or be a part of the 2010 Milton Roundup, contact Bonacci at 678-242-2489 or by e-mail at

The City of Milton sincerely thanks all the participants who submitted designs for the 2010 Milton Roundup logo contest. Each displayed impressive creativity.

Monday, July 26, 2010

On A National Note...

Many thanks to Melissa K. for sending this to us.

Report: Journalists Debated Whether Government Should Shut Down Fox News.

A group of liberal journalists used a now-defunct listserv to debate the merits of whether the federal government should forcibly shut down Fox News, according to a report in The Daily Caller.

The online publication earlier reported that the journalists in the private group discussed ways to shield Barack Obama from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright scandal when Obama was a presidential candidate. The latest article showed that several members of Journolist aired complaints about Fox News on the listserv in March of this year and debated how best to rein it in.
Guardian columnist Daniel Davies, who said he was "genuinely scared" of the network, reportedly said "peer pressure" and "self-regulation" were not working.

"In order to have even a semblance of control, you need a tough legal framework," he said.
According to the report, UCLA law professor Jonathan Zasloff urged the federal government to stop the network.

"I hate to open this can of worms, but is there any reason why the FCC couldn't simply pull their broadcasting permit once it expires?" he wrote.
Time's Michael Scherer said Fox News used criticism only to build "tribal identity," but questioned whether the White House should be distinguishing between media organizations like that.

But Zasloff went further, suggesting it was acceptable for the White House to pick and choose which reporters get press passes -- a concept Scherer again questioned.
According to the report, the New Republic's John Judis said Scherer's skepticism would make sense "pre-fox."

"Now it is only tactical," he wrote.

Time magazine released a statement Wednesday evening disputing the report.
"Michael Scherer fully disputes The Daily Caller’s account, which selectively quotes his e-mails and takes his comments about the changing news landscape entirely out of context. In his emails he vocally opposes any suggestions to restrict Fox News," a Time spokesperson said.
Tucker Carlson, a Fox News contributor who started the online Daily Caller, said Wednesday that the listserv commentary as a whole proves the press took sides in the presidential election.
"It's an appalling story. It's something that a lot of us suspected was going on. This verifies, in fact, it was going on," he told Fox News.

In 2008, journalists working for Time, Politico, the Huffington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Guardian, Salon and the New Republic expressed outrage on the listserv over the tough questioning Obama received from ABC anchors Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos at a debate. Some of them plotted to protect Obama from the swirling Wright controversy, according to the Daily Caller.

Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent pressed his fellow journalists to deflect attention from Obama's relationship with Wright by shifting topics to one of Obama's conservative critics, the Daily Caller reported.

"Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares - and call them racists," Ackerman wrote.
Michael Tomasky, a writer for the Guardian, urged his fellow members of Journolist to do "what we can to kill ABC and this idiocy in whatever venues we have."
"This isn't about defending Obama," he wrote. "This is about how the (mainstream media) kills any chance of discourse that actually serves the people."

Journolist was shut down last month after leaks exposing member Dave Weigel's scornful remarks of conservatives led to his resignation at the Washington Post as a blogger covering the conservative movement.

Beverage Depot Celebrates!

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"Girls Night Lite" Turns Happy Hour Healthy!

Milton, GA- Elaina Smith, owner of Studio One to One, is inviting the women of North Fulton out to attend “Girls’ Night Lite,” a happy hour with a healthy twist. The event will take place on Tuesday, August 10th at 6:00 p.m. and be held at Milton’s Cuisine & Cocktails, where guests can enjoy delicious cocktails and appetizers without all the calories found at a typical happy hour.

“This is a way for us to invite women out into the community in a fun and healthy setting,” says Smith. “Milton’s Cuisine & Cocktails is known for creating meals based on fresh, local ingredients. We’ve collaborated with Chef Boyd to deliver food that is good for both your body and taste buds. Even the pickiest eater will love every bite!”

Smith and her team will be on hand throughout the evening to demonstrate how to make the “skinny” cocktails served at the event, as well as address any fitness or nutrition questions attendees may have. Each attendee will receive a goody bag with $25 fitness bucks that may be used for any Studio One to One service, along with several other special offers from local businesses.

“Everyone loves getting out and socializing with their friends over a cocktail. But no one ever looks forward to consuming all the calories that come along with a typical happy hour. It doesn’t have to be that way, and we’re determined to prove that you’ll never miss the calories! There is such a thing as great tasting, low-calorie drinks and food when they are done the right way. Our goal is to inspire North Fulton women to make small changes in their eating choices that will lead to an overall healthy lifestyle.” says Smith.

Register for Studio One to One’s “Girls’ Night Lite” at

Elaina Smith is the owner of The Studio One to One, a personal training studio specializing in weight loss. She provides an engaging and informative interview. Elaina can be reached directly at (678) 367-3619 or by email to

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Milton Farmer's Market In Search Of Some Tunes!


With the Milton Farmer's Market in Crabapple continuing to grow as each week rolls by, we have had numerous requests for some musical talent. So, if you or someone you know can carry a tune and would like to join us, please give us a ring at 770 653 0552!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Milton Farmer's Market Now On Facebook!

Come and Join The Milton Farmer's Market on Facebook!

A Reception Honoring Congressman Tom Price, M.D.

Adam Orkin & Ron Wallace
Cordially Invite You To

Please Save The Date

And Join The Host Committee

For A Reception Honoring
Congressman Tom Price, M.D.
Tuesday, August 24, 2010
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub

12560 Crabapple Road

Milton, GA 30004

Host Committee Levels

$1,000 To Host Per Couple / Person Plus Guest

$500 To Sponsor Per Couple / Person Plus Guest
Host committee names will be printed on the invitation and the printing deadline is Friday July 23, 2010. Please contact Diana Kincaid for the form via phone or email on or before July 23 to have your name included.

$250 per couple / person plus guest to attend

Business Casual Attire
RSVP to Diana Kincaid, 770 435 5725 or

Please make checks payable to:

Price for Congress

P.O. Box 425, Roswell, GA 30077

Contributions to Price For Congress are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Federal Law requires Price for Congress to use its best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer of individuals whos contributions exceed $200 per election cycle. Contributions from corporations and foreign nationals are prohibited.

For more information as well contribution form, please contact Heather Walker via phone at (678)297, 2700, Ext. 226 or via email at or visit our website at We look forward to seeing you there!

General Primary Election Is Tuesday, July 20th.

Fulton County encourages registered voters to participateThe Fulton County Department of Registration and Elections reminds registered voters that the General Primary Election is Tuesday, July 20. Registered voters are encouraged to participate. Multiple polling sites in Fulton County have been relocated due to school construction and renovations. In Milton, the polling station previously at Providence Baptist Church, 20075 Providence Road, has been changed to Birmingham Falls Elementary School, 14865 Birmingham Highway. Click here to see a map of the new location.

You may look up your polling locations by your address at the Secretary of State's Office: If you have questions about voting, visit:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Milton Market Coming Up This Weekend!

BOE "Resolution" To Fix School Traffic? Right...


In light of the recent article regarding traffic concerns with the new high school, we thought the following picture might be of interest.

Residents in the Bethany / Freemanville / Mayfield area were fed the same caliber of lies from the FCBOE regarding "resolutions" to fix potential traffic concerns regarding the new Milton High School before it was built. They even claimed placing the high school there would have little impact on Crabapple traffic.

The above picture has been a common situation on Bethany Road since the behemoth opened in 2005. It was taken in the fall of 2009.

It should also be noted that due to this school related issue, it is not uncommon for commuters to turn around on private property to get out of the mess; trenching yards in the process. Road side trash and speeding have also increased substantially.

Good luck, Bethany Bend & Cogburn residents - you are going to need it.

Tim Enloe

Traffic concerns addressed at school meeting.

By Rachel Kellogg / neighbor newspapers

School board member Katie Reeves held a community meeting yesterday to discuss the new high school that will soon be constructed in Milton at the intersection of Bethany Bend and Cogburn Road.

Several residents expressed concern about traffic congestion during construction and after the school opens.

According to Patrick Burke, chief of operations for Fulton County Schools, the school system has been in constant contact with the city of Milton regarding traffic.

“We have been actively working together to come up with a resolution to improve the [traffic] situation,” he said.

A representative from Evergreen Construction, the company building the school, also said deliveries to the construction site would be done during times when traffic is less congested.
Construction for the unnamed school will take two years, and it will open in the fall of 2012.
In May, the school board awarded the $45.5 million building contract to Evergreen Construction, which has completed six projects for Fulton County Schools.

One resident asked if any quality had been sacrificed because the school board was able to come in almost $10 million less than the cost of construction for Johns Creek High, which was built using the same construction prototype.

Burke addressed the concern, saying the schools get better every time this model has been used. “It's not a lesser school,” he said. “Fulton County has a very high standard for construction.”

Ms. Reeves agreed and said, “I know you will be happy with this school. We will do a good job.”

Redistricting will start next spring and will be completed in September of 2011, and the school's principal will be named in fall of 2011.

Once a principal has been selected, a committee will be formed to choose the name. Incoming students will be able to vote on the colors and the mascot.

The campus, which will be 64.5 acres, will have a 650-car parking lot, a 600-seat theater, a 4,000-seat athletic stadium, five tennis courts, a 2,000-seat competitive gym with three basketball courts, a 378-seat practice gym, a courtyard, an outdoor pottery area and space designated for future field houses.

Road Closed Between Dorris And Providence Roads

Birmingham Highway shut down due to fire.

Click here for video on wsbtv=>

MILTON, GA., July 15, 2010 - Birmingham Highway (Ga. 372) is closed between Dorris and Providence roads due to a fire. Drivers should use the posted detour on site.

Milton Police Capt. Shawn McCarty said the fire started when a Georgia Power crew was replacing a power line pole north of Dorris Road. At 1:31 p.m. the drill used to dig a new hole hit a gas line, sparking an explosion.

A Georgia Power worker at the site was caught in the explosion and jumped some 30 feet from a work truck's bucket to escape the flames. He sustained burns over 80 percent of his body and was flown by helicopter to Atlanta's Grady Memorial Hospital.

The identity of the injured man has not been released pending notification of his family. His condition is not known at this time.

Milton police arrived on scene within two minutes of the incident being reported. Milton and Alpharetta fire units fought the blaze until shortly before 4 p.m., when the gas line was capped and the flames died out.

Crews are still on scene and a timeline for the cleanup has not yet been established.

Incorporated on December 1, 2006, the City of Milton is a distinctive community that embraces small-town life and heritage while preserving and enhancing the city's rural character. The City of Milton is committed to maintaining the unique quality of life for its constituents while efficiently delivering essential services to residents and businesses in an interactive community environment. For more information, visit, or call 678-242-2500.

Natural Gas Line Ruptures, Georgia Power Workers Burned Trying To Replace Pole.

By Kristi E. Swartz
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Two Georgia Power workers trying to replace a utility pole were burned when they accidentally hit an underground natural gas line, a Georgia Power spokeswoman said.

The crews were working Birmingham Highway, just south of Providence Road, in Milton early Thursday afternoon when they "came in contact with a natural gas line," Georgia Power spokeswoman Lynn Wallace said.

The gas line exploded, burning one of the workers who was up in a bucket truck. The man jumped 35 feet to safety to escape the flames, Wallace said.

WSB-TV reported the victim experienced burns on 80 percent of his body.
Georgia Power did not identify the man, who was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital to be treated for his injuries, because they wanted to ensure next of kin was notified, Georgia Power spokesman Lisa Frederick said.

A second crew member attempted to help the victim after he jumped, and experienced minor burns on his hands, Frederick said. He was treated on site for his injuries.
Wallace said it's unclear exactly how the accident happened. The line is owned by Atlanta Gas Light.

"We’re certainly going to be looking into it and investigating what went on at the site and why it happened," Wallace said.

According to Frederick, 39 homes in the area had to have their electricity and gas shut off all day. As of 9:30 p.m., service was still out.

Georgia Power, Atlanta Gas Light and the Atlanta Fire Department will investigate the incident collaboratively.

"Any time any accident happens, everyone involved fully cooperates," Frederick said. "We just have to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Milton Officer Catches Two Suspected Burglers

Bill Hayes has caught six suspects in the act during 40-year career.

MILTON, GA., July 14, 2010 - Around the Milton Police Department, 40-year police veteran Bill Hayes is known to his fellow officers as "The Hound Dog" - and for good reason. He seems to have a real nose for crime, not to mention a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

During his career, Hayes has caught six suspects in the act of allegedly committing burglaries. Most recently, he busted two men July 2 at Staton Heating and Air on Ga. 9 suspected of trying to steal air conditioning units. And Hayes hadn't been dispatched there, either. He was simply doing his nightly rounds when something caught his eye in the business's fenced-in storage unit.

"I came up in a big arc [in my police cruiser]," he said. "There they were, dressed in all black and huddled up on the fence."

According to a report of the incident, officers also found 13 air conditioning units - worth about $6,500 - lined up between the fence and wood line, plus bolt cutters.

Career numbers like Hayes' are pretty much unheard of, said Community Outreach Officer Andrew Phillips.

"Most officers might catch something like that once in a career," he said. "I, myself, in over 10 years have only caught one in the act."

Hayes, who retired from the Smyrna police in 2005, has been with the City of Milton since its police force deployed May 1, 2007. In fact, that first shift he caught a man trying to kick down a door in the Avensong Neighborhood.

"I had a report of two people walking between houses in the area with a backpack," he said. "All of a sudden I heard a big boom."

Hayes came upon two men trying to bust their way in to a home. One got away, but the kicker himself did not.

"I caught on the back of his leg right about his second kick," said Hayes.

Milton Police Chief Deborah Harrell said the secret to Hayes' success is his dogged determination.

"He's a very dedicated officer,' she said. "Officer Hayes has experience and loves the work. He takes very seriously protecting the people of Milton."

Hayes said it's a pleasure to police such a great community - the type of place where people routinely greet him warmly and offer hospitality while on patrol. It is the safety of those kind people's lives and property that keeps him going, he said.

"You've just got to be diligent and out there to catch them," he said. "Even an old, blind hog can root up an acorn every once in a while."

Incorporated on December 1, 2006, the City of Milton is a distinctive community that embraces small-town life and heritage while preserving and enhancing the city's rural character. The City of Milton is committed to maintaining the unique quality of life for its constituents while efficiently delivering essential services to residents and businesses in an interactive community environment. For more information, visit, or call 678-242-2500.

Milton Parks and Rec survey results questioned.

By Jonthan Copsey; Appen Newspapers

July 14, 2010 MILTON -

The Milton Parks and Recreation Needs assessment Survey results were released several weeks ago with great fanfare by the city – now they have a clear road map of what the residents of the city want from their government in terms of recreation facilities and programs. Unfortunately, the results raised two important questions: why did equestrian programs end up in the bottom of the list of requested programs and also why did some horse farm owners not receive the survey?

The city mailed over 11,000 survey forms to residents asking them to list what programs and facilities they want and what they don't. Of particular surprise to some, including resident Marsha Spear, was that equestrian programs fell in the bottom ten, receiving support from just less than a quarter of respondents.

"I would have thought equestrian events would have been more popular given the number of horse farms in Milton," said Spear.

According to Parks and Recreation Director Cyndee Bonacci, she was also surprised by the number, however, for different reasons.

"I figured the number would be lower," she said. "If you look at the entire population, a very, very small minority actually owns horses."

"Even though people in Milton may not own horses, they like to see horses, they like the community feeling of having the horse farms here," Bonacci added.

It turns out that the "very small minority" may have been accidentally left off the mailing list for the surveys, such as one horse farm owner who wished to remain anonymous. According to her, she was left off the mailing list and had to specifically ask for a survey from the city.

Bonacci said the city used Fulton County data from 2009 to compile their mailing list of all residents in the city. Properties owned by businesses – such as banks – were excluded.

What she and her staff did not know was that almost 100 residential properties were not included in that list because they had a special "V" tax designation – "conservation easements."

"After we did the initial mailing we found out there was something called the 'V' classification," explained Bonacci.

When she and her staff realized the oversight, they sent out a second mailing to all properties using this special designation.

According to Lynn Tully, the city community development director, such a designation is often given to rural properties in order to freeze their taxes for several years.

"This is typically used by rural or agriculture properties," Tulley said. And apparently horse farms as well, with many of the farms being left from the initial survey mailing. As soon as Bonacci and her staff found out about the oversight, they pulled the county data on the conservation properties and sent a second mailing of the survey as well as pushed the due date back by several weeks.

In the end, they were accepting surveys until the last minute."We were taking filled-out forms until the week before [the survey results] were due," Bonacci said."To my knowledge we included everybody that we had property information on that were residents," she said. "We tried as best we could to make sure everybody got a survey."

Tree ordinance passed by Milton council.

By Jonathan Copsey; Appen Newspapers

July 14, 2010 MILTON – Just when you thought it was safe to cut down that large tree in your backyard, think again; Milton now has a tree ordinance.

In a lengthy discussion, the council approved the new law that regulates how trees are to be handled on properties. For any tree over 15 inches in diameter, the property owner will need city permission to chop it down.

The ordinance was crafted "to further ensure and preserve our rural characteristic in the city of Milton by retaining as many of our trees as we can," said Lynn Tully, the community development director.

The ordinance, which has been in development since 2008, also provides for the regulation and approval of tree removal companies who would specialize in such matters.

Of particular concern to the council was what constituted a "self-imposed hardship." A hardship is when matters on a property prevent the owner from complying with established law. In such a case, waivers can be issued. A self-imposed hardship is, obviously, a hardship the owner brought upon himself.

Council member Julie Zahner-Bailey raised the question that, with the new ordinance, should there be a large, immovable tree in the middle of the property, does that constitute a hardship if it prevents a new building from going up in that site?

If it does, the property owner could be able to chop down the tree regardless of its status with the city.

The ordinance passed unanimously with added wording detailing hardships.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Milton Farmer's Market Kicks Off This Saturday In Crabapple!

The second annual Milton Farmer's Market kicks off tomorrow (Saturday) in Crabapple. All local gardeners and arts and crafts fanatics are encouraged to participate! Times are from 9am to 1pm each Saturday weather permitting. For more information, please contact Tim Enloe @ 770 653 0552.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sunflowers Getting Ready For The Milton Farmers Market!

Double Click To Enlarge Screen.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

FBI: Former Fulton Teacher Faces Porn Charges.

By Alexis Stevens
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A former teacher at Milton and Alpharetta high schools faces criminal charges after allegedly using the Internet to arrange sex with a minor, the FBI said.

Alvand Richard Williams, 47, allegedly traveled Monday to Ringgold, where he was arrested without incident by the FBI. Williams apparently believed he would meet the child in the northwest Georgia town.

Undercover law enforcement officials discovered Williams' attempts online, according to FBI Special Agent in Charge Brian D. Lamkin. Williams, of Roswell, has been charged with attempted aggravated assault and computer pornography, the FBI said. More details of the incident were not provided.

Williams joined the Fulton County school system in 2000, teaching English at Milton High School, according to Susan Hale, district spokeswoman. Williams transferred to Alpharetta High School for the 2009-10 school year, but lost his job during layoffs in May, Hale said.
Williams remained in the Catoosa County jail Wednesday afternoon, according to a jail spokeswoman

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

On A National Note...

Double Click To enlarge screen.

Scoops ice cream shop opens in Crabapple.

by Jonathan Copsey / Appen Newspapers

MILTON - Children and adults, be merry - the closest thing to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory has just opened in downtown Crabapple. The only thing missing is the Candyman himself.

What looks like a quaint country home at the end of the Crabapple Merchantile Exchange building is actually full of bright colors and candy sweetness; all part of the new ice cream shop called "Scoops." Conveniently located next to a dentist, the place can't help but give off a happy vibe.

"This is a feel good place," said co-owner Pam Dichting. According to her, the Business was conceived less than three months before it opened by Dichting and her partner, Karen Faber. It is part of a larger franchise located throughout the state. Crabapple's franchise is the sixth store to open. The women wanted to open a business but were not sure what it would sell. That's when they thought of the Scoops franchise. And they picked the best time to open - a good, hot, Georgia summer.

Located just around the corner from Milton High School and Crabapple Middle School, the business has plenty of potential. More than 30 flavors of ice cream, candy apples, cakes, coffee, even "nostalgic" vintage candies, such as Jelly Bellys and sweets many residents may remember eating as children.

"We're just so excited," said Dichting. And who couldn't be excited by walls of candy and vats of ice cream?

Riley says Milton support no conflict.

by Hatcher Hurd / Appen Newspapers

July 02, 2010

NORTH FULTON – Fulton County Commissioner Lynne Riley responded to an ethics violation by six south Fulton state representatives by first challenging the legitimacy of the Fulton County Board of Ethics.

The politicians allege Riley violated her Fulton Board of Commissioners oath when she advocated a separate Milton County and served on the legislative advisory committee created by state Rep. Jan Jones. Thus Riley created a conflict in serving the best interests of Fulton County as a commissioner.

Riley maintains she is only representing the wishes of her constituents and exercising her right to free speech.

"I've been very clear in my right to advocate for the rights of my constituents," said the North Fulton commissioner from Johns Creek.

But as one of her attorneys, John Proctor, researched the ethics charge, he discovered that the Board of Commissioners delegates the selection to the Ethics Board to various civic groups, the Atlanta Bar Association, the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, the Gate City Bar Association, the Atlanta Business League and the Atlanta Airport Chamber of Commerce.

The other two positions on the seven-member board are chosen by the county Personnel Board from its membership and the appointment of one serving county commissioner, in this case Bill Edwards.

However, Proctor discovered this was not allowed under the Georgia Constitution. The Governing body must appoint all seats on an ethics board.

"And there is case law on point [Rogers v. Medical Association of Georgia (1979)]," said state Rep. Wendell Willard, one of six attorneys also representing Riley pro bono in the case.

"So everything done by this board is illegal and unconstitutional," he said.

In addition, Willard said these six south Fulton legislators charge Riley of violating her oath of office, but they never spell out exactly what it is she has done to provoke the charge.

"Her conduct, to serve on a committee – how does that violate ethics? To say one cannot articulate one's beliefs would have a chilling effect on free speech," he said.

If convicted of an ethics charge, the highest penalty is a $1,000 fine.

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Monday, July 05, 2010

Milton to consider new cell tower ordinance.

By Patrick Fox
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Milton City Council will consider revamping its cell tower ordinance Wednesday, placing more restrictions on telecommunications companies wishing to add to the skyline.

The revisions come as the city nears the end of a 60-day moratorium on cell tower applications. In late April, the city granted T-Mobile South permission to build a cellphone tower, but with restrictions, and turned down the company's request to build two other towers.

The revised ordinance adds restrictions requiring the applicant to demonstrate a need for the new tower through a study signed by a Georgia licensed engineer. It also calls for detailed line-of-sight studies and requires applicants to pay a standard fee and be liable for up to $7,500 in engineering or consulting costs incurred by the city.

The meeting is at 6 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

On A National Note...

NOTE: Many thanks to Donna M. for sharing this column with us. If you have a national piece that you would like us to post, please email it to:


Why Is Obama Killing American Jobs In the Name of Clean Energy?

By Newt Gingrich & Steve Everley
Published June 30, 2010

In a 2008 interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, then-candidate Barack Obama explained that electricity prices would “necessarily skyrocket” under his ideal energy policy of capping carbon emissions from coal plants.

“So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can,” Obama said. “It’s just that it will bankrupt them.”

Senator Obama could not have been clearer: his administration’s policy goal would be to make new coal plant construction in the United States economically impossible, regardless of the negative impact on American job creation.

Incredibly, President Obama now wants to punish American suppliers of new equipment for coal plant construction taking place overseas -- even if it costs thousands of American jobs.

Last week the U.S. Export-Import Bank denied a loan guarantee that would have financed the sale of about $600 million in mining equipment made by Bucyrus International Inc., a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based company. Bucyrus had contracted to build equipment for a new coal plant in India and the loan guarantee was key to the Indian project’s ability to buy the equipment from Bucyrus.

The U.S. Export-Import Bank is taxpayer financed and the entire reason for its existence is to support the export of U.S. manufactured products made by companies like Bucyrus through loans and guarantees.

The chairman of the Export-Import Bank, Fred Hochberg, immediately issued a statement explaining the rationale for its decision. The Obama administration, according to Hochberg, has made a “commitment to transition away from high-carbon investments and toward a cleaner-energy future.”

According to Bucyrus CEO Tim Sullivan, the equipment will now be built in China or Belarus, putting over a thousand Americans out of work.

Apparently to President Obama, a “cleaner-energy future” means a jobless American future.Senator Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) said the denial of the loan “doesn’t prevent a coal power plant from being built…it only ensures that the jobs connected to it are not American.

Wisconsin’s Democratic governor, Jim Doyle, was even more direct in his assessment: “It was the most shortsighted, unconscionable decision you could imagine, and I can't see any justification for it.”

Leo Gerard, President of the United Steelworkers of America, also was quite direct in his condemnation: “At a time when we are losing good-paying jobs, and at a time when President Obama wants to double U.S. exports, how can the Export-Import Bank deny a loan that would create and protect jobs at Bucyrus International? It was a dumb decision."

This is only the latest example of the Obama administration’s pursuit of a radical agenda that jeopardizes the livelihoods of hardworking Americans.

Consider the six-month moratorium that the administration imposed on deepwater oil and gas drilling after the April 20 rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. The administration consulted experts from the National Academy of Engineering to develop a proper response, and those experts advised against a moratorium on existing deepwater drilling.

Democratic strategist and Louisiana resident James Carville echoed this opposition to the moratorium, saying that offshore drilling is “essential” to the Louisiana economy. “If you take fishing and you take petroleum away [from southern Louisiana], you don't have a whole lot left,” Carville said.

The administration ignored all them and imposed the moratorium. Even a recent federal court decision overturning the moratorium has not deterred the Obama administration’s plan to impose it. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar dismissed the court’s decision and declared that the administration would issue a new finding in the next few days.

In a meeting with Interior officials, officials from industries impacted by the moratorium said they were “disappointed at the lack of serious attention that was paid by the Department of the Interior on the horrible economic impact” that the moratorium is having, not only for them but also for Gulf coast communities. Several of those officials also told Salazar that they’re in the final stages of moving their operations to West Africa and the Middle East.

Add to this the job-killing national energy tax that President Obama has been urging Congress to pass and it’s clear that the creation of new jobs in this country is not the number one priority of this administration.

Creating jobs for the economies of China and West Africa at the expense of the American economy may be what the enlightened leadership that participates at global summits believes in, but it’s certainly not the type of leadership needed by American citizens looking for jobs.

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Milton Farmer's Market Kick Off July 10th!

Come and be part of the wonderful Milton Farmer's Market! Kick off date is Saturday, July 10th in Crabapple. All local gardeners and arts and crafts fanatics are encouraged to participate! Times are from 9am to 1pm each Saturday weather permitting. For more information, please contact Tim Enloe @ 770 653 0552.

2010 Roundup: New City, Old Lifestyle.

The event theme and logo has been chosen for the 2010 Milton Roundup. It is "New City, Old Lifestyle, and the logo can be seen above. Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

The design was created by Andrew Furman, owner of Roswell-based Apparel Image.

This year's Milton Roundup will be held Oct. 23 at Birmingham United Methodist Church. A week prior, Oct. 16, the City of Milton will once again hold the Mayor's Run at 8 a.m.

Sponsorship and participation information will be available soon.

For more information, contact Parks and Recreation Director
Cyndee Bonacci

Celebrate our nation's independence.

Since becoming mayor, my fondness for the Fourth of July has gone past simply enjoying fireworks and a gathering of friends and family. Sure, I still love spending the day with Dawn and my kids, but being elected mayor has really changed the way I see Independence Day.

Milton is a blessed community in a blessed country. We live in peace, making our decisions in public and affecting change through our votes. We enjoy prosperity and are able to choose the paths our lives take freely and without fear.

This democracy has lasted 234 years, and that's no small feat. From the White House to City Hall, every type of government in this country is filled with decision makers who are ultimately accountable to voters.

It's not perfect - nothing is - and we've gotten better at it through the years. I think we'll get better at it as time goes on. All it takes for Milton, and America, to remain strong are honest, hardworking people committed to the greater good - and a passionate citizenry, of course.

Having a day to celebrate our country really makes me think. It is an honor to provide Milton the means and ways to chart its own course, to decide for itself where and how the city will grow and prosper.

So if you feel as lucky as I do to live freely, make this Fourth of July a special one. Let your friends and neighbors know how much you appreciate them - without each one of us there would be no government of the people. Be proud of your country and your hometown - it took a lot of people working very hard to get us here.

And if you'd like to show your children how and why this country works, feel free to stop by City Hall any time to see your government in action. We're always glad to have you.

Happy Fourth of July, Milton!


Mayor Joe Lockwood

City Hall closed July 5.

Milton City Hall will be closed Monday, July 5 in observance of the Fourth of July holiday. The regularly scheduled council meeting will take place Wednesday, July 7 at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers.

Please also note the city will not hold a Fourth of July Citizens Parade since the holiday is on a Sunday.

here to view the full city calendar

CPAC members at Farmer's Market July 10.

City staff and members of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) will have a booth at the Milton Farmer's Market July 10, which will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the parking lot of the Olde Blind Dog Pub in Crabapple.

For directions, click

In addition to the members being on hand to discuss progress with the plan, there will be draft Comprehensive Plan maps on display and a comment box, said city Planner Michelle McIntosh-Ross.

For more information about Milton's Comprehensive Plan, click

Milton passes Historic Preservation law.

Milton's City Council passed June 21 an Historic Preservation Ordinance meant to help keep the city's history intact. Angela Rambeau, a city planner who worked on the ordinance with appointed volunteers, said the new law will provide for the identification, evaluation, designation and protection of historic resources in the City of Milton. "It will allow us to preserve and rehabilitate eligible historic properties within the city for future generations," she said. The next step is for volunteers who want to be a part of the Historic Preservation Commission, which the law establishes, to come forward. If you are interested, click here to contact the council member who represents your district.

For more information about the law itself, contact
Angela Rambeau.

Family Fun Day July 30.

RBC Bank, located at 12885 Hwy 9 North in Milton, is holding a Family Fun Day July 30 from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

here for directions.

At the event, local golf professional Corky Nesbitt will be on hand to teach some basic golf techniques at the bank's new putting green. There will also be a number of activities for children and food from local restaurants.

For more information, e-mail
Karen Bell.

Celebration of Hope 5K Aug. 7.

Attention runners: On Aug. 7, White Columns Country Club will host the Celebration of Hope 5K Race and 2-Mile Fun Walk benefiting the American Cancer Society.

Event Director Lisa Coloe said the race will begin and end at White Columns Country Club.

All registered walkers and runners will receive a free T-shirt and goody bag. Entry fees are $25 for the 5K Race and $15 for the 2-mile Fun Walk.
For race details and to register online, visit and click on the "Celebration of Hope" link. Mail-In registration is also available. Call 770-664-5200 to receive a race application.

For more information, please call Lisa Coloe, Event Director, at 770-664-5200 or e-mail

A Tour Of The Wonderful Crabapple Mercantile Exchange.

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