Thursday, February 04, 2010

Do you want an eco-eternity? A green afterlife?


No one's really forever young, but it turns out, you can be forever green, as eco-friendly burials catch on nationwide, according to a story today by my USA TODAY colleague Katharine Lackey.

An increasing number of cemeteries and funeral homes are offering burials that feature formaldehyde-free fluids for embalming and biodegradable caskets made of pine, wicker or even cardboard.

Such burials are now available in nearly 30 cemeteries, up from a handful at the start of 2008, according to Joe Sehee, executive director and president of the Green Burial Council. His non-profit organization encourages environmentally sustainable death care.

"I'm trying to be more green in my everyday; why not be more green in eternity?" David White, who recently bought a plot at Milton Fields, Ga., a natural cemetery, tells USA TODAY. "I've actually thought about buying my casket and using it as a coffee table."

This dust-to-dust burial concept is not only easier on his conscience, it's easier on his pocketbook. The story says a typical funeral, including burial, costs $10,000 to $12,000, but a green one is about half as much. Cremation is even less, typically costing $500 to $1,200.

To find out more about Milton Georgia's Own Green Cemetary; Milton Fields, click here=>

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