Monday, February 08, 2010

"Riddle Me Milton's" First Winner!


We have our first winner in the "Riddle Me Milton" quiz! Travis Allen guessed correctly when he offered up Milton Police Officer Chad Taylor as his answer.

Travis will now receive one coupon giving him a free Chicago Dog at Milton's own Chicago Eatery, Bobby G's!

Many thanks to Travis for playing and to Officer Chad Taylor for keeping Milton Families Safe.

Remember, every Monday we will challenge you with another Riddle about your city with a wonderful Bobby G's Chicago Dog waiting for the winner!

To find out more about Bobby G's, click here=>


Karl Haase said...

I think you might as well just give Travis a lifetime of free hotdogs as no one will beat him to the punch (I think he lives on this site!!!)....maybe you need to take entries for a couple of days and do a random drawing so those of us with a life :-) have a chance???

Travis Allen said...

I only check in the morning, at lunch, and at night.

Was a lucky guess anyways!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait until next Monday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Karl you should go back to your obsession of collecting beer cans, drinking the last sip, and setting up cameras?