Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Board of Zoning Appeals post-meeting notice

Media Contact: Jason Wright
678-242-2523 (office)
770-825-3096 (cell)

Board of Zoning AppealsFebruary 16, 2010 7:00pm

A. V09-019, 2845 Bethany Bend Road, Fulton County Board of Education, Stacy Stewart Request(s): ** To allow encroachment into the 50 foot stream buffer, ** To allow encroachment into the 75 foot impervious setback (Chapter 14, Article 6, Section 5.a.i,ii)
Approved 5-2
B. V10-001, 13695 Highway 9, Legacy Crossing Pavilion/Christian City Church, Stephen Bullen Request(s): ** To allow a reduction in the required number of parking spaces for a church (Article 8, Section 64-1410)
Approved 6-1


Anonymous said...

It would help if they posted who voted for and against.

Anonymous said...

Are they not supposed to have the best interest for our City at heart, or is their goal to have the best interest of those applying for variances at heart. It looks like they are confused about what their role is.