Friday, February 05, 2010

Severe Wreck At Bethany Road / Haygood Road / Bethany Way

"x" marks the spot. Note that the map is incorrect as Bethany Bend is actually Bethany Way and the southbound referenced Bethany Bend is actually Bethany Road.


We are receiving reports of a bad wreck at the intersection of Bethany Road / Haygood Road / Bethany Way.

Evidently, a white Ford Explorer was hit on it's driver side as it was coming off of Bethany Way onto Bethany Road headed south.

The opposing vehicle; being described as a large dark SUV, was headed northbound on Bethany Road towards Haygood.
This wreck occured between 7:30 - 8am this morning during rush hour.

We are unsure of any fatalities, but one citizen who came upon the wreck right after it happened stated that they weren't sure if the individual in the SUV survived.

Obviously, details are sketchy and we have contacted the Milton Police to get more details.

It is imperative that Milton create a system that treats our open road neighborhoods as residential nodes. The sooner this is done, the safer our families will be.

Our deepest appreciation to the wonderful heroes at the Milton Fire and Police Departments for rushing to the victims in need.


Anonymous said...

No one seems to remember to slow down, drive with headlights on and be more aware when it is raining. What a heavy burden someone will have to carry on their hearts and minds if they harmed or killed another because of their carelessness and selfishness.

olivia kae said...

how is that comment relevant? someone could have died and that is what you want to say? thankfully no one did die... but what a rude comment!

Anonymous said...

Are you eyes open when you drive? Do you see what is happening on the roadways? Or are you like the driver who slammed into another innocent human that rainy morning?

olivia kae said...

yes my eyes are open when i drive. i drive the speed limit because i have my 3 month old with me wherever i go and i always have my headlights on regardless of if it is raining. but why do you feel the need to post something so rude when you have NO idea what the circumstances were in the accident. they could have hydroplaned which can happen at any speed. it would be nice if you would watch your comments and not be so rude. when put your name on your comments it makes them more weight.

Anonymous said...

Whether either driver is at fault or not, when you hurt another human being, you should feel bad. There were injuries in this accident. And many, many people were speeding and driving without headlights that rainy morning. Finally, please refer to other sections of this blog for truly RUDE & CRUDE comments!