Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb. 17 Post-Council Meeting Notice

Media Contact: Jason Wright
678-242-2523 (office)
770-825-3096 (cell)

Feb. 17 Post-Council Meeting Wrap-Up


1. Approval of a Resolution to Attach a Section Called Supplemental Plans to the Partial Plan Update of the City of Milton 2008-2028 Comprehensive Plan. (Deferred on February 1, 2010) (Agenda Item No. 10-1047) (Presented by Lynn Tully, Community Development Director)

APPROVED 6-0. (Mayor Joe Lockwood was absent)


1. Approval of a Resolution Amending Resolution No. 08-12-63, A Resolution to Create a Citizen Advisory Committee for City of Milton Concept Plans for the Intersections of Birmingham at Providence and Arnold Mill at New Providence. (Agenda Item No. 10-1054) (Presented by Carter Lucas, Public Works Director)

2. A Resolution Amending Resolution No. 10-01-128, A Resolution Appointing Members to the City of Milton Board of Ethics Committee. (Agenda Item No. 10-1055) (Presented by Sudie Gordon, Interim City Clerk)

APPROVED 6-0. Board members Lisa Cauley and Carl Haase appointed.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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