Monday, February 08, 2010

DUI & Drug Arrests In Milton

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

AM Note: As you review the recent arrests in our Milton, ask yourself a simple question - while these heroic officers were enforcing our laws, who was watching out for the rest of us? How many criminals did they not catch due to lack of man power? How many families were put at risk?

- Tim Enloe

1-man Pharmacy Pulled Over

On the morning of Jan. 31, Milton police spotted a vehicle drifting in and out of lanes on Redd Road. They decided to investigate and, through a check of the license plate, found that the vehicle belonged to Charlie Wolfe, 39, of Copper Creek Circle in Milton, who had his license suspended due to failing to appear at court on two occasions last year. They decided to pull him over.

Wolfe stated that he didn't have his license on him and failed to provide proof of insurance. The police noticed the strong smell of incense, which was burned in the vehicle's ash tray. Wolfe also appeared very nervous. Despite this, the officers decided to arrest Wolfe for driving on a suspended license.

As Wolfe got out of the vehicle, he dropped several pieces of alleged crack cocaine. Upon further inspection, he had on his person two pill bottles (only one of which was prescribed to him) each of which contained various pills and a crack pipe. More pills were found in the vehicle.

Wolfe was arrested for driving with a suspended license, failure to maintain lane, possession of cocaine, possession of Schedule II narcotics, possession of drugs without the original container, driving under the influence of drugs and possession of drug-related objects.

DUI Arrests

Jeffery Schramm, 38, of Arcaro Drive in Milton was arrested on Old Milton Parkway in Alpharetta for speeding, failure to maintain lane, and DUI.

Drug Arrests

Brian Lynch, 21, of Lathenview Court, Milton, was arrested Jan.28 on Lathenview Court for possession of marijuana.

Marcelo Hannum, 23, of Lathenview Court, Milton, was arrested Jan. 28 on Lathenview Court for possession of marijuana.

Karim Lynch, 28, of Lathenview Court, Milton, was arrested Jan. 28 on Lathenview Court for possession of marijuana.

Rashad Parks, 22, of Aventine Lane, Milton, was arrested Jan. 28 on Lathenview Court for possession of marijuana.


Anonymous said...

Milton Police did not find any marijuana in our house, or in our possession. This is just another case of Racism, prejudice and police brutality. Milton Police department only cares about the "money" and not the truth. Their department are full of unprepared and untrained individuals.

Anonymous said...

I respect the Milton police department for doing their job. However, robberies, abuse, rape, are far more important than a human being simply smoking weed to relax from the trials and tribulations of every day.
As many parents as kids smoke, and I'm sure most of you officers inhale a few puffs of the weed you scrape from 'criminals'.
Yes, for the money, but the hypocrites also do it to protect their own reputation.
If one is doing you no harm, why put another in any harm?