Friday, November 10, 2006

Your Thoughts on the District 4 run-off between Tim Enloe & Neal O'brien!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim

I just had a couple of questions regarding parks for Milton. Have there been any areas that are currently designated for future parks? Also, what is your plan for more park space? We would like to see a large park with a pond -- an area to take our dogs, go jogging etc ..similar to Northpark.
Thank you for your time.


Accessmilton Admin said...


Great to hear from you! My idea for the park system is sort of “outside the box” but I hope you like it. Anytime one hears of a nice area, parks are normally referenced as a plus. Thus, I do think Milton should be known for its park system. The best approach is to create a buzz about our desire to have the best park system in metro Atlanta. To make this vision reality, those elected need to encourage businesses to sponsor our parks. Provided we can get enough companies on board, this approach would end up being a very positive bullet point about one’s company. Once this caliber of park system became a reality, we could court events that cover all aspects of recreation; from concerts to equestrian. From a taxation standpoint, this would benefit our city greatly as well. I too would love to see a pond as part of a larger park. We will get a better idea if this can happen as each parcel is purchased. It should be stressed that I am not an advocate of eminent domain. Thus, we would have to purchase lands for this department from those who are willing to sell. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Best regards,

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Scott said...

I know Tim Enloe personally and I worked with him on this website that was started early in 2006. Tim wanted to create a place for locals to find out about the new city of Milton and for outsiders to learn about the area. The hope was that we could create something that provided a service to the community and maybe be profitable. I wanted to build more sites based on travel but Tim was passionate about creating something for his home town first. I’ve never met anyone that loved his community as much as Tim and I’ve watched over the years as he became frustrated by the changes to Alpharetta that were out of his control. For so long there seemed to be nothing he could do but sit back and watch Atlanta sprawl destroy his childhood home and the place where his aging mother lived. When Milton was seriously proposed there was finally an opportunity to protect what he loved. As Tim became involved more and more in Access Milton I and many others noticed that he would be a natural candidate. I don’t think that Tim believed that his place was in the local government, but finally he realized that he could make the most difference as a public servant so he ran for district 4.
I rarely make promises but I can promise everyone that reads this that Tim loves Milton more than any other and he will fight hard and work hard to protect and serve you. If you want a leader with passion that cares about more than another trophy please go vote in the run-off election for Tim Enloe.