Thursday, November 05, 2009

Updated: Longoria, Thurman, Lusk win in Milton.

By Rachel Kellogg / Neighbor Newspapers

Two incumbent city council members and a newcomer were elected in Milton during Tuesday’s municipal elections.

Joe Longoria defeated Distrcit 5 incumbent Tina D’Aversa with 60.62 percent of the vote. Longoria had 1,903 votes, while Ms. D’Aversa had 1,229.

In Distrcit 1, Karen Thurman took 60.51 percent of the vote with a total of 1,889 votes. Her opponent, Bernard Wolff, had 1,226 votes.

Incumbent Bill Lusk won in Disctrict 3 with 69.82 percent of the vote. Write-in candidates gained 30.18 percent of the vote.

One write-in candidate was Al Trevillyan.

Lusk said he never took the race for granted, even though he did not think Trevillyan stood a chance of winning,.“That didn’t give me reason not to run hard like I always do,” he said. “I ran it as I would any race.”

Lusk said he is thankful for the residents who came to the polls to support him.
Mayor Joe Lockwood breezed to an unopposed victory.


Anonymous said...

Joe Lockwood may have "breezed to an unopposed victory", but I know at least one vote didn't go for him. I wrote in somebody else, simply because the mayor of a city should not be campaigning for city council candidates. I can think of few conflicts of interest more blatant. And, considering his construction business, nothing more self-serving.

Anonymous said...

self serving is RIGHT!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard that Moses Thurman received 7 votes for Mayor.

That's interesting.

Anonymous said...

I didn't vote for the Mayor either, I left it blank. I supported him in the past but his move to support Thurman and Lusk bewildered me when they have been set against him since the inception of Milton. Too bad he managed to fool a lot of his previous supporters and the voters into thinking it was a good thing to support the incubents, because he feels he can manage Karen and Bill. Yeah Right. Why, because he he has been voting along side them for over a year now? Who changed his spots, the Mayor. Why? For personal gain, and money down the line. It always ties to money, all politicians.

Anonymous said...

A mayor rightly supports the members of the council who support him. Joe supported (with one possible exception) the candidates who have voted with him and have used common sense for the past 3 years. Milton's voters obviously agreed with him for the most part. Call it self serving, but its Politics 101. He did it 2 years ago, too, with Hewitt and Tart against 2 incumbents who didn't support him and I didn't hear you calling it self serving then when you were probably on the winning side!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how soon you forget that he got Julie, Burt, and Alan in 2 years ago. Were you complaining then? Talk about stabbing in the back, look at Tart and Bailey!

Anonymous said...

Tart and Bailey are living up to their campaign promises. Can't say the same for Lockwood. Instead of spouting off, first inform yourself. Look at Lockwood's voting record starting in 2006 thru 2009. Lockwood's shift is evident to all who venture to do their homework.

Anonymous said...

What did Lockwood do that was any different than his original platform?