Thursday, November 19, 2009

Male German Shepherd Found.

My neighbor was able to catch a male German Shepherd that has been wandering around our neighborhood, Oak Ridge on the Green off of Thompson Road (we back up to the Champions View golf course and Thompson Springs). I am including pictures. He is skinny, missing fur on his shoulders,un-neutered, very friendly, and knows how to "sit". I am not sure if it is the same dog that was wandering around here in August (I think that one was more black, but both un-neutered male, missing fur around neck). PLEASE forward this around! My neighbor and I both have two dogs and can't keep him. I want to avoid calling animal control so I am trying to find anyone who knows anything about this dog! Call me on my cell 404-931-7123.Thanks. Cindy

Many thanks to Cindy Hollingsworth for sharing information on this pup.

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Cindy said...

Update: this guy is very sweet and friendly, had to be someone's pet. He has an ear tattoo, which could mean he was used for breeding. Has a bladder infection and a testicular tumor (which is why he has the hair loss) which can be fixed by neutering him. Can anyone foster this guy?? Call Cindy 404-931-7123