Sunday, November 08, 2009

Found Pup.

A beautiful brown lab wandered into our yard off Thompson Road yesterday around 4:00 pm. We checked her for a micro chip but no luck. I am trying to find her owners.
Angel Murr
Many thanks to Tara Chambers for sharing this information.


Anonymous said...

Tara obviously needs something new to do now that the election is over and she can no longer support Tina and Julie's slate syconphantically. Tara, get a life and quit drinking the Kool Aid.

Anonymous said...

Let me see - who really needs to find something new to do? On one hand we have Tara trying to ensure that a pet is reunited with its family. All good. All good.

On the other hand we have a blogger who can't reconcile with the fact that Tara supported a different slate of candidates in this past election.

Get over it, blogger, dogging Tara is not winning you any supporters. If anyone needs something new to do, it's you. How about adopting the dog?

Anonymous said...

The dog has been reunited with its owner and very fortunately is spared adoption by the likes of blogger 5.07

Anonymous said...

we'll said! 1:10