Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wieland Homes settles Clean Water Act violations with EPA

By Péralte C. Paul; The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A Wieland Homes affiliate, John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods of the CarolinasInc., also is a part of the settlement, one of the largest levied against a homebuilder this year.

"We changed our procedures five years ago as soon as they notified us," chief executive John Wieland said Monday. "We have not been cited since."

The violations cited allegedly occurred at 25 construction sites in Georgia,Tennessee and the Carolinas between 1999 and 2004, the EPA said.

They included not obtaining permits or obtaining them after construction began. Inother cases, violations included failure to prevent or minimize pollutants,including silt and debris, from going into storm-water runoff.

"Improving compliance at construction sites is one of the EPA's national enforcementpriorities and this is one of the EPA's largest settlements with a homebuilder forstorm-water violations at construction sites," said Davina Marraccini, an EPAspokeswoman.

As part of the settlement, Wieland has implemented several storm-water compliance programs throughout the company's operations.


Wieland Homes fined for building wall across stream

By STACY SHELTON; The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Monday, February 02, 2009

John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods, one of metro Atlanta's most respected homebuilders, must pay a $150,000 fine to the state for impounding a stream in the cityof Milton without a permit.

Wieland built about an 18-foot-high retaining wall across a tributary of CooperSandy Creek. The creek feeds the Little River, which empties into Lake Allatoona, awater source for metro Atlantans. The wall created a stormwater detention pond tohold back muddy rainwater.

Bert Langley, manager of the EPD's Mountain District office, said the state wouldnot have allowed Wieland to build the wall, but will not force the developer toremove it. EPD's investigation started last May.

The Wieland project, called the Braeburn Development, is at the intersection ofBirmingham Highway and Crabapple Road. The project is designed for about 53,000square feet of offices, 45 houses and 49 townhouses.


Anonymous said...

Developers typically do whatever then ask forgiveness later. They don't care about the consequences to the environment as long as they can put money in their pocket. Weiland is a prime example. 150K is pennies to him, big deal. The tributary is ruined, it would have caused more damage to remove it so they left it.

Anonymous said...

In Weiland's mind there are two ways to do things....his and the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

But aren't you glad a developer built your housse/stret/pool etc.

Are do you live in a teepee?

Anonymous said...

My house was not built by a developer and I don't live in a tepee.

Have you ever heard of an individual using sub contractors to build a house, rather than a developer.....probably not.

Anonymous said...

10:34 -- The article is about Wieland violating environmental protection laws. He has been caught in Georgia and the Carolinas. No one is saying that all developers are bad.

Anonymous said...

And did you put in your own street also? How aobut the waterlines? Utility lines?

Anonymous said...

Again, what does "who put in what street or water line" have to do with illegal environmental tampering by one developer?

Anonymous said...

So 1:17 poster, you are admitting that you were the "developer" of your home and did so so that you would profit by acting in that capacity for your own personal gain. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

1:17 poster here.

To poster #3 10:34AM, "Are do you live in a teepee?" I don't think I can enlighten you any further than what was said in my original response. Did you by any chance graduate from a government school, say within the past 20 years?

To poster #6, "Did you put in your own street, waterlines, utility lines?"
No, road had existed here many years. However, I did have a drive graded from road to house.Public water was not available so I paid a well drilling company to put in a well. Contracted with Sawnee EMC for electricity and Southern Bell Tel & Tel for a phone, both ran lines to house.

To poster #8, I will only admit that I saved several $$ by avoiding what you refer to as a "developer". Call me whatever, but I like to be called when it's time to eat.

Anonymous said...

Well, you are just as responsible for gerowyh in our area as any developer, so just realize that.

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about being responsible for gerowyh in our area?

Anonymous said...

In reading the blogs, one would never know that spell check exists, or maybe there are many poor spellers in the south.

Anonymous said...

You're all missing the point of this post. It's that Wieland (once again) lied. He said he hadn't been fined for five years. The latest was in February of 09.

Anonymous said...

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