Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lusk's labor of love in Milton

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

November 10, 2009

Milton Councilman Bill Lusk shows off a marker he is repairing to commemorate veterans in Milton for Veterans Day, Nov. 11. It is one of 90 such crosses Lusk paid for and built himself in the workshop of his business, Lusk and Associates Inc. Every year, the councilman repaints and repairs each marker.

The crosses are placed on Deerfield Parkway in Milton the week before and after Veterans and Memorial day. To include a loved one, visit the city's Web site,

"Still a lot of people don't realize they can have a marker out there for a deceased member of their family," said Lusk.

And as for bankrolling the project himself — he wouldn't give a figure for how much he's spent — Lusk said its just "part of being a patriot."

"Recognizing these folks who put their lives on the line, somebody's got to do this," he said.


Anonymous said...

Thank you to all the veterans that have sacrificed their time and their lives for us!!

T. Longoria said...

Dear Bill,

Thank you for being that someone who cares!

I had five uncles (mother's brothers) in WWII and I remember well when they returned, the stories, the sadness, the torment, and the task of resuming a normal life.

We are so blessed to have had these men and women who set aside everything to defend and protect our country and our people.

Thank you again Bill for your "Labor of Love".


Anonymous said...

Lusk Construction? No way he could be biased in favor of developers. I think we can rest assured that he would not give a second thought to offending a potential client if he ruled against an important request.

Anonymous said...

Each time my family drives past the markers on Deerfield we talk about our veterans and the freedoms for which they have fought. I thank Bill Lusk for his service to our country and for this service to our community.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the article didn't highlight his votes while on council. That would have forged some memories too.

Anonymous said...

Your life in Milton has not changed one iota because of any votes Mr. Lusk did or did not make!Get over it!

Anonymous said...

First - Good job Bill Lusk. I appreciate your service to our country and also for taking on this important project of recognition and remembrance.

Second, I think a couple of these posts, which bring up him being in construction and asking to look at his voting record illustrate exactly why the candidates that won, won so handily. The other side is extreme. In a small way, them coming on here and making negative posts regarding this moving article, reminds me of the hippies who spit on our servicemen as they came home from Vietnam. Nuts!

Anonymous said...

5:08: Take your medicine!