Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Election Day Cometh!


Anonymous said...

See what Thurmans' been up to. Not lies at all. Here you go...

Anonymous said...

ok, Tim, we get it. You hate Karen.

But remember, he who angers you, controls you

Tim Enloe said...

Good morning.

Not sure what you are referencing, but the invdividual or individuals posting various stories and links in our comments section is not me. As every knows, I post my name and number. Finally, all six candidates have been treated since day one with the utmost respect and courtesy.

Keep safe,

Tim Enloe
Magnolia Media, LLC
Power Realty
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...


That's why we see a hundred posts about a failed company that one candidate lost some money investing in, but when a witty website post gets pasted, suddenly a new policy is in place to protect Tina.

You may be correct, all appearances to the contrary.

Gotta go vote.

Anonymous said...

To the first poster, I looked at your link, Thurman's name is not there at all. I searched the entire document. Do you have a point or are you just making stuff up?

Anonymous said...

In defense of Mr. Enloe:

Ethics should be foremost with a journalist, even one involved in a different kind of venture as we see here.

This is, for all intents and purposes, an open forum. Statements made here are not always vetted by the staff. Why? Because the guy is busy trying to make a living. Because, unlike some, he doesn't sit at the keyboard waiting like a spider to post a redundant comment.

Everyone who wanted to checked out the "dirt" on Karen. Anyone who did figured it out for themselves. (Nothing to see here folks, move along.)

He's re-posted material from various press sources, apparently with permission. If you think that stinks, either hold your nose or get off the site. Enloe has done nothing except try to provide another resource of information.

This isn't about Karen or Tina or anybody else. This isn't about any political race. This is about trying to skew what has been done, said, posted, and/or left alone into something it isn't.

It isn't about Tim picking a side, it's about him doing the best job time allows him to while maintaining some level of decorum.

Give the guy a pat on the back, not a slap in the face, please.

Anonymous said...

Tim didnt post those links. A frustrated husban of a moonbat did it late last night. I cant wait till this is over so he can do something else.

Anonymous said...

I think Tim and Magnolia have done an excellent job at remaining neutral during this entire campaign. The dirt has flown both ways.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ginger

Ginger Enloe said...

I have just logged on and it is 11am. I am in CE class today. None of the above posts are mine. If it were my comment I would have left my name.

Thank you
Ginger Enloe

Anonymous said...

You Zahnerites are absolute idiots, or disengenuous...maybe just both.

I just got an autodial from Julie, of all people.
She is "all in", as they say in Vegas. Invariably, she hides in the shadows like the wimpy Wizard of Oz, operating via dupes like Leona Cole, Paula Moore, pathetic Carol and nutty Nikky. This time, she is so desperate, the One herself has come out for her cast of candidates.
Her call says Milton will be the same if we vote her way...and it WILL!!!
In other words, no improvement, no parks, no quality of life increases, no tax relief, nothing.
Just a desperate longing for something that only exists in some minds every fall during elections. Anyone who really wants to protect, improve, save Milton needs to run away from the Z-ites as fast as they can.

Let's really do something innovative with our horse community, get parks that are the envy of the region, keep one acre,(regardless of who connects to EXISTING sewer pipes to protect the environment). Julie and her gang haven't done anything innovative in their lives. Look at Tina: uses co-hosts for events she hasn't gotten permission from, signs in places without permission, when corrected she extorts concessions or fires from City committees. She tried to veto the parks authority, didn't start disability awareness as claimed, didn't do much of anything. When an apparently reasonable opponent surfaces, she tries to bribe him to drop she can save her sacred seat & title. Oh, she isn't a professor, she is an "instructor". Doesn't sound so cool.
We should be much more concerned about a man's brother going public saying he is unfit for a position of public trust, than some silly trumped up claim of an obscure company scandal.

Get real, go vote. The only truth is this IS an important election. In Dist 5, if Tina does win, we will have to pay $100k for a special election, undoubtedly, unless the City sues Tina due to her misconduct and makes her pay...which she can't.

Julie and her gang haven't run a business, held a job and most seem to have trouble selecting spellcheck when they blog. Do you really want moonbats running a $20million business, with your money and your property value at stake?

I don't.

Anonymous said...

So, I'm supposed to say I'd rather have screaming meemee's like you, last poster, running the city?

Anonymous said...

I think we have had them for quite some time, all the Julie folk...tail waggin' the dog.

Anonymous said...

Tina just doesn't have the Leadership skills and talent to serve at this level. Anyone attending a work session or council meeting would be aware of her shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

You only think Tim has done a good job remaining nuetral because your candidates won. If it had gone the other way you 'd been screaming foul on Enloe.

Anonymous said...

Karen, you won didn't you, so stop bloggin already, go give your husband the lovin' he deserves for putting up with your a - -.