Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Poll Up.


With the City of Milton and CH2M Hill having severed their relationship, city hall is currently hiring for numerous positions.

With that in mind, do you believe Milton is better served by hiring employees who live within the city limits or not?

Have your say in the upper right hand corner.

Our last poll asked:

Who will you vote for in the 2009 Milton City Council election?

The results were as follows:

District 1

Karen Thurman - 56%
Bernard Wolff - 43%

District 3

Bill Lusk - 62%
Al Trevillyan - 37%

District 5

Tina D'Aversa - 39%
Joe Longoria - 61%

It should be noted that has correctly predicted the victors via our polls in the last three Milton elections.


Anonymous said...

I believe they should definitely hire citizens unless they are the only qualified choice, as this would put the employee in a conflict in many decisions.

Anonymous said...

In the last post I meant "not" hire citizens.

Anonymous said...


Why just limit it to local vs. non-local?

Milton just doesn't have enough people all by itself.

You'd almost have to include Alpharetta, Roswell, and so forth.

Your survey is far too limiting in only giving people 2 choices.

-Travis Allen

Anonymous said...

Meant "why not limit" instead of "why limit"


Anonymous said...

Travis is correct. Your poll is slanted.

The City should hire the best, most experienced and talented candidates for each job.


Anonymous said...

They should limit it to exclude locals as that would keep that wretched Brooke from applying.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanx for this beautiful place of the Inet!!

Anonymous said...

Milton is better served by highering qualified, proven, professionals who actually care about the outcome of their efforts in their career instead of punching a clock. It doesn't matter where they come from. One would think in today's jobless market the city would have prime pickings for positions, enough to find some quality people.

- Janis

Anonymous said...

Janis, do you plan to go through the highering process?