Monday, November 02, 2009

Letter To The Editor

About My Brother Bernard

To the People of Milton,

Based on my brother's track record as Trustee/Executor
of the Wolff family inheritance, I feel that the people of
Milton should not vote for my brother, Bernard W. Wolff,
for city council.

He has been living on family land, which is incorporated
into a Trust controlled by him, despite the fact that the
Trust explicitly forbids him from benefitting from any
Trust properties while he is in the Trustee. He is paying
no rent to anyone for his occupancy there and
is, essentially, squatting on Wolff Family Trust property.

My mother died over three years ago, and my father
predeceased her. The family Trust requires that he
distribute our inheritance to us in a timely fashion when our
last parent expires, and when he does that he is no
longer Trustee and will have to move off of the land and

will no longer be able to control the family money. For this
reason he has been stalling on acting on these directives so
that he can continue to live on family land and money. I
have lost tens of thousands of dollars in earnings on this
Trust money because of his intransigence as Trustee.

My brother has not been gainfully employed for years
according to information from an appraiser who looked
into his financial situation this past summer. He is
essentially living off of family money and is living well.

He did not "grow up" on the family land near Milton, but
instead grew up in the Buckhead region of Atlanta, going to
Atlanta City Schools. He graduated from Northside High
School in 1960. My parents were residents of Atlanta until
their death, and my brother did not leave Atlanta until he
moved to Marietta in the 1980's. He has lived in his
present residence since 2003. His present residence was a

weekend home owned by my parents, and we had little
interaction with neighbors then who were mostly farmers
and country folk, a population far different from those
inhabiting the area now. So how does he know so
much about the community around Milton?

My message to you is this: If my brother has taken
abused his responsibility to his family in this way, what
will he do to the City
of Milton?

John McD. Wolff, MD


Anonymous said...

Julie, bad choice. You are going down next!

Anonymous said...

All of this has been debunked and verifiable by family Trust attorney and CPA.

Obviously a difficult family situation, and Dr. Wolff is so furious that he is trying to damage his brother. Clearly, this is not about Milton.

I know Bernard Wolff, and he is a man of honor with great skills who wants to help Milton.

Anonymous said...

If anonymous knows Bernard to be a man of honor, anonymous should reveal his name. Otherwise, his endorsement is probably phony.

Anonymous said...

-----Original Message-----
From: Bernard Wolff
To: John McD Wolff Susan Lindley ; Marian Nolan ;; Charles Wolff
Sent: Fri, Oct 30, 2009 12:28 pm
Subject: Fw: Preserving Farms

I haven't had a chance to review these (I shall tonight), but these appear to be examples of what I'm considering for Lahkapani and the City of Milton, or Milton + Roswell jointly.

Both Roswell and Milton are anxious to acquire park & recreational property for their citizens. It adds attractiveness to a community, which results in a better (affluent, law abiding, tax paying etc) citizenry, increasing land values, and decreased need for services.

To our benefit, it offers us a chance to sell Lahkapani before the housing market recovers, at a market price to us, & a discounted price to the municipality. If feasible, the way this would work is:

Price/acre desired: $100,000

Lease to city for 3 years at acceptable annual rent (say, $200,000/year) with option to purchase at end of lease. The Purchase contract will require that the City purchase the Property (at the end of the lease) if development rights are removed and the property use is perpetually as farm or park land (which reduces its value).

As the lease period ends and the purchase date arrives, we would

>sell develoment rights for, say, $60K/Acre to a developer to use in another area.
>We would then sell the property to the city for, say $40K/acre.

We get the targeted $100K/acre, the City purchases the park land for $40K/acre.

The numbers and transaction details may be different, but the basic concept is the same.



Anonymous said...

Bernard Wolff is a man of integrity unlike Karen Thurman.

Anonymous said...

Karen is a man?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

But Bill it does show his intent. Where do you want the density to be transfered in Milton, Birmingham Crossroads?

Anonymous said...

Go back and crawl in bed with the "shrill moonbat" that you married. Ugghh aweful vision eh?

Anonymous said...

A repeat of the dirt shown in the Hewitt/O'Brien race - Thurman, Lusk, Santi etc joing forces with Hewitt's family to trash him.

This says nothing about Bernard and everything about his vindictive brother.

Personally I'll take the word of Bernard's other siblings, the trust Attorney and CPA.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Wolff's message says a lot about his brother. This is serious stuff, so buyer beware.

Anonymous said...

You people are relentless and some day you are going to get your wish and you will turn Milton into just another carbon copy of every other city and suburban area of Metro Atlanta. Be careful what you wish for. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Anonymous said...

Once again I will address this .
Bernard Wolff's career history: Seydel International, Hopton Technologies, then AKZO NOBEL -- you know, those Swedish people with the prizes. He has retirement benefits, social security, and consulting income . I also have income from my family's $.
Betty Ann Wolff

charles wolff said...

I am Charles Wolff, younger brother of Bernard Wolff. Please be aware that Dr. John Wolff and his second wife, Ellen Battle, are at odds with the rest of the family over the content and intentions of our late mother's will. Apparently they hope to use this forum for their own gains.
Bernard is a man of integrity and honor. He has the proud support of his family, with the exception of Dr. John Wolff and his wife. We are blessed to have such a competent and trustworthy person at the helm of our family's affairs.
For the record: Bernard resides in our family home in Milton at the behest of our late mother. His rent is compensated via the per diem he receives as executor of our family trust as well as by the sweat equity he has invested in its restoration and improvement.
He wants to avoid having beautiful Milton absorbed by the encroaching urban sprawl while maintaining its beauty, rural nature and property values. Please support him in this endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Dr. John Wolf who was thrown out of Piedmont Hospital by the ethics board?

Anonymous said...

If the Bernard camp can sling $hit at Karen, then his brother can do the same. What goes around, comes around!

Anonymous said...

If your family doesn't (all) support you, what does that say?
Worse, if elected, is Bernard going to be on his blackberry constantly at meetings like Tina, because both their lives are so convoluted?

Anonymous said...

I was a patient of Dr. John Wolf. His wife/office manager was cooking the books, charging unsuspecting patients while being compensated by insurance companies. The ethics board at Piedmont found out and tossed him out on his ass.
This attack is all about greed, folks.

Anonymous said...

You Zahnerites are absolute idiots, or disengenuous...maybe just both.

I just got an autodial from Julie, of all people.
She is "all in", as they say in Vegas. Invariably, she hides in the shadows like the wimpy Wizard of Oz, operating via dupes like Leona Cole, Paula Moore, pathetic Carol and nutty Nikky. This time, she is so desperate, the One herself has come out for her cast of candidates.
Her call says Milton will be the same if we vote her way...and it WILL!!!
In other words, no improvement, no parks, no quality of life increases, no tax relief, nothing.
Just a desperate longing for something that only exists in some minds every fall during elections. Anyone who really wants to protect, improve, save Milton needs to run away from the Z-ites as fast as they can.

Let's really do something innovative with our horse community, get parks that are the envy of the region, keep one acre,(regardless of who connects to EXISTING sewer pipes to protect the environment). Julie and her gang haven't done anything innovative in their lives. Look at Tina: uses co-hosts for events she hasn't gotten permission from, signs in places without permission, when corrected she extorts concessions or fires from City committees. She tried to veto the parks authority, didn't start disability awareness as claimed, didn't do much of anything. When an apparently reasonable opponent surfaces, she tries to bribe him to drop she can save her sacred seat & title. Oh, she isn't a professor, she is an "instructor". Doesn't sound so cool.
We should be much more concerned about a man's brother going public saying he is unfit for a position of public trust, than some silly trumped up claim of an obscure company scandal.

Get real, go vote. The only truth is this IS an important election. In Dist 5, if Tina does win, we will have to pay $100k for a special election, undoubtedly, unless the City sues Tina due to her misconduct and makes her pay...which she can't.

Julie and her gang haven't run a business, held a job and most seem to have trouble selecting spellcheck when they blog. Do you really want moonbats running a $20million business, with your money and your property value at stake?

I don't.

Anonymous said...

You are a shame to your family and an idiot John Wolff MD. There is always a black sheep, trouble maker, loser in the family, and obvious to me, it is you in this family.

Susan Wolff Lindley said...

I am Susan Lindley, one of the Wolff sisters. I no longer can stand by and allow these unjust attacks on Bernard.
Dr. John Wolff is not a credible witness against Bernard. John has undergone a stunning, sad metamorphosis in the past 10 years,resulting in his being estranged from many people in his life, including HIS OWN CHILDREN. We are all very worried about his ever-increasing lapses of memory about events in the past and inability to understand legal documents such our family trusts.
Yes, Bernard W. Wolff is a Man of Honor and would be a excellent Councilman for Milton.

Anonymous said...

Karen, go to the spa already, people have made up their minds and all your hard work at trying to defame D'Aversa will either work or it won't, go get some rest, you have dark circles and bags under your eyes. You so deserve some rest.

Yes to be put to rest as a council person for this city.

Anonymous said...

If Bernard loses maybe he can get some counciling for his brother and spend time with him on the farm.

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone else needs spellcheck - it's " "counseling" you ignorant person. And yes, Bernard will be "counciling".

Susan Wolff Lindley said...

Great posting about the counseling and spending time together at our farm. A dream come true for us! We continue to love our brother John and lament his poor choices this past decade.
So glad our parents aren't around to witness this travesty.
Regardless of the outcome of the election, we are PROUD OF Bernard for, as usual, taking the high road.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan. I know Bernard well and I know him to be the man you have written about; a man of high intelect and wisdom, a man of honor and dignity and an honest man. I have already proudly cast my vote for him today as has my entire family.

Marian Wolff Nolan said...

I am Bernard Wolff's younger sister and am encouraging you to vote for him today. As the patriarch and leader of our family, Bernard has time and again shown to me his integrity, maturity, intelligence, patience and kindness in all types of situations. I have seen firsthand that he is a proven leader and would do the right thing for Milton. Having known him for 60 years, I can say that I have rarely met a man of finer character. He deserves your vote today.