Monday, November 16, 2009

Write-in votes range from serious to comical

By Rachel Kellogg / Neighbor Newspapers

In Milton’s Nov. 3 municipal elections, the write-in votes for city council District 3 favored Al Trevillyan, who campaigned heavily for incumbent Bill Lusk’s unopposed seat.

Lusk won the race with 2,216 votes, and, according to Fulton County Board of Elections Director Barry Garner, Trevillyan received 920 write-in votes.

Trevillyan could not be reached for comment.

According to the write-in race summary report, other notable write-in votes in District 3 went to Goofy and Ted Nugent, while two Milton citizens voting in the mayor’s race threw their support behind Atlanta candidates Mary Norwood and “Kaseem” Reed.

A “Dirt Road Repairman” was also given a vote for mayor, and 2008 Presidential candidate Bob Barr gained a vote in Milton’s District 1 race.

Several write-in voters gave unopposed incumbents in Roswell, Alpharetta and Milton a beating by casting a ballot for “Anyone Else.”

In Alpharetta, Debbie Gibson received eight votes and R.J. Kurey received two votes for Doug DeRito’s unopposed Post 1.

Other write-in votes in Alpharetta went to Glenn Beck, George Bush and cartoon dads Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson.

White gloves and big ears were a big hit for write-in voters in all three cities, where Mickey Mouse received a total of nine votes for various seats.

Always a side-kick, Donald Duck received one vote in each city, while an indistinct D. Duck gained two votes in Roswell.


Anonymous said...

The people of Milton that truly care about preserving the rural character will be kicking themselves in a year or two. They will wish they made more of an effort to have their voices heard by getting out to vote for the responsible growth candidates. This new council will consist of 5 pro-growth members come January and they will leave their mark forever on Milton. The saving grace for citizens is the extent of their damage will be lessoned because the poor economy.

Milton residents would have been much better off to ask Alpharetta to annex the “sewer” communities like Crooked Creek that do nothing but destroy the rural character of Milton. Now the residents of these crappy cookie cutter developments are deciding the election results. Milton had, actually still has some sections that are truly special, but allowing all of the sub-divisions to be built is slowly turning Milton into just another Atlanta suburb with just more of the same garbage. I would suggest taking lots of photos soon so that you can remember when Milton was so special.

Anonymous said...

Yes, those "crappy cookie cutter developments" like Crooked Creek do nothing for Milton - except generate a big chunk of the City's tax revenue. Lose these revenues and Milton is bankrupt. Then when we're back under the County's control, how long until the sewer pipes flow?

Anonymous said...

Um, we did ask Alpharetta to annex the area before the whole city movement and they were not interested.

Anonymous said...

Um, who is "we"?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tina (or is it Julie?) you can't rewrite history.