Tuesday, November 03, 2009

So What Now, Milton?

By Tim Enloe;

With the ballots from the '09 Milton, GA election still cooling off, numerous suggestions via residents have come to the staff of Which begs the question; What is your idea to make our Milton stand out?

All six candidates shared their ideas in their platform. From Al Trevillyan's Economic Advisor Board to Joe Longoria's Revenue Proposals to Tina D'Aversa's Equestrian Board; all brought their plan to the game.

We have read and heard comments after the numbers were tallied and the victors announced that it is time to move on and the vigor of the past three elections has to stop. Of this, fully agrees. However, talk is cheap and actions speak volumes.

To the council elect, you have three wonderful proposals above by your former fellow candidates and now constituents.

If the bridge of Milton is not meant to be burned but mean to be built upon, then why don't the three elected offer an olive branch to their former opponent and ask that they represent them on the board of one of these proposed committees?

The bottom line is that in Milton; we are all neighbors. Thus, we all affect one another. Only working together towards a collective goal will we truly shine as one. We Are Milton.


Anonymous said...

Tim: that is a wonderful idea and good way to unite Milton in a way that honors diversity of thought and opinion.

Anonymous said...

hear hear!

Anonymous said...

It's time to move on, Milton. I don't think the newly elected should feel an obligation to put losing candidates on boards. We can all be friends, but this is not a grade school game with consolation prizes. I believe the fresh leadership is going to tremendously benefit this community. As an aside, I hope the candidate(s) who repeatedly used unscrupulous methods to try to get elected have learned lessons. Maybe you can bully and lie your way through life in the business community, and then walk away and reinvent yourself. But when you're dealing with residents of a community, and their way of life is on the line, you need to know your place as an official serving Milton. Best of luck to all candidates, elected and not.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last poster. Its going to take a lot of work to become Johns Creek, and they need to get after it.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully we are evolving to having adults managing our city affairs, where members work together to find common ground and seek compromise, vs. the widely publicized childish and embarassing behavior of the past.

Anonymous said...

The worm has turned.

Thank goodness

Anonymous said...

Great idea Tim. This will be a first test of the new slate. If they are honorable and truly represent a shared community vision for the future, they should take full advantage of the expertise offered by the opposition of yesterday who are now engaged citizens today.

Anonymous said...

write it down -
Crooked Creek gets thier gates and now they all have increased value because of the "status" that comes with it, the corner of Hopewell and Thompson gets developed (Chatham wins), as does the corner of Freemanville and Providence. Kiss the farms goodbye and welcome more traffic and empty strip malls. You made your beds now lets see how long you can sleep in them!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...don't forget the sewer systems that will start being approved all over the city!

Anonymous said...

The last blogger doesn't get it. Let's move forward with who we have and do what we can to grow and improve this community!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a few of you are ready to write off the city and jump off a cliff! I have appreciated lurking on this blog site during this election cycle - but sometimes cringe at the tone of the debate! I feel the need to weigh in now that it is over...Here is my casual observation of what happened yesterday :-)

1). The City of Milton lost a dedicated resource who despite some shortcomings, a trait common to ALL human beings I might add, really had this city's best interest as her number one priority. Hopefully she will remain energized and stay involved.

2). Far too few voters turned out to read anything into these results regarding referendums toward JBZ's future next election. Results were probably further skewed by voters turning out from Crooked Creek that might not have voted or will vote in the future. We need to find a way to get people into the polls here in Milton - that turnout was pathetic!

3). It will be interesting to see just how active Joe L is now on this council. I get the feeling he ran cause he was mad, but now that he won, lets hope he is ready to dedicate the time and energy needed to make this job work. I am afraid we have just elected another Hewitt and won't see much of anything...

4). I don't hear the bulldozers all starting to rumble into town just yet :-). I think if we all stay active, attend meetings, join committees, we can keep them at bay for another couple of years - at least until the economy kicks back in and all the horse farmers start to sell!

5). Next election cycle someone needs to confront the candidates at the onset of the campaign and ask them to publically make a pledge to not associate with any negative and/or personal attacks on their opponents. To pledge to quickly and strongly condemn and distance themselves from anyone else doing it on their behalf. And we at voters then need to take this to heart and NOT vote for anyone who cannot or will not live by this simple pledge. Let's work to build a reputation as a quiet, pleasant place to live like we all think we have but it just doesn't appear that way to the outside world :-)

Thanks for hosting this site Tim!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the last blogger for weighing in with his/her thoughts. They are very much appreciated.

Of course, if you were anymore off base with your musings we'd be inclined to give you a late night talk show (come on, man, everybody has one). This way, your rants would fall onto deaf ears.

Listen relative and/or friend of the losing party(ies), you cannot go through life saying one thing and doing the other. You just can't. If you knew any better ('cause from your ramblings, you clearly don't), there is a clear pattern of disrespect, deceit and downright abuse of common sense here among some of those on the losing side (and since you so cleverly decided not to name names, nor shall I).

Saying A and doing Z is part of the whole political dance. Being able to catch somebody (ewwwwwww, wonder who?) doing it so early in the process is a blessing. The pattern is way beyond "ALL HUMANS make mistakes." It really is.

Yes, we are all human. And yes, we all make mistakes. But, sir/madam, admitting and learning from them is the art of being a true leader, teacher, parent, etc. Don't give me that "I didn't know there was anything wrong with what I did," line, especially when you're holding a smoking keyboard.

Just because you seem passionate about what you do and it appears that you mean well doesn't mean it's true. I mean, really, come on.

The beauty of life is that we have the ability to live it as honestly and humbly as we can, something that is truly taxing for each and every one of us. The minute that you think you're better than everybody else is the minute you start your slide into the abyss.

Leaders are those who surround themselves with people who can do what they cannot.

So, to our old friend, Tim, your cartoon says it all (You know what it asked?). It is wrong to bring the jackals back to the feast. So, if you were looking to incite some comments on this blog (which you clearly don't), kudos. Let's hope that you don't believe what you posted.

Folks, as an earlier blogger recommended, it is time to move on. So just let these new people do whatever it is they platformed to do, and then let nature run its course (if that's even possible).

Small voter turnouts? Wal-Marts? Bulldozers? Taking money from developers? Pleeeeease. You're all a bunch of children void of time outs.

You ought to see what the other people are saying about the City of Milton.

Work. Play. Teach. Parent. Learn. But most importantly, accept and move on.

For all of us, move on.

Rich's ramblings said...

Anonymous at 9:32 AM, with points 1 to 5, really hits the nail on the head, in my opinion. I hope all the citizens of Milton will take it under consideration that City Council membership is a job that takes thousands of hours every year - most of these people do this job as a public service, not to further their own agendas. Do they have friends and associates from their neighborhood and/or business network? Sure they do, and so do most of us. If you spend enough time and effort looking for dirt on someone, you can usually find some. Irrespective of who you did or didn't support, this is our town and it will be what all of us make it - the city council has considerable influence, but so do all of us. All the council members I have ever reached out to have taken the time to reply and consider my opinion or input. I am confident these three will as well.

Anonymous said...

No connection to any of the candidates other than having crossed paths with Tina at the ball fields where her son plays with mine and she seems very nice there.

I also voted a little differently than many others did I guess - I did vote for Tina and also voted for Lusk and Thurman - the reason I voted for Tina over Joe was for the reasons I mentioned in my point earlier - I just dont think he is going to put enough effort into the job. It just appears to me that his reasons for running were not initially at least with the city's best interests in mind.

I also weighed the severity of the charges leveled against her and felt at least in my eyes - they did not over shadow her ability to function as a city representative - again - in my eyes, you obviously feel the transgression was more serious. Should a subsequent arbitration deem her unfit to serve then sobeit - but for now - I simply felt she was better suited.

Finally - I think your post in response to my post (along with others) would have had more weight if you had been able to refrain from classifying all with differing opinions as children, and also attempting to speculate on rationale for my post in general. Consider this a "teachable" moment for you as you "learn" how to persuade without insult, perhaps some day you too can "lead" by example :-)

Movin' on!

Anonymous said...

First off, the turnout was almost twice what it was last year. You can verify that. So that is not a valid argument.

Second, if you think that Joe Longoria is not going to be engaged, you've never talked to him or heard what he has to say. This man his vision like few candidates fielded in Milton since incorporation.

Third, the city did lose a resource in Tina, but it was solely due to her own arrogance and doing something that she REALLY should have known better. She REALLY should have known a lot better than to do what she did and it shows arrogance brought on by her view of her own power and that should not be tolerated. It was patently illegal and the fact that she did not recognize this reveals serious character flaws that the voters properly reacted to.

Fourth, the subdivision politics thing is real in other cities including Alpharetta -- a good example is Cheryl Oakes who lives in Windward and brought out her residents in support of her -- can be a GOOD thing and shows that Milton is maturing as a political entity.

Fifth, a lot of people are assuming that Tina was a lot more involved than she has been. Anyone who has observed her at council meetings would see that she was frequently on her computer or blackberry sending or receiving emails, addressing parenting issues with her kids or ex-husband, leaving to take phone calls and generally doing personal business when she should have been working on city business. Reportedly, this was especially true at council retreats.

Sixth, the new council simply won't "pave paradise and put up a parking lot." There is still a comprehensive land use plan in place, and a new one is under way. There are certainly some areas of the city that should be considered as areas for possible future development such as major crossroads and thoroughfares AND the city is going to need more of a commercial tax base to be financially viable. But its more about where and how that should be done rather than taking a no-growth approach. That's what land use planning is really all about. No one should take the position that development has to freeze at the way things were when they moved into town. If prior residents had taken that position, there wouldn't be anything but cotton farms in Milton --not even horse farms. All campaign rhetoric aside, Lockwood, Lusk, Thurman and Longoria are simply NOT going to pave paradise. They really do buy into the common vision of Milton.

Finally, the idea that the victors should be magnanimous enough to appoint their former rivals to boards and commissions is not realistic. The no-growth JZB/BHA vision that the losing ticket espoused is not compatible with the fiscal realities and the philosophy of the mayor and his new majority on the council and in fact defies common sense.

I am very hopeful that this campaign marks a watershed event in Milton's evolution as a city. I think that it is a new day and it points toward a new era where hopefully council members who are activists and not statesmen are marginalized or even voted out of office. Julie and Alan need to develop respect for the validity of other peoples' points of view rather than just demonize them.

We can only wait and see...

Anonymous said...

Re the 1:09 post- Well said my friend, well said.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tim, you are way off with that suggestion. The trio lost because the citizens of Milton do not share their vision. They desire a city that functions, moving forward not back.
The citizens have spoken-I hope our new council will listen.

Anonymous said...

Karen and Bill are not fresh leadership, or leadership for that matter. Unless are referring to leading our city to being developed.

Anonymous said...

Crooked Creek is not going to get their gates. Do you think that STATE LAW is going to be changed for Crooked Creek? AS IF they are the first and only important neighborhood that has ever grappled with having their public road closed off. Amazingly how Mike Stevens though thinks in the 2008 Milton Herald Article that the City of Milton should be "MADE" to spend $600,000 to fix the roads then they will gate it.

It will never happen.

Anonymous said...

One of the very best things Access Milton can do for this City and this website is to make people register to blog, and hold them accountable to their comments by making their names be posted. The scandalous, criminal accusations that flew on this website was an abomination to those being attacked, everyone who was attacked, by cowards behind a keyboard. Unless this stops, this website will not be held credulous. Make yourself different from the Beacon and draw the line in the sand. The things that were said on this site during the elections was not helpful to anyone and hurtful to our city and all the people, no matter who you voted for.

-Sandy C.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Milton realizes yet what it has lost in this election and even when it does, it is too late. Encourage Karen to get her financial affairs in order in Georgia, California, and Tennessee, get Bill an alarm clock, and support Joe Clinton in his AA group, and watch the reactions of Crooked Creek when their dreams of a gated community fails.

Anonymous said...

1:09, 6:02- Could not agree more.
We probably need to find out who 1:09 is, they sound like someone we could use on the City staff!!

To 6:34- You could not be more wrong, though it may not be your fault if you have been misinformed or led astray. Truth is, to those in a position to know, the citizens will never realize how much those two (Bill& Karen) have done, put up with and selflessly contributed to our City. Many cringe at the thought of sitting through ONE meeting, end to end. Can you imagine doing it several times a month and being accountable to get something done so the Staff can perform required services and comply with State law?

7:32- Your comment is so silly and partisan it should be removed, in the new spirit which we are pledging to adhere.

Sandy, your constructive comment is well taken. Most on this blog, lurkers or writers, probably look at it as entertainment. Thus, the ribald or cutting comments may be "edgy" and provocative in that vein. Some, vent sincerely (6:36), some spout total partisan disinformation(7:32), often mean or self-serving.
Tim does his best to provide a service which has clearly grown in "circulation" and credibility. Though an unenviable task, his outfit should try to morph into a safer, more accurate place to check the pulse of Milton. He & his staff are human and may have some agendas or preferences on the issues of the day, but journalistic integrity demands a continued effort to stay neutral & honest.
If someone flatly disagrees or dislikes a public figure, it is probably ok to express that within some bounds of decency.
If bankruptcy, alcoholism, corruption or criminal behavior is floated, it is incumbent on the moderators to review and remove, if appropriate. Too often in recent years, this forum has been abused by the uninformed, to disseminate the ridiculous, hoping it is taken as fact. Too often, it has harmed some reputations very unfairly. As is often the case, the real cads escape censure but the innocent get caught up in unattributable garbage.

Time for a change.

And a clock in front of the Mayor & a gentle shock device installed under the seat two to his right. The City will be the better for it!

Anonymous said...

7:32 really needs to get over it and stop drinking the Kool Aid. This is 1:09 again. You must be a BHA member and have been brainwashed by Julie. These people are nothing like the demons that you have been told they are. Karen's financial affairs are fine and that stuff written by someone who took a set of facts and misinterpreted it to make it look like something it wasn't. Bill being late for the debate should be forgiven and its better than not showing up all together. Finally comparing Joe Longoria to Bill Clinton is just pure silly invented campaign rhetoric that needs to stop. And implying that he is an alcoholic is defamatory. Maybe YOU need group therapy to quit your Julie Kool Aid addiction. Quit the sour grapes and give them the benefit of the doubt to see what they do now.

Tim Enloe said...


Thank you for your comments regarding registration.

What alot of folks don't realize is that we did attempt registration back in 2006 right after was launched. It required that the user use an email to log in.

When we did that, people would quickly set up a bogus email like "" and would continue to leave comments.

As many have seen, we do our best to keep comments on the topic at hand and delete some of the off color input.

However, we at do feel people have the right to have an opinion on various issues that affect our Milton; even if they are the polar opposite of ours.

If you, or any other visitor see a questionable commment that we might have overlooked, by all means let us know at

Keep safe,

Tim Enloe
Magnolia Media, LLC
Power Realty
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

1.09 you really impressed me with the articulate, respectful, factual and well thought out comments of your original post. A pleasure to have on Council indeed!

Segments of your next post are however a disappointment. You do yourself a disservice by responding, as you did to 7.32, in a manner which is childish and mimicks the rantings of those you seek to admonish.

"stop drinking the Kool Aid. You must be a BHA member and have been brainwashed by Julie".... "Maybe YOU need group therapy to quit your Julie Kool Aid addiction".

Stick to the 'higher road' formula of your first post. It was an excellent blog and displayed class!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the 6:36 pm commenter, as expected, JZB and her supporters are starting to rattle the legal chains to protect their right to use Crooked Creek as a cut-through.

Why not? The strategy worked before...

The land barons of Milton sued the County to get the new high school moved from Freemanville to Cogburn.

The land barons will probably also sue to prevent the development of Birmingham Park (sports? kids? cars? not on JZB's road!)

But the strategy will not work in this case. The land barons have no need to cut through Crooked Creek - and they are rich, but not foolish. Despite JZB's threats to the contrary, her deep-pocketed supporters are not going to file suit for the right to use a neighborhood road as a freeway - not when the safety of kids is at issue.

To solve the problem, put a stoplight at Cogburn and Francis so our friends in The Manor and Champions View will not have to cut through Crooked Creek to avoid 45 minutes of traffic.

Unlike the land barons and developers, we have no gold to offer, but if you solve our problems, the many residents of Milton's subdivisions will reward you with our votes.

Anonymous said...

6:39 - your point is well taken, but I lose my patience with these folks who just aren't reasonable.


Anonymous said...

First of all, nobody sued the FCBOE to get them to move the school, you are completely wrong on that fact. The FCBOE clearly stated they realized they could not fit both schools on the Freemanville land due to the issues with the land, so they chose to move the HS to Bethany. No land barons exist or sued the BOE to get the school moved. End of story.

To solve the problem with the new school, the BOE must eminent domain a right of way entrance off of HWY 9 next to Wendy's to the already owned FC property where the water towers are. It is a small strip of land they would be using their jurisdiction to obtain, but it would alleviate the huge traffic issue they are compounding by the addition of a HS to that corner.

The people of this city do not want B-ham Park to look like Wills Park. So if you want it to look like that, then I do consider that ruining the land for that type of park. We can have sports, trails, kids, and equestrian all in the park with out commercializing it and making it look like every other cookie cutter park in Alpharetta. There is a way to do it right and a way to ruin the natural beauty of a park, and I would like to have the best of both worlds at that park.

I live on an open road, and I am sorry you like to look at the rolling hills and pastures and beautiful horses in Milton, yet you don't want to give the people who live on open roads the same consideration or acknowledgement that we are as important or more important then people who live in neighborhoods out here because our large properties provide the backdrop for your neighborhood or drive to work. If you want to live in a nice, expensive, crowded neighborhood, with hundreds of other neighborhoods just like it all over the place, then go live in alpharetta or johns creek. You like it out here because it is not neighborhood haven, and what is left of the countryside is still here, barely, but it is here. This is why the property values in Milton are higher than most of FC, and why people want to relocate out here, because of the views, not because of the view of your neighbor's deck and pool from 25 feet away.

Anonymous said...

You will NEVER change the Georgia State Law to gate Crooked Creek. You are not that special, nor was any other high falootin neighborhood before yours who also wanted to change the law. Get over it. You actually think Milton needs to spend money to change the STATE law for Crooked Creek to have gates. So you want Milton tax money to pay for that as well as pay for your roads to be repaired so you can gate it afterwards. I would personally sue the City and Crooked Creek for using my tax dollars to repair your roads to then try and change the law to gate it off to the public. It is a public road, if you wanted exculsivity then you should have moved to the Manor, WC, Sugarloaf, CC of the South, the RiverClub. Feeling a bit insecure about not being in their category because you lack gates. You lack class.

Anonymous said...

The state law has nothing to do with gating. The state law governs road abandonment. These are separate issues. The real challenge in this case is one of local control. Why would the city of Milton give control to the state for a road that is owned by the city? That makes no sense.

Milton was formed specifically to provide local control. Our citizens were tired of having a county government make decisions for us. It's time we took this matter into our own hands and engaged in an open debate on the real issue. Should the city be allowed to revert ownership of a collection of residential streets to a group willing to manage and care for those streets?

Least we forget, all of the roads within Crooked Creek were originally owned by the sub-division's developer. It wasn't until the sub-division was populated that this developer deeded the roads to the county. Milton inherited these roads from the county.

We are in a situation where the city does not have the ability to maintain its roads. The standard/average municipal maintenance plan calls for road repairs once every twenty years. Milton’s current plan provides for repairs once every fifty years. This is not sustainable nor is it sound management of our city’s infrastructure.

By allowing Crooked Creek to take ownership of the roads, we are eliminating the maintenance from residential roads and redirecting maintenance to connector roads – which are a bigger concern. While some folks have stated that Crooked Creek demands that the roads be repaired prior to privatization, the city does not have to take that step. What if the city told Crooked Creek – fine, take ownership of the roads in their current condition – but you have to provide maintenance starting on day one. This would eliminate the expense from the city repair budget, and test the real motivation of the Crooked Creek HOA on what they are willing to do.

As I stated earlier, the real issue here is one of local control. Regardless of which side of the debate you are on, the citizens of Milton should have control over this issue – not the state.

Anonymous said...

For the life of me, I can't figure out why the Crooked Creek gating issue is such an emotional issue to so many. Granted I live accross town in the Providence/Bethany area and I am an open roader, but I could care less if these people want their roads gated. Since latest phase in White Columns was allowed to gate their roads, I don't see why Crooked Creek wouldn't be allowed as well.

Just to be clear, doing so would mean that the roads would revert to private ownership and that the residents of Crooked Creek would have to escrow the repair & maintenance funds and take responsibility for all work. I can tell you that many of my White Columns' friends are not happy with their $1000 per year assessment for the road escrow or with their share of the costs for the onsite security guard.

This is such a small issue for our City and we are wasting so much oxygen on it. The real issue is the financial viability of our City in the short and long term and reallocating the delivery of the city's services with the conclusion of the CH2M contract.

Anonymous said...

How did Deerlake gate their community if the State Law disallowed it?

It sounds like the State Law is open for interpretation.

It will be interesting to see how it all goes down...

But it is nice to see that all of Milton doesn't despise Crooked Creek.

Anonymous said...

Wow - two sane comments in a row. What is the world coming to?

I agree completely with both of these posts. It is time to move on and concern ourselves with the real issues for Milton. And like the previous poster said - gating Crooked Creek is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

When referring to changing state law, I was referring to the percentage of people in the neighborhood that have to agree to the gating of the road. Currently it is 100%. So the state law that reflects this would have to be changed or amended. It is not a matter of interpretation. I sure hope those folks not only all want to pay for that 4 million dollar amenities package but also pay for an increase in dues to maintain all of their roads if it were gated. I guess the economy isn't affecting the residents in Crooked Creek, good for them!! Now can they please share their wealth with the poor common folk that live in Milton who aren't as elite and priveledged at them. We are just so priveledged to be able to even drive through, thanks so much. you can thank Mike Stevens for the attitude that the rest of Milton has towards your neigbhorhood, he is the one that has made you all look like stuck up snobs.

Anonymous said...

My goodness- you are letting one person from Crooked Creek dictate your feelings toward an entire community! How shallow is that-

Please spend your time and energy on items that are of real importance to the City of Milton - your voice is important and should be heard but let's use our voices in a constructive way -

The one thing that history has taught us is that there will always be dissention and disagreement among people. Our strength should be that we welcome the differences and learn how to bridge the gap - mature people work toward goals that are in the best interest of the entire community. It's okay to debate issues and look at all sides, but it can be done in a positive environment. Name calling and ostracizing your neighbors is childish at best.

Let's learn to work together with our city and our city council- let's get rid of the anomosity and misconceptions and work toward a better Milton! I'm willing - are you?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Mike Stevens, they only call you arrogant if you're smart, so consider it a compliment.

They call you stuck up snobs if you live in an upscale neighborhood with nice homes and great schools, so good for you Crooked Creek.

They usually tie you to the mafia if your name ends in a vowel (like Longoria) but Tina couldn't go there, so she branded him a drunk.

Not sure I can explain the bizarre Clinton reference. Desperate times call for desperate measures?

I agree with the sentiments of the 7:05 PM comment - don't let your view of one person dictate your feelings about an entire community.

To take it a step further - don't base your views of a person on the awful things said or implied about them on this blog.

Anonymous said...

re: 4:49

Yes, that is what the state law says, but everyone is missing the point in regards to the law.

Before the 100% rule comes into effect, there have to be 3 connector roads involved. In this case, there are only 2, Hwy. 9 and Francis Road.

Because of this, the 100% doesn't even come into play in scope of the current laws as Creek Club Drive wouldn't even be eligible for consideration.

Anonymous said...

Oh pahleese, Crooked Creek, a resident, stated on one of these blogs that Cogburn was ruined because they (BOE) redistricted the children. They think it is ruined because now their kids have to go to school with chilren who cone from families of lesser means. So who is the snob? It's the comments from your residents, and Mike Stevens who has put the nose in the air about your subdivision. No one else, it's your stigma and you all created it with your comments on this site.

Crooked Creek Parent said...

Oh, just stop.

Crooked Creek parents are not complaining because our kids go to school with other Milton kids from Highway 9 communities.

I (for one) don't worry about kids with too little money. I worry about kids with too much money.

Crooked Creek parents are complaining because the FCBOE ignored our concerns about overcrowding and sent 1,000 students to Cogburn Woods (150 students over state capacity) while only 700 students go to Birmingham Falls.

To her credit, Julie Zahner Bailey was there every step of the way, making sure Katie Reeves and the FCBOE met the needs of the Milton residents in her district.

Where was Tina D'Aversa?

Where was Alan Tart?

If Tina had made an effort to help the parents in her district, she might have earned some votes.

Now that the PTA moms of Crooked Creek are working closely with moms from Avensong, Belle Terre, Lake Laurel and other Highway 9 subdivisions, Alan Tart will probably be the next to go.

Anonymous said...

JZB did not help all the residents in her district, just her neighbors on Birmingham Road.

The Manor and other northeast Milton residents wanted to go to the new school, but then they would have to drive on JZB's precious Birmingham Road. Instead JZB and Katie Reeves sent these kids on a long zigzagging route to Summit Hill.

Summit Hill is a great school too, but it doesn't have a fancy horse trail like Birmingham Falls.

Yes, there are land barons in Milton who use JZB (and her puppets) to get what they want from the City of Milton and the FCBOE.

They don't like to talk about it, but everyone knows how JZB (and her puppets) helped the Freemanville land barons get the high school moved from Freemanville to Cogburn.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion as a Crooked Creek resident and Cogburn Woods parent, Cogburn Woods is still the best elementary school in Milton because it has the best elementary school principal in John Andersen.

With a broad smile on his face, he has delivered pizzas to my house on Domino's Night (once in pouring rain!) and was cheered wildly when he recently appeared dressed as Captain America at our very successful Boosterthon.

The kids love him, the parents love him and, most importantly, the teachers love him. He is the reason that the BEST teachers want to teach at Cogburn Woods.

Does a child’s education improve if 98% of his classmates pass the CRCTs instead of 97%? No.

But does my child’s education benefit from the great administration and teachers at Cogburn Woods? Yes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and on command, JZB makes it rain, tells the sun to rise and set, makes the rivers ebb and flow, decides when the seasons should change.

I'm looking forward to when she commands Thurman to bark like a dog, Lusk to bray like a jackass and Lockwood to laugh like a hiena. That'll be a meeting to attend.

Anonymous said...

Julie probably thinks she can do that!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Julie's dissenters believe this paranoid, ridiculous stuff. Why else was a phone survey commissioned during the last weeks of the election to ask voters who's more popular, Lockwood or JZB? Don't think that word hasn't gotten around.

Anonymous said...

Want to take a guess at what the results were?