Thursday, November 12, 2009

City Manager Responds To Deer Issue.

NOTE: We would like to thank City Manager Lagerbloom for reaching out to us. We did not contact him prior. We appreciate his quick attention to this matter.

Hi Tim,

Good afternoon. We talked briefly today about the City and how our staff responds to injured or dead animals near the roadway. First, our staff is committed to being responsive. You should have seen that in action this morning. As soon as the Public Works crews were notified, they handled the removal. I understand there was some confusion this morning about public versus private property; and potentially Milton’s call center interpretation of what that actually is. It’s terribly difficult to write scripts for each and every situation the call takers deal with – but you can be certain there now will be a script for dead animals.

Without a doubt, we are cautious about private property rights and never want to infringe upon a citizens’ rights to their property – at the same time we want to be exceptionally responsive. This is one of those areas where a healthy dose of common sense should prevail. I’m committed to being ultra responsive - and leading a staff with that same attitude. One of our five employee core values is “It’s not in my job description – is not in our vocabulary”. If I can ever be of service, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Christopher J. Lagerbloom
City Manager
13000 Deerfield Parkway, Suite 107A
Milton, GA 30004
O 678.242.2488
F 678.242.2577


Anonymous said...

Chris, you are a good man!

Anonymous said...

I was the caller regarding the dead deer. When I talked to R______ with the City of Milton, I was put on hold for several minutes while she talked to the public works dept. She told me that if it was on private property they could not remove this deer, but if the property owner could move the deer closer to the road and then call them back then they could come pick it up. I asked how is a homeowner suppose to pick up a dead deer and move it closer to the street. I was also told that they might have to hire a private company to come remove this deer. Who can afford that. I was livid and informed Tim at Access Milton that this needed to be put out there on his website. Public works was called last year by me also and they picked up the deers. Are we suppose to let them rot in our front yards. Come on Chris, this is a big issue up here. What is Public Works job anyway? Did it take an article on Access Milton to get something done about this. For once this was used for positive results!

Anonymous said...

I can tell your upset and I woulld be also but if you deal with emplyees not necessarily understanding the areas out here away from the city hall area than you understand you need patience. This could become an issue as we transition away fr CH2M. In the end, if you take the time to get to the person in charge, I'm certain the City will help. It's growing pains.

Anonymous said...

I called Milton City Hall at 678-242-2500. I talked to Roxanne. She put me on hold while she talked to Public Works. I was taking the time to get the person in charge. If she did not get the person in charge than that is a different story! What difference does it make whether it is near city hall or out in the city of Milton?

Anonymous said...

Tim, can you please get the times right on these blogs?

Travis Allen said...

Tim has no control over the times posted.

This is an issue with where the server resides that houses this site.

Note, the blogs are not part of the Access Milton site, but are part of Google.

The server is apparently housed on the West coast.

Travis Allen said...

Google / Blogger...whatever

Anonymous said...

You can set your time zones. The server may be elsewhere, but in blogger you can set your TZ to match where you are.

Anonymous said...

The Milton Public Works department fixed my TZ!

Anonymous said...

Well, the Bloom got involved after the incident hit the blogs and not before. How typical.

How long will a dead deer lay in Crooked Creek now that Joe Clinton is on the scene? How tempted will he be to use his position for personal gain? Getting dead deer out of his community will be cyberfast so that Crooked Creek kids won't have to see it and have nightmares.

Of course, after Joe gets CC gated, the deer won't dare trespass because he will use the police to guard against such things. Such lofty work for the police.

Anonymous said...

You need to get a dose of maturity 9:33 PM