Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Milton Council approves vehicle for chief

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

At its Nov. 2 meeting, Milton's City Council unanimously approved a $20,500 supplemental lease agreement with the Georgia Municipal Association. The money will be used to buy Police Chief Deborah Harrell a Ford Explorer for use while on duty, said Finance Director Stacey Inglis.

Inglis said Harrell has been driving her personal vehicle on duty so that Milton's force can have a spare car in case of emergency. The city is going with a capital lease to help manage cash flow, said Inglis. The interest rate is 3.9 percent, and the city will pay $7,200 year for the truck, she said.


Anonymous said...

Really? $600.00 per month. Fiscal responsibility huh?

Anonymous said...

That is pretty typical for a monthly cost for a vehicle of the value. Where you been hiding your head?

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of a Honda Civic?

Anonymous said...

Maybe for you but not for a police chief.

Anonymous said...

Come on, 600 a month sounds reasonable and the car is appropriate for the chief. Plus she is nice!

I just find it funny that the city has spent a small fortune on vehicles, etc that are being paid for over time. Why can't they do the same thing for road improvements?

OK, I don't have any idea how that stuff works but doesn't it sound logical that if they can go buy several million (no idea how much exactly but it has to be a lot) in brand new fire and police equipment then couldn't they also go borrow a million or two for a few intersections?

Poorly designed intersections and lack of signals, etc kills people!

In three years the city has yet to build one intersection improvement, widen one road or fix one bridge. At least not that I have seen...unless you count what the Target developer did.

What are they doing in Public works besides refusing to remove dead deer from Tim's yard, temporarily fixing a few gravel roads and stopping a community that wants to take over a very large amount of future road maintenance expense from the city and pay for it themselves?

Wouldn't allowing neighborhoods to privatize save the city a ton of money? Don't know the exact math but it sure sounds like it would.

Is it true the city is on a plan/budget to repave every road every 50 years?

Maybe now that we may be able to stop fighting over whether or not the existing commercial land owner can connect to the existing sewer pipe on his property the city can focus on improving the overall quality of services and other logical ideas.

Worth some discussion at least....

Sorry for the lack of exact facts but maybe someone who knows can fill in for my guesses.

Anonymous said...

According to a posted sign, road work on Highway 9 in Forsyth County is being funded by federal stimulus money. Whose job is it to try to access public funding (be it federal, state or county) to improve the roads in Milton?

Anonymous said...

If it is not a state highway, then it's Milton's responsibility.