Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sample Ballot for Write-In Al Trevillyan

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

As you know, I am running as a WRITE-IN candidate for the 3rd District seat on the Milton City Council. You also know that I chose to run because I could not accept Mr. Lusk running unopposed.

I have attached a sample ballot because many of you have expressed concern about how to vote for a write-in candidate and how to remember to spell my name correctly. This sample ballot illustrates the ballot and the keyboard you will use to type in my name and brief instructions.

You may take this into the voting booth to help you make the selections you want.

The Director of Fulton County Registration & Elections confirmed that you may take a sample ballot into the voting booth.

Please give me your support in this election and pass on my message to your friends.

My Commitment to You:

All my actions will be in support of our City of Milton Mission and Vision statements.

I support development in a controlled manner consistent with our comprehensive plan.

I will oppose any efforts to increase density, including extension of sewer service.

I will support improvements to our infrastructure, assigning highest priority to those that improve the safety and well being of our citizens, including a Public Safety Complex in the Highway 9 / Deerfield area.

To generate NEW tax revenue, I will recommend formation of an Economic Development Commission that will find quality businesses to fill the many empty store fronts and offices throughout our city.

I will support appropriate development in the Highway 9/Deerfield and Crabapple areas that is consistent with our Comprehensive Plan.

I will hold regular public meetings to represent all Milton citizens in my decision making and will not favor one area of Milton over another.

I will work to secure new parkland for those areas in our city that do not have access and to improve our existing parkland.

Milton is an oasis, surrounded by high density development. Together we can maintain our rural character, preserve our equestrian heritage, and build a city that will be the envy of our neighbors.

Please help me preserve Milton. I need your write-in vote.

Al Trevillyan (Tre-vill-yan)

Milton City Council CandidateDistrict 3, At-Large
1975 Birmingham Road
Milton, GA 30004

Please write-in Al Trevillyan for

Milton City Council - District 3.

The write-in process is easy, here's what you do:
Select District 3Touch WRITE-IN buttonKeyboard will appear on the screenFollow instructions on that screen, be careful to
spell Al Trevillyan correctly.

You may ask for help from the election workers. Please feel free to bring a copy of this email into the voting booth, just don't leave it for others.

Click Here To View A Sample Ballot:

Courtesy Paid for by Al Trevillyan Election Committee


Anonymous said...

Al is an honest man with a great deal of integrity. Throughout his campaign, he has demonstrated the desire to listen to the citizens of this community. He is running for the simple reason that he feels he can do a much better job than Bill Lusk. A change is needed and Al is the right person for the council seat.

Anonymous said...

Al, I'm sure you would be an excellent councilman if you ran independently but with ties to the far left side and with Julie Bailey's endorsement. I cannot take the chance. You will be a part of the insanity at City Hall.

Anonymous said...

The statement "You also know that I chose to run because I could not accept Mr. Lusk running unopposed."

Why doesn't he want to run because he believes he can make a difference?

This certainly translates into "Julie made me run". I agree with the last poster. He might be a nice guy but he has surely been mislead.

We have to bring some pride back to Milton!

Anonymous said...

Trevillyan is one of Jezebel's minions. Pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Trevillyan is his own man. He has vision and a plan for the City. I will be voting for Al.

Anonymous said...

One of Julie's stooges actually went to the city to get the "write in" info.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Al hasn't shown any vision or any real grasp of the issues.

Anonymous said...

Then you must not read or you have not taken the time to listen to him. He has a great vision and a great plan to bring new business to the city and without building new developments everywhere.

He has my vote as do Tina D'Aversa and Bernard Wolff.

Anonymous said...

You Zahnerites are absolute idiots, or disengenuous...maybe just both.

I just got an autodial from Julie, of all people.
She is "all in", as they say in Vegas. Invariably, she hides in the shadows like the wimpy Wizard of Oz, operating via dupes like Leona Cole, Paula Moore, pathetic Carol and nutty Nikky. This time, she is so desperate, the One herself has come out for her cast of candidates.
Her call says Milton will be the same if we vote her way...and it WILL!!!
In other words, no improvement, no parks, no quality of life increases, no tax relief, nothing.
Just a desperate longing for something that only exists in some minds every fall during elections. Anyone who really wants to protect, improve, save Milton needs to run away from the Z-ites as fast as they can.

Let's really do something innovative with our horse community, get parks that are the envy of the region, keep one acre,(regardless of who connects to EXISTING sewer pipes to protect the environment). Julie and her gang haven't done anything innovative in their lives. Look at Tina: uses co-hosts for events she hasn't gotten permission from, signs in places without permission, when corrected she extorts concessions or fires from City committees. She tried to veto the parks authority, didn't start disability awareness as claimed, didn't do much of anything. When an apparently reasonable opponent surfaces, she tries to bribe him to drop she can save her sacred seat & title. Oh, she isn't a professor, she is an "instructor". Doesn't sound so cool.
We should be much more concerned about a man's brother going public saying he is unfit for a position of public trust, than some silly trumped up claim of an obscure company scandal.

Get real, go vote. The only truth is this IS an important election. In Dist 5, if Tina does win, we will have to pay $100k for a special election, undoubtedly, unless the City sues Tina due to her misconduct and makes her pay...which she can't.

Julie and her gang haven't run a business, held a job and most seem to have trouble selecting spellcheck when they blog. Do you really want moonbats running a $20million business, with your money and your property value at stake?

I don't.

Anonymous said...
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