Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Milton Council OKs extension for service delivery strategy

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

November 10, 2009

Also at the Nov. 2 meeting council unanimously approved asking for an extension of the county's service delivery strategy, a contract agreed upon every 10 years between Fulton and its respective cities.

The service delivery strategy is now in mediation, which means a 120-day extension. The main issue involves Sandy Springs and cities in South Fulton fighting with the county over water rates – but all of North Fulton is affected because the contract is county-wide.

If the mediation is not successful, it will go to court for a decision.

The deadline for the extension was Oct. 31, so City Manager Chris Lagerbloom said asking was more of a formality. Fulton cities are on both sides of the issue, he said, so there was no reason to expect any formal extension.

"We just needed to demonstrate publicly where he stand," he said.


Anonymous said...

First they extend sewer, now this...when will the madness end?

Anonymous said...

"OMG" is this really happening? I just knew if Julie's people didn't get elected that they would extend sewer everywhere and now it is happening.

Anonymous said...

Same ole, same ole. (Yawn.) So many of us are burnt out on the sewer issue and just want to get moving in a forward direction. Even one foot. If you are concerned, then get involved. If enough people aren't at the council meetings "engaged", not to mention the votes this election for the candidates with that platform, then either we change perspectives and have faith, or it's time to move. All this just goes along with American Dream. Te Majority Vote. And, The People spoke up at the polls. As unfortunate as it may seem. It's as democratic as you can get.