Monday, November 02, 2009

Faustian Twist?

Vote Bernard Wolff
Candidate Milton City Council District 1 At-Large

Demand the Milton We Were Promised
Faustian Twist?

I'm sure that you are familiar with the story about Doctor Faust, who made a bargain with the devil to obtain infinite knowledge. Faust was granted his wish, but the story had an unhappy ending when the devil claimed his part of the bargain.

We have a variation of this tale in our current election: according to publicly available lists of each candidate's contributors for the Milton City Council, candidates Lusk and Thurman are receiving significant amounts of money from those in the development community.

Now, what do you think will happen if in this case,
Thurman and Lusk are re-elected?

Millions of dollars are within reach for these contributors if Milton's ordinances can be bypassed, and uncontrolled development can be enabled by sewer extensions and zoning variances. How can such candidates be objective in their official decisions when they have received lavish sums of money to use in their campaigns to achieve their positions on the Milton City Council? Can these candidates really be trusted to enforce Milton's long range plan and resultant ordinances governing development?

There is a different twist to this Faustian Bargain in this case. It is not the candidates that suffer from the demands they must meet in return for the money, it is the citizens of Milton. Uncontrolled development is destructive to the quality of life to a community. Just ask the folks along Highway 9. The community lives with the result, not Lusk and Thurman, who are insulated from their decisions by where they live.

Voting records reveal that this is exactly
what has been happening
prior to this election.

In stark contrast Tina D'Aversa, Al Trevillyan, and I are answerable to no one other than Milton's citizens. We are private citizens funded by private citizens or by ourselves. Our campaign events have been in private homes, community clubhouses, and even horse barns with attendees sitting on hay bales.

We are seeking office to ensure that Milton will become and remain the City we were promised. We, alone, can be completely objective, and answerable solely to the citizens of Milton when zoning proposals are brought before us. We shall insist upon high quality development in compliance with Milton's long range plans, to enhance our quality of life rather than destroy it.

Let's not be subject to a "Faustian Twist". Vote for Bernard Wolff, Tina D'Aversa, and Al Trevillyan on November 3rd.

Demand the Milton we were promised!

Courtesy Bernard W. Wolff Election Committee 1000 Lackey Road Milton GA 30004


Anonymous said...

"lavish" sums of money?

You're fudgin' kiddin' me right?

Go rake some hay Bernard.

Anonymous said...

Bill and Karen are honorable people who have both worked tirelessly for this city. If you truly loved this city you wouldn't try to divide the things that make it so unique.
Tell me you've never been to Walmart. I'm sure, like the rest of us, you enjoy the convenience and the tax revenue it brings. We aren't collecting many tax dollars from the horses but they add beauty to our city.
I believe all things, pretty and ugly have a place in our city. One should not trump the other. You make progress sound sinful.
Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

-----Original Message-----
From: Bernard Wolff
To: John McD Wolff Susan Lindley ; Marian Nolan ;; Charles Wolff
Sent: Fri, Oct 30, 2009 12:28 pm
Subject: Fw: Preserving Farms

I haven't had a chance to review these (I shall tonight), but these appear to be examples of what I'm considering for Lahkapani and the City of Milton, or Milton + Roswell jointly.

Both Roswell and Milton are anxious to acquire park & recreational property for their citizens. It adds attractiveness to a community, which results in a better (affluent, law abiding, tax paying etc) citizenry, increasing land values, and decreased need for services.

To our benefit, it offers us a chance to sell Lahkapani before the housing market recovers, at a market price to us, & a discounted price to the municipality. If feasible, the way this would work is:

Price/acre desired: $100,000

Lease to city for 3 years at acceptable annual rent (say, $200,000/year) with option to purchase at end of lease. The Purchase contract will require that the City purchase the Property (at the end of the lease) if development rights are removed and the property use is perpetually as farm or park land (which reduces its value).

As the lease period ends and the purchase date arrives, we would

>sell develoment rights for, say, $60K/Acre to a developer to use in another area.
>We would then sell the property to the city for, say $40K/acre.

We get the targeted $100K/acre, the City purchases the park land for $40K/acre.

The numbers and transaction details may be different, but the basic concept is the same.



Anonymous said...

Not lies at all about Thurman. Here you go...

Anonymous said...

You Zahnerites are absolute idiots, or disengenuous...maybe just both.

I just got an autodial from Julie, of all people.
She is "all in", as they say in Vegas. Invariably, she hides in the shadows like the wimpy Wizard of Oz, operating via dupes like Leona Cole, Paula Moore, pathetic Carol and nutty Nikky. This time, she is so desperate, the One herself has come out for her cast of candidates.
Her call says Milton will be the same if we vote her way...and it WILL!!!
In other words, no improvement, no parks, no quality of life increases, no tax relief, nothing.
Just a desperate longing for something that only exists in some minds every fall during elections. Anyone who really wants to protect, improve, save Milton needs to run away from the Z-ites as fast as they can.

Let's really do something innovative with our horse community, get parks that are the envy of the region, keep one acre,(regardless of who connects to EXISTING sewer pipes to protect the environment). Julie and her gang haven't done anything innovative in their lives. Look at Tina: uses co-hosts for events she hasn't gotten permission from, signs in places without permission, when corrected she extorts concessions or fires from City committees. She tried to veto the parks authority, didn't start disability awareness as claimed, didn't do much of anything. When an apparently reasonable opponent surfaces, she tries to bribe him to drop she can save her sacred seat & title. Oh, she isn't a professor, she is an "instructor". Doesn't sound so cool.
We should be much more concerned about a man's brother going public saying he is unfit for a position of public trust, than some silly trumped up claim of an obscure company scandal.

Get real, go vote. The only truth is this IS an important election. In Dist 5, if Tina does win, we will have to pay $100k for a special election, undoubtedly, unless the City sues Tina due to her misconduct and makes her pay...which she can't.

Julie and her gang haven't run a business, held a job and most seem to have trouble selecting spellcheck when they blog. Do you really want moonbats running a $20million business, with your money and your property value at stake?

I don't.

Anonymous said...

8:54 - take your medicine.