Monday, November 16, 2009

Car Break Ins In Milton

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Please see the following and be on the look out. Many thanks to the Milton residents who shared this information with us!

About 4:15 this morning, there were people going through our neighborhood off S. Thompson Road looking for unlocked cars and taking whatever they could. (In our case, a GPS). My husband saw a dark 2-door car (looked like a Ford Focus) and we called the police.

So, please pass this along to your network to remind everyone to lock their cars in their driveway and keep valuables out of site.

Sheila Pineyro
Country Ridge


Anonymous said...

If your car is unlocked and someone opens the door and takes something, is this really a break in?

Anonymous said...

yes because it was not their car or their belongings to break in and take. duh!

Anonymous said...

did you really ask that question?