Monday, October 22, 2007

Press Release / Monday / October 22, 2007

Julie Zahner Bailey for Responsible Growth - The Choice is Clear

The November 6th election for Milton City Council is only two weeks away. We need your help to ensure that Julie is re-elected to help protect and preserve our community.

Key Priorities for the next term:

Responsible Growth
Traffic Improvement and Control
Controlling Taxes

Responsible growth is at the heart of the debate with Julie's opponent

Excessive growth will damage the unique rural character of Milton that drew many of us here in the first place.
Excessive growth will further aggravate our already severe traffic problem.
Excessive growth will place additional burdens on our existing revenue and may require new taxes.

Julie has fought for responsible growth in our area for 12 years. Her opponent, Roger Santi, is pro-development and growth.

Roger Santi has recently claimed to be against excessive development and sewer.

Published facts say otherwise.

Milton Beacon Article on Roger Santi's Fundraiser:"A small crowd that included many high-profile developers in the North Fulton area sipped $5 glasses of wine and munched on peeled shrimp. The crowd included three members of the City Council: Karen Thurman, Neal O'Brien and Bill Lusk."

In the same article, Lee Duncan, one of the high profile developer supporters of Roger Santi who attended the fundraiser was quoted as saying about Julie: "I've been fighting with that [fill in the blank; hint - rhymes with itch] for seven years."

Milton Beacon Article Contrasting Julie Zahner Bailey & Roger Santi:Mr. Santi was quoted as saying "My support from the business community is very deep. Zahner-Bailey is the automatic "no" vote on most zoning requests. She wants to keep Milton just like it is now forever and simply ignore growth and progress..."

Roger Santi's Actual Voting Record on Growth and Development

Mr. Santi has been an appointed member of the Atlanta Regional Commission's (ARC) Environment Land-Use Committee (ELUC), where he attended only 4 of 11 meetings last year. Along with other pro-development factions, Mr. Santi cast a critical vote in favor of placing 12,000 homes on 4,000 acres of wildlife preserve in Cherokee County, even though staff recommended against it, hundreds of residents opposed it, and it was against the land use plan for the area. He voted for this high density development just two days after losing the Milton City Council election to Ms Zahner Bailey, last year. This development would cost the County $300,000,000 in infrastructure costs that the developer would not cover.

In Closing...

The next few years in Milton City government will set the tone for Milton's growth and development for decades. If re-elected, Julie pledges to continue to work hard for responsible growth in accordance with our land use plans, focus directly on solutions for our traffic problems, and to aggressively manage our budget to keep our taxes low.Please vote on November 6th, and vote for Julie Zahner Bailey for the Milton City Council.

No City of Milton funds were used for this email.
Paid for by Friends of Julie Zahner Bailey


Anonymous said...

4 0f 11 meetings and 12,000 homes on 4000 acres of wild life preserve. You'd be crazy to vote Santi unless of course you are a developer or a sewer company or a Milton council member on the take.

Anonymous said...

"Julie has fought for responsible growth in our area for 12 years."

Should read,

"Julie has fought ALL growth in our area for 12 years"

And if you think no tax increases is possible with no growth.

Think of only one city expense, cost of GASOLINE.

Don't worry yourself with adding up annual salary increases, or increased cost of materials.

We're just going to be sitting here staring at Julie's monument to stupdidty [The NOW LEASING Birmingham Village] with many vacancies and strangled business restricitons on the few that are there.

Those empty spaces are potential revenue sources for the city that is going to have "no tax increases".

Ok explain it to me, somebody, anybody, I'm all ears.

Anonymous said...

Call me stupid, call me a dumb local...but this place was just fine before all you people moved here and ruined it...

Anonymous said...

Mr. or Mrs. Ears,

If you don't understand then you have choices. If you like the way it is in Milton now, then vote for Julie and stay, or if you don't move to the other side of 400 or East Cobb and enjoy the other type of lifestyle. This way you can enjoy all of the development and not have to vote for Santi.

Anonymous said...

All ears......

You seem to have a big issue with the Birmingham Crossroads. The reality is that most of the people that live HERE think it is a great development that will serve the community well for decades instead of a scorched earth strip mall with a sidewalk that goes nowhere.

Perhaps you should focus your efforts on the east side of 400 where they will be happy to build your zero lot line homes and strip malls.

We are a strong community...

looking forward to November 6th!

Anonymous said...

Milton is the home of sidewalks that go no where and duh, the Cross Roads failure is a classic example of an economic flop in your community.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the brief outline of your perception of "My choices."

I believe, I do understand very well, thank you.

However,I also believe I shall make another choice and "Endeavor to Persevere" and try to educate the masses on the folly of thinking you can have "no growth" and not have higher taxes.

If you disagree with my theory, I'd like to hear it.



Anonymous said...

This guy is either Fontozzi or Dunkin or another developer it is easy to see I think it is. Howz the stress treatin' you too - I hope bad. people like you are cancer and I hope you have cancer I do. better yet maybe a heart atack will get you from all the stress. Fine with me.

Anonymous said...

No matter the "pox" you wish on me [your neighbor] I wish you a speedy recovery.

Stressless Dumbo

Anonymous said...


Remember that too much of a good thing somehow always turs out not to be so good.