Wednesday, October 24, 2007

With thirteen days left until Election Day / Nov 6th, the day draws near to make your choices for Milton, Georgia’s next city council. Some folks have made up their minds while others still aren’t sure who fits the bill. So what are your thoughts? Please share with us why you will vote for this candidate, why you won’t vote for that candidate, or what you need to hear from either candidate to help you make that important decision. requests that all feedback refrain from name calling and unprofessional language. All six candidates have stepped up to the plate to serve the public. That, in itself, should be admired.

- Tim Enloe /


Anonymous said...

I would like for Ms. Bailey to say "Yes, I did it and this is why" or "No I didn't do it" The ethics complaint is a lie.

Anonymous said...

Even if Julie Bailey "did it" and you think it is wrong, she is still the best choice for City Council. Roger Santi is a slick, untruthful politician who only cares about himself and not our City. He is willing to take drastic measures to make sure he's elected and that is very scary to me. He's an arrogant man. As I drive thru Tullamore, the subdivision he lives in, I see very few Santi signs but many Bailey ones. That should be an indication right there to everyone. The same goes for Neal O'Brien in Devonshire. O'Brien has the same personality flaws as Santi, with less money. Mohrig, is well, just there but not much of an asset to our council even if he seems like a "nice" guy on our current one. So, my choices, the only choice with a better Milton in mind is this:

Julie Zahner Bailey
Burt Hewitt
Alan Tart

One more thing. People post here that Bailey supporters are mostly the ones who write on Access Milton blogs. That may be correct since we are probably more informed and "engaged" than the average resident in Milton since we met her many years ago while she was fighting for our future in NW Fulton. We are the ones who care so much that we actually take the time to read this and post our thoughts.

If that bothers some of you, than you should get more involved and actually do something to benefit our City and stop complaining about her efforts and those who support her.

Anonymous said...

The central issues to me are two fold. Ethics/taxes.

Since you "met her many years ago", then I am sure you recall her virtually bankrupting the good ole Birmingham Civic Asso.

Yes, she was fighting for what she believed, but she was also writing checks she [meaning the asso.] couldn't cash and ended up owing hundreds of thousands of dollars for plannng consultants they had no way to pay. Fulton County tax payers were forced to bail her out.

I don't want to bail her cause[s] out again.

Anonymous said...

Remember, she is one of seven with voting privilege on city council... so unless the other six give her total control, which is not going to happen, you won't have to bail her out again.

Anonymous said...

"I don't want to bail her cause(s) out again."

Were you residing in Fulton County when this buyout took place?

Anonymous said...

"Remember, she is one of seven with voting privilege on city council..."

So why is she sending city employees to fight her cause in other cities wihtout the vote of the other members?

Anonymous said...

Do you know for a fact (first hand knowledge) she sent city employee(s) to another city?

Anonymous said...

No, nor do I not know with "first hand knowledge" we landed on the moon or that there was a holocaust. I wasn't there.

But I believe,

"The Truth is out there"

And [unless you are she] you "with first hand knowledge" can not say she didn't.

Anonymous said...

But I believe, "The Truth is out there", NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT!!

Your question was: "So why is she sending city employees to fight her cause in other cities without the vote of the other members?" The inference is she did or is doing this sending. I merely asked if you knew this for a fact.

I have no idea as to whether she did or did not do this. I never said she did not do it, nor did I infer she didn"t do guess is you assumed this.

Just remember there is three sides to this case, the Tozzi"s, Julie's and last, but not least, the FACTS.

Anonymous said...

The origional post in part reads "what you need to hear from either candidate to help you make that important decision"


#1 Ask a question [which is still unanswered.]


#4 Remember, she's one of seven [Which to me, imples it doesn't matter]

I, for one, think it DOES matter and I would not want ANY elected official taking things in to their own hands [like she is ACCUSED of doing]

Do I know she did it? Absolutely not.

Do I think it matters? Absolutely, a great deal.

That kind of unilateral action from ANY elected officials is an abuse of power and a very slippery slope.

It speaks very clearly of how an elected official sees him or her self and how they view the positon in which they have been elected to SERVE.

Anonymous said...

To Post #10

What would your response be if Post #1 responded, "No I didn't do it."?

What would your response be if Post #4 responded, "There was no intent to imply that it didn't matter"?

Anonymous said...

What about Vermin? Dosent she try to control things behind the scenes? Why isn't she up on ethics charges?

Anonymous said...

What if Yogi Berra had a brother named Paul?

What if Steve McQueen had married Queen Elizabeth?

What if I sit this "What If" dance out?

"The fact Mam just the facts"

Anonymous said...

Somewhat poster 13 responding to poster 11? If so, it sure seems his or her mind was made up from the get-go...Anti-Bailey!

Anonymous said...

Looks like post #10 & #13 are one in the same and does not have the guts to state "I am for Santi."