Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tax Deadline Approaches: Oct. 31st

Senior Homestead Exemption Deadline Extended

Have you paid your property taxes yet? Milton's property tax bills were mailed to residents in early September, with a payment deadline of October 31, 2007. You can pay your property tax bill by mail, online or in person at City Hall. The City has also extended the deadline to file for senior homestead exemptions for residents age 65 or older. If you believe you are eligible for a senior exemption that you did not receive, please call the City's tax department at 678-242-2500. Additionally, if you paid property tax in previous years through an escrow account with your mortgage company, we advise that you send a copy of your 2007 property tax bill to your mortgage company to ensure that your taxes will be paid on time.


Anonymous said...

Don't pay right yet...O'brien may be able to get them eliminated!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is pretty amazing. Ask his neighbors with whom he served on the HOA. Ask them if the support him now!