Thursday, October 25, 2007

Alpharetta Cited For Breaking Own Watering Rules.

By DOUG NURSE The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 10/25/07

What goes around comes around.

On the same day Alpharetta passed uber-tough watering restrictions, the assistant city administrator found something interesting on his desk — two citations for illegally watering some flower beds in front of City Hall.

These, after receiving a warning a few days earlier.

Assistant City Administrator Robert Rokovitz said that on Oct. 16, police Officer J. Hickel put a warning inside the city mailbox saying three sprinklers were running after hours. Rokovitz said city officials then notified the landscaping company, which came and verified the valve was off.
Except it was the wrong valve.

The officer came by early Saturday morning, saw the sprinklers going and slapped the city with a $250 citation. He came by Sunday, saw the same thing, and issued another citation, this one valued at $500.

Rokovitz learned of the citations Monday. That night, the City Council repealed an emergency ordnance that provided a 30-day exemption for watering new landscaping, making Alpharetta one of the strictest water conservationist in metro-Atlanta.

Rokovitz didn't know whether the city's landscaping fell under the now-repealed 30-day watering exemption.

"We stand by our rules," Councilman John Monson said. "We don't put ourselves above anyone else. But it is kind of unusual."

So what about the fine?

"We're not in the business of paying ourselves," Rokovitz said.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

don't know what the heck that first post is about...but I've noticed watering going on right in front of Milton's City Hall as well

Anonymous said...

Apparently Santi hasn't seen this article or he'd be blaming Julie for watering in front of Milton City Hall !

Anonymous said...

What is the first comment about, typing from home? This person is clueless...huh?

They should pay the fine, the broke the law, no matter what the reason. Do you think they would have let anyone else not pay the fines? Don't think so. They should donate the money to charity instead of waiving the fine to themselves. How about donating the money for violating the ban to families in California that lost all their homes and belongings in fires due to drought. Selfish Alpharetta City Hall. Do something good with something negative!

Anonymous said...

You do know that Neal O'Brien was responsible for this ban. He did it last year.

Anonymous said...
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