Thursday, October 25, 2007

Press Release / Thursday / October 25, 2007

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The upcoming election in Milton is an important one for you and your family. On November 6th, you will decide who represents your interests in Milton for the next four years on City Council. Let me make the case that the best indicator of future action is to look at past involvement and actions.

1) I've been committed and involved protecting neighborhoods for more than 10 years. Maintaining the character of Milton is vital. As president of my subdivision HOA (Belleterre), I fought efforts to overdevelop Milton. I also helped form a coalition of neighborhoods along the Hwy 9 corridor (BARA) for the purpose of defending and protecting the area. Through BARA we worked with Fulton County to pass the Hwy 9 Overlay District which included zoning conditions and design standards for the area.

I served on school councils for six years. I have three children who attend(ed) Fulton County Schools and the education of our children and the quality of our school system is very important to me.

2) I DO NOT support the extension of sewer. I support the Comprehensive Land Plan, both our existing plan and the plan that is currently being developed with your citizen input. Intelligent planning with citizen direction will help us design the best long-term plan to preserve the uniqueness of Milton.

3) I practice fiscal responsibility in my own life and believe in a fiscally conservative and efficient government. I will work to keep taxes and fees low in Milton. We must insure that our tax dollars are spent wisely to provide those services the taxpayers desire most.

4) I supported implementing our new fire and police forces in record time and at a significant savings from what Fulton County was charging the City. We now have a dedicated public safety team that is here to preserve and protect you.

This an exciting time as we look to the future and envision what Milton can be while preserving the best of what we already have. Working together, we can build a positive, civil and caring community in Milton.

On November 6, vote for someone who has helped build our local community, who is and has been invested in creating Milton, who has the reputation of caring and committing his time to public service and to the families in Milton.

Please call me at 678-923-4638 or send me an e-mail at if you have any questions or have input into how I can better represent you.

I'd love to hear from you.



Anonymous said...

5) I supported JJ on term limits on mayor and council and eliminating assistant position for mayor.

6) I also appointed the Moheb.

7) I have a record of working very well with Lusk, O'Brien,and Thurman.

He refers to exciting time......... It will be exciting if he is defeated, no doubt about that.

Anonymous said...

When, not if.

Anonymous said...

You know, Rick, you've been in office for a year now. You are quick to point out your alleged contributions to the community before you were elcted. In fact, most of what you mention is stuff you did over 6 years ago. Ask anyone involved in BARA and they will say that they never elected officers yet you claim to have been the "Vice President." In fact, most active BARA members never recall ever having seen you at any meetings or deliberations. Based on most accounts, you have been nonparticipatory since right after the group's inception (sounds a lot like your past year on council actually). What have you done since you were elected? That is the question that we voters want to know. A padded resume might have gotten you the job last November, but after a year, you have failed to produce. In your next press release, I challenge you to tell us what you have done while receiving a check from the taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

8) I have together with Lusk, RJ and Vermin a unusually snug relationship with the City Attorney Mark Scott and use it very often against the other council members.

9) I supported the Moheb in his frivilous ethics charge against our mayor. In fact I don't quite recall...but I may even have instigated it. I'm proud to announce that although the charges were dismissed the Ethics complaint cost the city thousands of dollars in legal fees. Such expenditure is indicative of my experience of being fiscally responsible.

10) I'm honest enough to admit that I need a psychologist - as such I supported with Lusk, RJ and Vermin, the proposal to hire a big fancy shrink. Once again I showed my fiscal responsibility by ensuring that this cost the City and you the tax payer's a whole heap of money (around $6000.00 as I recall).

10) I'm proud to announce that I know Jan Jones (and Thurman's) houses inside out. The city pays some of my salary and they pay the rest. I'm delighted to announce that as a result I am their servant.

I am the man - email can be assured that you will never ever get a response

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for Rick, but people realize that a vote against him is a vote against big Thurm.

Anonymous said...

Bird of a feather flock together. O'Brien, Santi, Developers

Anonymous said...

what has he done in the past year except for taking credit for the police and fire dispatch (yawn)? Like most issues facing our city, he probably slept through that as well. Face it, Mohrig, you don't have the time, nor the balls, for the job . . .

Anonymous said...

Do you really think you have fooled people in this town? Your signs are right there with two guys who are carried around in the pockets of sewer companies and out-of-town developers. They don't even bother to deny it.

They are history, and so are you

Anonymous said...

You support the Comprehensive Land Plan?. Wonderful.

Seems to me there was a comprehensive plan for Crabapple, too. And didn't that turn out great?

Comprehensive plans mean nothing if closet pro-developers and sewer companies are in office to ignore them.

By teaming up with Santi and O'Brien, you are clearly one of them.

How can you be trusted not to gift wrap our open space for developers?

You are going to have a lot of time on your hands weekday evenings next year.