Monday, October 29, 2007

Double Homicide In Avensong.

Word has come to us this late evening that a double homicide has transpired in the Avensong Community. We do not have specifics at this moment. Rest assured that any information on this story will be posted here. On behalf of everyone at; our thoughts are with the families during this trying time.

- Tim Enloe; Co-Founder / Magnolia Media, LLC.


Anonymous said...

The fact that Mr. Mohrig would use our community to further his political agenda is unspeakable. I just received and email stating Mr. Mohrig was there till 3 a.m. That is a bald face lie!! Shame on you Mohrig, you dont have my vote anymore, and i trashed your sign. Up yours Mohrig for using crime to try and futher your less than sucessful and useless "political career" YOUR A JOKE MR. And so is that Kimsey woman who is not even active in our community, same on you both!!

A very dissappointed Avensong resident.

Anonymous said...

Does Mohrig live in Avensong? If not, why would he be there? What circumstances would put Mohrig in Avensong during a homicide? Where did he state or write that he was there til 3 am? I didn't see this or know what article is being referenced? Would someone put the link for me to read where he stated this and the info behind -all of this?

-Concerned Milton Resident.

Anonymous said...

This is a case for RJ Gumshoe!

Anonymous said...

An unidentified source reports that Mohrig had every right to be there since he works in cahoots with RJ Gumshoe, the seeker of the truth, who has city wide jurisdiction to investigate such matters.