Friday, October 12, 2007

Press Release - October 12, 2007.

For Immediate Release

Alan Tart, Candidate for Milton City Council from District 6, issued the following letter today

Dear Milton Citizens:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Despite my opponent’s campaign of lies and mischaracterizations, I have remained positive and have taken the high road. My campaign continues to be marked with proactive messages that clearly outline my qualifications and what I plan to do to build consensus and represent your interests on city council. I believe that you deserve a steady leader from District 6 who will represent you with integrity and honesty, and I have conducted my campaign accordingly.

In contrast, my opponent’s campaign continues to use scare tactics, lies, and misinformation to distract you from the real issues facing our city and city council. For example, Fulton County Commissioner and Mohrig campaign contributor Lynne Riley recently sent a “Call to Action” flyer to many of Milton’s registered voters that contained the following lie: “The North Fulton Democratic Party supports Rick’s opponent, Alan Tart.” This statement has been proven false by the Milton Beacon and the Milton Herald newspapers. In fact, as a Federal employee, the Hatch Act strictly prohibits me from running for partisan office or from soliciting or accepting endorsements or support from partisan political parties.

Riley also states in the flyer: “The last thing we need is a liberal Democrat City Councilman creating Fulton County’s tax-and-spend habits for our new city. Rick Mohrig will make sure it doesn’t happen!” Ironically, the record clearly shows that my opponent voted to spend tax dollars on an industrial psychologist. In addition, it was my opponent’s campaign contributor and appointment to the Planning Commission Bob Moheb who filed a frivolous and divisive ethics charge against our mayor at the taxpayer’s expense. Mr. Moheb does not even own a home or land in Milton, yet he wasted your tax dollars to lodge a frivolous complaint against our mayor.

In contrast, I will use your tax dollars conservatively, not frivolously. I will also appoint professionals who have a vested, long-term interest in our city’s future and who will not waste your money.

My opponent’s camp has now hired a company to call voters to spread more lies. The caller reads a script that erroneously states, among other things, that I would stop Milton’s use of private contractors and push for a “Fulton County style of government.” In my experience, CH2M Hill offers high quality, efficient customer service at a cost significantly less than could be provided by “city government” employees. Hence, I have no intention of changing it.

So when will my opponent’s campaign of lies, mischaracterizations, and scare tactics stop?

A leader treats people the way he or she wants to be treated. History also shows us that a leader without integrity is doomed to fail. As your council member from District 6, I promise to serve you with integrity and honesty and conduct myself in a manner that promotes teamwork, not divisiveness.

Sewer or No Sewer? That is the Question . . .

Relative to the contentious issue of sewer extension, my opponent claims to be against extension of sewer, yet his statements made in two public meetings on 2/8/07 and 3/15/07 seem to indicate differently (see On page 30 of the March 15 City Council Meeting Minutes, my opponent states that while under Fulton County, lack of sewer was what we had to use to control density. He goes on to say that now that the city council sets the land use map and the density that is allowed, sewer no longer has to be the thing that we fight about as we go forward. He also states that we need to take a look at what is in the best interest for Milton from a health standpoint. The latter statement was made after he referenced information from EPA discussing when sewer is appropriate and actually safer than septic.

My opponent will undoubtedly spend the next four weeks leading up to the November 6 election “clarifying” these statements. He should. As someone who was elected to represent the interests of “the people,” my opponent owes us all an explanation for his comments.

You deserve a leader from District 6 who is accountable and who will deliver a clear, unwavering position on the issue of sewer extension. I will not support the extension of sewer. I believe that depending on the comprehensive land use plan and zoning to control density, rather than lack of sewer, is a gamble at best. There is not one example of this strategy working in Georgia.

Alan Tart: A Proven Leader for Milton City Council

The election on November 6 will be a pivotal moment in our city’s history. The makeup of the city council over the next four years will undoubtedly determine the city that Milton will become. Your choice from District 6 is clear. If you want an elected official who will listen to you and vote with the will of the majority . . . an elected official who will tell the truth and ensure open, transparent government . . . who is a visionary team player who will work to build consensus on the council and in the community . . . and who will hit the ground running by proposing proactive initiatives to clean up Highway 9 and preserve the rural, equestrian character of our city . . . then you must vote for me.

I kindly ask for your vote on November 6. Thank you.

Alan Tart

--Alan M. Tart Candidate for Milton City Council -
District 6 A Fresh Face in Leadership for the New City of Milton!
Cell: 678-464-8550 E-mail (please share your concerns): Website:

REMINDER: Oct. 9 is the cut-off date for registering to vote in the November 6 election.


Anonymous said...

Rick Mohrig has been personally calling people telling them that Alan will be a tax and spend democrat. How low can Mr. Mohrig go? I guess he can't talk about what he will do, since he hasn't really done anything in the past year.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Alan go head-to-head with Mohrig in a debate. He'd cream him!

Anonymous said...

Now let's not be too hard on More-Rig, because he has been working in the trenches and is one of "MoM"s boys along with brothers Combover Boy and Neal, the pilot, O'Brain and their sister, Vermin.

"MoM" will administer the discipline to her children when she knows for sure they are behaving in such a manner.

Oh by the way, would like for More-Rig to give his definition for trench. You know like what your definition of is, is. Maybe he should join the democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Bill Lusk is a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Alan Tart has my vote - he truly cares and will be an outstanding member of the Milton City Council.