Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Did You Know..Endangered Species of GA.

Name: Cherokee darter / Etheostoma scotti.

Habitat: Shallow water (0.1-0.5 m) in small to
medium creeks (1-15 m wide) with predominan.

Threats: Habitat loss due to dam and reservoir
construction, habitat degradation, and poor water quality.


Anonymous said...

Threats: Fulton County Board of Education.

Anonymous said...

Santi is trying to locate a supplier to furnish a dozen or so of this endangered darter to place in local streams. He can then state he will and can stop this school building in his beloved city for which he has done so much.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't have to go and place them in any of our streams, the fish and other species are already there!

Check out the Ga. Wildlife and Game website to find out what endangered or threatened species live in our backyards!

There would be more endangered species, however, they are already extinct due to poor water quality in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

Well, does he know exact location of fish?...if so he should initiate action to prevent school from being built...or has he already started the process?

If he does not have time for such, he should pass it on to Mohrig or O'Neil for necessary action.

Anonymous said...

OOPS...meant to state Mohrig or O'Brien.

Anonymous said...

Can't take credit for something you ain't involved in.

Anonymous said...

Yes you can take credit....if you don't believe me...ask Mohrig, Santi, O'Brien, Lusk and Thurman!