Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2007 AJC Voters Guide / Milton District 4 / At Large

Credit goes to The Atlanta-journal Constitution /

Neal J. "OB" O'Brien (Nonpartisan)

Age (as of Nov. 6): 49
Education: Bachelor of science, business administration.
Profession: Airline pilot and commander, U.S. Navy Reserve.
Residence: No response -->
Family: Married; two sons, 3 and 9 months.

What experience will help you in this job?

I am fortunate to have had a great deal of experience in a variety of challenging organizations. Unless you are a governor or president, serving successfully is a team sport. My desire and enjoyment that I have always had meeting and working with people in the military, airlines and competitive sports has prepared me well to thrive in the arena of ideas that is public service.

If elected, what will be your priorities?

My watch words have been to protect and enhance the unique area that is Milton. I will build on my first year by insisting on no sewer, one-acre minimum land use and tight local zoning control. Then I will uphold our new, tailored CLUP, while taking the lead on an ambitious park master plan. Finally, I will implement a property tax freeze to control spending.

What's the best thing an elected official in the post you are seeking can do for your community?

Tell the truth, deliver uncomfortable information tactfully, but honestly; listen more than you speak. Above all, remember the operative word in "public service", is "service"!

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what one thing (not a person) would you want to have?

I would hope to have a survival kit, with a superb signaling device. Hopefully, it would have been packed with a couple of good books and durable reading glasses!


Anonymous said...

"RJ" is certainly a good name for him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe "RJ" is trying to enter into a buyout agreement with the city !!

Anonymous said...

Going to be difficult bacause he has benn bought by so many and sold to so many...used goods.

Anonymous said...

Just returned from mail box, with campaign material from O'Brien. After reading this mailing it appears it should have been written on toilet tissue !!


Anonymous said...

Guess Neal O'Brien is starting to panic - a lot of his signs popping up on street corners, ad in newsprint and mailings.
Let's be honest - Neal, we gave you a chance and you failed.
Burt Hewitt has our vote!!!!