Thursday, October 18, 2007



With the excitement of our Milton Election being the buzz of the city, one sometimes forgets about those who work 24/7 to insure such freedoms continue . In seeing this wonderfully patriotic video put together by a young teenage girl, I cannot help but be moved.

That being said, I would like to call upon our city leaders to work together in coming up with a fundraiser idea to donate to our troops around the world. is more than happy to provide any exposure said plan will need for free. Special thanks to a Milton resident for bringing this to our attention!

- Tim Enloe / Co-Founder /

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Anonymous said...

Maybe we can get Bob Moheb one of our Planning Commissioners, appointed by Rick Mohrig, who doesn't even own property and have a vested interest in our community, to lead a cause to support our troops, since he is from Iraq as well as his family. I'm sure by now he and his family should be Americans. Let Freedom Ring!