Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Milton Resident Sounds Off On Recent Council Meeting.

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"Dear Milton City Council Members,

You have been elected and placed into our inaugural offices in an effort to start our city off in the right direction. Each action you take, every decision you make and all choices of words are scrutinized by we, the people that put you into the office. Every action either builds our city or destroys it. On September 20, 2007, you had the opportunity to build. Instead you chose to destroy.

Any corporation can attest that altruistic support is vital for the growth of the society in which it exists and lives. We have entrusted the running of our corporation named Milton to you our elected officials. When 4 council members made a conscience decision to refute the voluntary contributions of Troup 3000 and the leadership of Mrs. Zahner Bailey, they did not at a cost to the character of Mrs. Bailey, they did so at a final cost of their own political future.

As with other corporations, the board of directors replaces leadership if they feel values and principles are being compromised. November 6, 2007, we, the 20,000 board members of Milton will speak with a united voice against value-compromised actions such as those displayed on September 20th.

The actions at the most recent council board meeting are only the end of a long line of discretionary blunders inexpertly executed at the hands of true "politicians". The voluntary leadership and environmental contributions of Mrs. Zahner Bailey should be emulated, not eviscerated by all other council members. Every council member should be required to become a servant leader in the community.

For Council members Lusk, Mohrig, O’Brien and Thurman, repentance and corrective action has come too late. November 6th gives the voters of our city the opportunity to correct the mistake that placed you in leadership roles. For the remaining council members, this last event in a year filled with political sniping must come to an end.

The momentum for our city started without you. It will carry on long after you are gone from your post. There will be no statues erected or buildings named. The best legacy you can offer us is the beginnings of a city government that has a foundation based on open, honest communication, focused on the needs of our community.

The agenda you should all carry is for the long-term health of Milton. You could have easily turned to any one of the boy scouts present in the last meeting and learned the following:
Mission of the Boy Scouts – To prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law
On my honor I will do my bestTo do my duty to God and my countryand to obey the Scout Law;To help other people at all times;To keep myself physically strong,mentally awake, and morally straight.

Perhaps you will invite them back for a proper lesson in civics, commenced by reviewing the application of the above oath in active government."

- Tom Makrides


Anonymous said...

How do we officially ask for resignation of City Council members? Milton residents want to know.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Makrides,

I am sorry but you make me want to regurgitate.

Are you trying to say that there hasn't been any grandstanding on Ms. Bailey's part?

Awards, public reconition, press releases and for that matter blog post are by definition not alturistic, They are very self serving to whatever the cause.

So she didn't get yet another photo op, BIG DEAL. Her supporters are now turning this into a crusade screaming "foul play, you hurt the children."

Don't you think it would have been very easy for Ms. Bailey to say, "This is not the appropriate time or place for this, Thanks,But let's wait until the elections are over."

Now that would have been statesmanship.

As a former Scout leader, I reject your assumption that they should somehow be shielded from the reality of politics. There is a whole lot more to scouting that pledges, salutes and s'mores. Young adults do well to see all sides of issues to train their minds to learn, think,and make choices. We used to take our scouts to the city jail to open their eyes. They should be greatful for the opportunity to see the true nastiness of the devisions within their city and the growing pains associated with the process of making tough decisions.It's one of life's lessons.

Let's face it Milton ain't Mayberry.

Anonymous said...

As a parent I would like to determine when and if my children, at this age, are exposed to the nastiness of politics as stated in your comment. I am appalled that this was done as the children were not there to learn a life lesson at the expense of Ms. Bailey regardless of what you say. Their actions were uncalled for and show their true character. You don't have to live in Mayberry to have manners and respect for someone that has been doing something wonderful for the community. I agree to their resignation.

Anonymous said...

Dear, "I would like to determine when and if"

Good luck, containing them in your glass bubble.

Anonymous said...

The council was wrong for sitting on their bratty butts.
At the same time a part of me was happy they did it because it blatantly shows who and where the problems are. They were proving themsleves the troublemakers once again.
If anything the children were shown how not to act.
I would agree to their resignation as well.
I am sure you think I am a Bailey supporter. I am not. Neither a Santi -- I do not agree whole heartedly with either so therefore I am not voting in that district. But you can bet I will be the others when they come up- because you are all a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

I feel the council members are not obligated to participate Ms. Bailey's awards.

If she had chosen another place at another time, she could have stood out as a true leader. But alas it's business as usual at City Hall.

Anonymous said...


I don't think anyone else could have said it better.

Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord someone finally said it "resignation"! Jan Jones team of 4 needs step down or the community needs to demand their resignation.

What happened to random acts of kindness? Why do these four council members continue to embarrass the community? They have used our tax dollars on unnessacery legal bills to fight ethics charges against their own team member.

Now again they have turned on another team member. Do you think the Mayor wanted to stand up and smile when Jan Jones received her proclamation? Hell no! Sometimes you just suck it up and “smile for the camera”! But since these four adults have so blatantly shown their true side, I say Resignation, Resignation, and Resignation!

Anonymous said...

Agree,sometimes you just suck it up.

In this case the four in question are, without a doubt, the biggest "suckups" in Milton.

But you have not seen anything if the SHERIFF aka MoM creates Milton County.

Don't expect everyone to agree, but I am telling you she is RUTHLESS.

concerned resident

Anonymous said...

Jan will get the last laugh-

I can't wait till she creates Milton County and some obscure legislator from S. Georgia inserts wording to deannex the City of Milton-

Or maybe draw County lines so that Julie Bailey just happens to be in Cherokee County . . .

Anonymous said...

This letter was not about Mrs. Bailey. It was about the true character of the council members that run our city. They are poor role models for our children to see and certainly for many adults. They have no moral character and that became very clear as they yet again decided to divide the council, make the city look foolish, and in the process loose any respect we may have had for them. You can bet I won't be casting a vote for such childish behavior. Who would want some like that making decisions for our city????

Anonymous said...

Too bad for Jan, she's loosing control. She's also lost alot of votes.

Anonymous said...

Dear "Good Luck" I guess I should just let my kids watch CNN and FOX News in the morning while eating their Froot Looops as well, so I can make sure they know how nasty this world really is. Maybe I should just put in a documentary on Sadaam Hussein too or replay 911 for them so they can grow up really fast and miss their childhood completely. How about focusing in on the GOOD people do for a change, and the GOOD that is out there in this world, but no you think it's great they got a nasty lesson in politics that night! Way to Go!

I'm not in a glass bubble, there is a time and place for everything, and what happened at City Council was inappropriately handled.

Anonymous said...

To "Jan will get the last laugh"

Is that you, "MoM" or is it Kalin?

Resent your comment about obscure S. Georgia legislator....why not N. Georgia.

Place City of Milton in Cherokee county...that way "MoM" will have no control over us....until she is elected governor.

Anonymous said...

You may rear your children any way you wish.

And I totally agree with you "There is a time and a place...."

But if you take you kids to mud wrestling, expect them to see mud.

p.s. When I was a child we had our very own BOMB shelter and I knew very well what it why it was in our back yard.

Anonymous said...

Justice has been served. I hope the message has now been understood that dirty politics has just ends.

Anonymous said...

Now, we can finally get past the bickering and get on with managing the business of Milton. Congrats Alan, Julie and Burt!