Friday, October 05, 2007

Letters To The Editor.

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- Tim Enloe /

The following is an email from Miltonian Susan Campbell to the residents of Milton.


I would like to tell you about Rick Mohrig and why he is my choice for Milton City Council.
I first met Rick while fighting zoning issues in Fulton County in the 1990s. He has always supported a low-density comprehensive land use plan that keeps our area unique in its historic rural character. He protected our neighborhoods from the pressures that high density development exerts on our local schools and infrastructure.

Not only did he fight zoning issues along the Hwy. 9 corridor, but he was actively involved in his three children's public schools through the Local School Advisory Councils (LSAC). What's amazing is that he did all of this while working full-time for IBM managing over 200 people!
Rick served as my Vice Chair on the Superintendent Advisory Council for both the Milton and the Alpharetta clusters. He helped on the 2002 SPLOST II campaign to reduce school crowding.

Many of you remember the freshman portable "village" housing 1,000 students at the historic Milton High School site when the student population was 3,000. Rick helped bring new schools and new opportunities for our students in Milton. He has been actively involved in the Manning Oaks ES and Hopewell MS LSAC's before becoming Vice Chair of the Milton Cluster Advisory Council representing 11 schools.

As a volunteer member of the Milton Ethics Board this past year, I have admired Rick's thoughtful demeanor and the integrity with which he represents his constituents. His voting record speaks for itself. He has demonstrated he will defend your neighborhoods, promote public safety, and continue to oppose high-density rezonings.

Rick left IBM in 2005 to devote time to his family, a small business, and the community as your City Council Member for District 6. He worked tirelessly to help create the City of Milton before being elected into office.

Please offer your support by placing a Re-Elect Rick Mohrig sign in your yard until November 6! If you reply to me with your home address, I'll drop off a sign! Contact

Vote for Rick November 6th!

Susan Campbell

Trotters Ridge Neighborhood"


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention he voted for term limits for mayor and council.
He is nothing more than a "YES" person for "MoM".

Anonymous said...

His appointed Planning Commissioner doesn't own property in Milton, and his mannerisms indicate he is on drugs of some sort, which everyone has suspected all along since his emergence. Ask everyone about his behavior and mannerisms at the last City Council meeting that was there. He could hardly speak. But now that he's been tipped off, he's amazingly tried to clean up his act, for now. Too bad we've already seen and heard you in action Bob since December. Too late. Bottom line Rick, this person is a reflection on you. Out of everyone in Milton you could have appointed to the Planning Commission you pick some young guy, that isn't from here and doesn't even own property. Where is his vested interest in Milton? He has none. Or is he an instrument for your will?
No one on any committee or policitical seat in Milton that is making decisions for our City should be permitted to sit in a position of authority for our City unless they own property! You should have removed him and saved face. The community knows the truth, whether you think so or not. And our votes will tell you loud and clear on Nov. 6th. You blew it buddy.

J. W. - Milton resident

Anonymous said...

What kind of work does Bob do?

Anonymous said...

He is a developer/builder

InterState Route 9 Overlay changes will be coming before Council for a vote fairly soon. Apparently the 30 foot building height restriction is being recommended for denial by Staff. In other words they don't want to restrict the height of commercial multi-story bldgs...hence subdivisions backing onto this corridor may be faced with buildings towering above them.

And here we have a developer/builder on drugs of some sort. Really does conjure up scary and graphic images of 'HIGH' rise construction doesn't it!!!

T.S.B. - Milton

Anonymous said...

I've met Mr. Mohrig, and while he is definately a very nice gentleman, I don't feel that he is able to make non-biased decisions on important matters.

Yes, he has done alot for the community, but at other levels, not city council.

It showed when the change to the city charter was voted upon...he had to rely on what Jan Jones thought to make his decision...


Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,
Rick may done all the things you outlined, however, this is not the school system, vice chair...clusters..pta, etc.

Currently he belongs to a cluster known as "the fabulous four"

This is the city council and he is in over his head.

Anonymous said...

I watched John McMillian rub his back over and over in the last City Council meeting when they were sitting in the audience before Bob decided to try and stand up and find the microphone, to try and say something. I saw this go on from 3 rows over! This was the meeting that John McMillian decided to hold his "Milton Tax Payers Association" meeting prior to the City Council meeting. He made a complete fool of himself. No one knows what on earth Bob even said and I don't think Bob knows what he said. When he found his seat again, John McMillian was there to rub his back again, pat, pat, pat! They must be closer then father and son!

Interesting observation. When Bob got up to speak everyone in the audience was looking at eachother and asking if this guy was high on drugs. My opinion, being there, absolutely yes! Too bad Bob got there after the police and fire department left after their award. They could have arrested him for being under the influence, of something. This is an outrage!

Anonymous said...

Why did Rick vote along with the other 3 to waste our taxpayer dollars for a shrink?