Thursday, October 11, 2007

Addressing A Reader's Concern.


We recently received the following comment in our 2007 election section. As you can see, “GPB” has come to an assumption regarding’s supposed endorsement of certain folks who are currently running for office.

“Hey Tim, Why is there no information on Neil O'Brien, Rick Mohrig and Roger Santi ??Are you endorsing Bailey/Hewitt/Tart ? If so, why not take credit for the endorsement and have your website reflect it? Your website gives the "appearance" of being apolitical and a "community service" site, but in fact appears to be quite the opposite. I urge you to take a more balanced approach to your website!

Thanks, GPB”

One could easily assume the same as this individual did by simply clicking into our Election Section and see web brochures only activated for certain folks. What he does not know is that all candidates were emailed a marketing piece back on Sunday, September 02, 2007 @ 11:00 AM. Please see it below:, the #1 website for all things Milton , Georgia , will be providing readers with a special "Election Section 2007." This campaign arena will allow candidates to share with the citizens of Milton , Georgia their focus for the city and why they are the better choice for voters.

For an investment of only $499.00, the candidate will be able to incorporate a campaign web brochure in the "Election Section 2007". This one page brochure will include:

1. Pictures (A maximum of four.)
2. Campaign Agenda (text format.)
3. Endorsements ( A maximum of four.)
4. Link to your campaign website.
5. Contact information.

Should the candidate choose to upgrade the plan for an additional $100.00, they will be included in three e-newsletters running in September, October, and November of 2007. In addition, an interactive blog will be included within the campaign web brochure.

All content must be approved by the candidate via a signature form prior to incorporation provided by

Should the candidate choose not to activate a campaign web brochure, no content will be listed for that candidate.

NOTE: The "Election Section 2007" will be active from Monday, September 10, 2007 through Monday, November 12, 2007.

Interested? Contact us at / Subject Line: "Campaign Web Brochure" Today!

Offer Expires: Friday, September 7th, 2007.
All content MUST be received by Friday, September 7th, 2007.

It should be noted that we eventually waived the additional $100.00 upgrade fee and incorporated all candidates in our past two newsletters via questions. On top of which, we have given all six the opportunity to include press releases in our news section at no charge.

In closing, was created to be a voice for all. We encourage you to be heard via this website.

All the best –

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552


Anonymous said...


Contact the three who do not have any information on the website and ask why not.

Ask on an individual basis, not as a group, and see if you get different answers from each or all three give same answer.

Anonymous said...

Have no idea as to how they might respond, could it be....

O'Brien = I did not get the notice.
I was on a flying mission.
This was during the time I was working on property tax freeze, which I thought was more important than responding. I did not have the money

Mohrig = I have, as you are aware, been in a lot of trenches and couldn't get out in time to respond in a timely manner. When not in trenches, I was assisting my friend Bob, you know Moheb, with his duties since he is my appointee you know. I did not have the money.

Santi = I do not have time to deal with someone who was a former looser candidate for Council. I have enough money of my own and my developer friends to buy this election and that is exactly what is going to happen.
If you think I am not serious, chech out the 10-11-2007 edition of Milton Beacon, page 7, "Santi Ratchets Up Campaign" I forgot to state in that article, I also have knowledge that my opponent is, without a doubt, totally responsible for this drought.

Hell, if Neal and Rick had told me they didn't have the money, I would have given it to them. But you know both are very proud individuals and would not want to take a handout.

Come by and we, along with some high profile developers, will sip some wine and munch on peeled shrimp.

No, Karen, Neal and Bill, you drank and ate enough last time, so don't bother to show.

Anonymous said...

Neal could have been at the taxpayers Q and A meeting he was responsible for, or I forgot, he never showed. He couldn't be flying as he dosent work anymore, so what does he do all day?