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Press Release / Wednesday / October 17th / 2007

Focused on the True Issues

Re-election Fundraiser a Success
On Saturday, October 13th, Milton City residents recently gathered to show their support of City Council member Julie Zahner Bailey. Over 100 Milton residents attended her re-election fundraiser at the home of Paul and Lou Roth also hosted by Mayor Joe Lockwood, City Council member Tina D'Aversa and Milton residents John and Denise Cole.During the evening Mrs. Bailey, a 20-year resident of Milton, restated her commitments to the community that she has fostered for nearly 12 years: uphold the land-use plan and closely scrutinize any changes affecting it; maintain the policies on no-sewer and no-inter-basin transfers - keep Milton decidedly rural; and no tax increases - make every tax dollar count.Council member Julie Zahner Bailey listens along with Milton residents as Mayor Lockwood and Council member D'Aversa address the crowd regarding the importance of re-electing Julie on November 6th.

On the contentious no-sewer policy Council member Bailey remarked, "While some council members are on record as being willing to stray from the no-sewer policy, I will not waver. Those who say that sewer can be added while controlling density are either naïve or being disingenuous. This simply does not work and places the residents at the mercy of those who have no interest in maintaining Milton's rural nature."Regarding her opponent's recent statements about her, Bailey said that she expects the mudslinging from Mr. Santi. "This is how he campaigned last year...on falsehoods and negativity... and lost." Added Bailey, "It is unfortunate that certain council members have aligned themselves publicly with Santi's negative campaigning and name calling." Three council members, Thurman, Lusk and O'Brien attended Santi's fundraiser.Barbara Whatley of Westbrook Road and Dorris Grocemen of the Orchards discuss the importance of a positive community represented by positive leaders.

Mr. Santi wants us to believe that he will not support sewer extensions. Residents need to reconcile his statements with his list of campaign contributors among whom are developers and a private sewer company. One such developer, Lee Duncan, had some stinging words to say about Bailey, "I've been fighting with that (expletive) for seven years," referring to his efforts to bring sewer to rural Milton. When asked about Mr. Duncan's statements, one Milton resident commented, "This is one of the highest compliments Julie could receive. It overwhelmingly demonstrates that she has been very effective."

In contrast to Bailey's fundraiser which consisted of residents of Milton, Mr. Santi has surrounded himself with high-profile developers who Bailey points out, "typically don't live in Milton." Bailey countered, "Why does anyone think these developers are willing to spend an evening at Santi's fundraiser? Doubtful it's merely for the shrimp and $5.00 glasses of wine."Council member Tina D'Aversa and Dawn Lockwood view the recent Forum video during the fundraiser hosted by the Mayor, D'Aversa and others.

In Closing...

Together, we are a strong community. And working collectively for the citizen's vision of Milton - as we have done for years - we can successfully uphold the quality of life that makes this place unique and wonderful. Please know I am more committed today than ever to working with you to ensure Milton remains the special place we all love and call home. Every voice, every volunteer and every person can and does make all the difference.Thank you for your conituned support,Julie Zahner BaileyMilton City Council770-664-5529 (home)404-310-6344 (cell)No City of Milton funds were used for this newsletter.

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