Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Press Release / Wednesday / October 24, 2007.

We need Council members that will work FOR Milton!

For years we fought against Fulton County to preserve the unique quality of life we enjoy here in Milton.
Last year that battle changed.

Now we have local control and the decisions that effect us can be made by the people who live in Milton and understand what is important to all of us.

What we need now are Council members that will work FOR Milton.

Roger Santi is FOR Milton.

Roger is FOR maintaining the rural character and horse farm atmosphere. He and his family moved to Milton for this reason and live on a horse farm.

Roger is FOR developing our parkland with both active and passive recreation; he will work hard to pursue alternative means of funding to develop our parks into areas we all can enjoy as quickly as possible.

Roger is FOR insuring that all new growth is responsible growth that enhances rather than distracts from our community.

Roger is FOR working with both Federal and State agencies to resolve the traffic congestion on our roads and improve our intersections.

Roger is FOR an efficient and effective government. He will use his business and financial experience as a CPA to make certain that your tax dollars are spent wisely.

Vote for the Candidate that will work FOR all of Milton
On November 6th
Vote for Roger Santi

Friends of Roger Santi 545 Tullamore Way Milton GA 30004


Anonymous said...

Word "on the street" or in downtown Atlanta, Mr. Santoi, is that you are not that interested in the City of Milton except to make sure that you have a better chance of getting elected to the Board of Commissioners in the future by being elected on our City Council now. I understand that you are real tight with all the right politicians to do this. I don't think most people know about this ultimate desire of yours. Hence, the reason you have not been involved in Milton at all except for election time here.

We need Council menbers who actually care about Milton and not their political career.

- An informed resident

Anonymous said...

Roger is FOR his self.

Roger is FOR flying loud annoying airplanes over community events.

Roger is FOR accepting campaign contributions from a company that installs sewer systems.

Roger is FOR developement, and his record in the surround area reflects this.

Anonymous said...

Who's writing this crap for him...they need to get a thesaurus...

"Roger is FOR insuring that all new growth is responsible growth that enhances rather than distracts from our community."

Shouldn't that read "detracts" instead of distracts?

Distracts would be what that stupid airplane did at the Milton Roundup.

Anonymous said...

Is the very ethical Mrs. Ry-lee going to step down in order to allow the very ethical Santi to run for county commissioner?... Apparently all this has been cleared by JJ, the ruthless one !!

Anonymous said...

What do you bet Lusk wants his name on this ethical event?

Anonymous said...

Amazingly he sounds like a parot after listening to JZB.

Anonymous said...

Which one sounds like a "parot", Rusk or Santi or is it both?

Anonymous said...

This must be a different campaign strategy. I guess the itch word and naked child ad is not working for him.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mr. Santi already has much of the "alternate means of funding to develop our parks" from the developers that are funding his campaign.

Anonymous said...

"We need Council members that will work FOR Milton"...BRILLIANT!!! Roger, if you had been paying attention you would have noticed that no member of the current city council works harder or has worked harder FOR the city of Milton than Julie Bailey. She works tirelessly to protect our quality of life, the rural character of our city and our property values. Julie represents her constituents and will not let her pockets be lined by those whose only interest in Milton is financial.

Anonymous said...

Since Roger is a CPA, could we trade him for Thermin?

Anonymous said...

Noticed where Lee C Duncan apologized to Julie Bailey for his remarks about her. Sometimes one gets carried away when drinking wine and munching on shrimp. However, when one rings a bell, as he did in this instance, you can not unring that bell, tactic commonly used in court cases to get in minds of jurors.

The apology is on page 20, Community Comments in 10-25-2007 edition of Milton Beacon.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Santi did not have my vote in the last election and certainly won't have my vote this year.

Anonymous said...

Roger, Roger, Roger:

What about that Sewer Company, Innovative Water Solutions?

Why would a sewer company give money to somebody is anti-sewer? Isn't that like the NRA giving money to someone is pro-gun control?

For that matter, why would all those developers give you all that money, and come to your fund raisers.

That Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report is a bitch, isn't it?

You might have actually pulled this off.

Game over, man.