Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Milton Scarecrows Stand Watch In Alpharetta

By Jason Wright / / Milton Herald

October 09, 2007The students of Jennifer Hoover's second grade class at Summit Hill Elementary School built a scarecrow in the image of Milton Mayor Joe Lockwood to honor the city on its first birthday. As evidenced by the scarecrow's helmet and jersey, Lockwood enjoys sport motorcycle riding with his family.After the photo Oct. 1, the mayor talked to the students about their government and thanked them for the effigy."That's a great scarecrow," he said. "It's real cool."Inset, kindergarten students from Cogburn Woods Elementary School helped put together this scarecrow seen on Main Street near its intersection with Milton and Academy. They are two of 63 scarecrows made by children along Main Street in downtown Alpharetta as part of the city's second annual Scarecrow Harvest, which was highlighted with a family celebration Saturday, Oct. 6, at the Alpharetta Farmer's Market on Old Roswell Street.

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