Monday, October 22, 2007

Press Release / Continued from Below.

Mayor Lockwood Sets the Record Straight

Mr. Santi has suggested repeatedly that Julie was responsible for an $850,000 loss in revenue - "Though the city manager became the scapegoat, her actions were largely responsible for the city's loss of $850,000 in revenue"

There is not a shred of truth to Mr. Santi's claim - it is completely false. Julie had no hand in this situation at all and, in fact, the revenue has not been "lost," as Mr. Santi continues to claim.

Mayor Joe Lockwood Reports the Facts

"I have been asked by several people about the allegation that Julie Zahner Bailey was responsible for the missed filing date of the insurance premium tax deadline, which may delay the receipt of up to $850,000 in additional revenue for the city of Milton next year, and I certainly want our citizens to know the correct facts.

Mrs. Bailey would have had no more responsibility in this filing deadline than myself, council members D'aversa, Mohrig, Lusk, O'Brien, and Thurman. This was an operations issue, and with our form of government, the council would have not even been aware of it until after the fact.

I also want our residents to know that I, Council, and staff are on top of this situation and pledge to make sure that the City of Milton gets the benefit of this tax that is generated by insurance companies doing business in Milton."

Mayor Lockwood

Thank you for your on-going support and your consideration of a financial contribution to the Friends of Julie Zahner Bailey.

Please consider routing this email release to your friends, neighbors and HOA in an effort to help keep everyone engaged and involved in all the issues facing our community. Community voice matters now more than ever!

Click below for the Julie 4 Milton website to read more about Julie's accomplishments and dedication to the City of Milton!

No City of Milton funds were used for this email.
Paid for by Friends of Julie Zahner Bailey.


Anonymous said...

Milton politics as usual.

Anonymous said...

By Julie or Santi? My 2 cents is "yes to both".

Anonymous said...

Looks to me as if our mayor has been caught in the spell [or maybe she has a picture of him with a goat.]

Anonymous said...

He does have a donkey and a cow. Maybe she has a picture of him feeding them? I guess he had to clarify the truth, since Santi took hold of the question at the forumn about it being ok to lie during a campaign. He has been hanging around with "RJ" O'Brien too much.

Anonymous said...

Most disappointing Joe

We how have the definitive definiiton of "Political Cronyism" at its worst.

Anonymous said...

Joe is saying Julie was no more responsile for the alleged tax loss than others on council...seems reasonable. You know Julie wasn't specifically given the task of handling this issue...If she had been we'd have heard it a thousand times from the Anti Bailey Group (ABG).

Santi is a bean counter and he could have prevented this if he'd been there??...Thurman the Vermin is a bean counter, she was there, why couldn't she have prevented it.

If your're saying Julie was, in fact, totally responsible for this, please give facts and not what the ABG group is contending.

Joe may have a donkey, cow , he doesn't have any turkeys since he has to work with four on city council.

Anonymous said...

Just exactly how does that "Political Cronyism" work anyway ??

Anonymous said...

NO one that I am aware of is saying "Julie's job was responsible for the money [lost or not] The way I read it, Some are saying, "She's responsible for some [not all] of the caos.

Aside from the money issue, I find it unsetteling the number of good employees who have called it quits. Something is obviously wrong with something to have senior level quit and that amount of money overlooked.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes there is definitely something wrong.

Lusk, Thurman, O'Brien and Mohrig, and possibly Julie who sometimes talks too much, however, she was vaccinated with a phonograph needle, not her fault.

We will never know the reasons the former employees resigned because they have too much class, unlike the fabulous four, to do anything to harm the City.

Anonymous said...

I agree, "We'll never Know".

And that's the sad part, we're like mushrooms growing in _____ in the dark.

We all hear and read a bunch of Blah,blah "He's a _____ she's a _____ , the four are ______,

But this board gets VERY LITTLE factual information to evaluate from any of the people running.

It's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The Press release should have read,

"Mayor Lockwood sets PART of the record straight"

If he would set all the accusations straight, it would be very informative, and allow him to stand out as a true leader.

Com'on Joe, "Cowboy up"
"Be a Mentsh""

Sorry, I forgot this was a paid Julie Bailey press release.

Anonymous said...

This we do know the fabulous four did, in fact, support JJ on charter changes.

Anonymous said...

Cowboy up

What other part(s) are you referring to here.

Anonymous said... a mushroons growing in FECAL MATTER in the dark.

He's a MAN.

She's a WOMAN.

The four are USELESS.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who would claim or believe that any one person on Council is responsible for the $850,000 is a fool.

If one Council person is guilty, then they all are guilty.

All these comments and no one posts their names. There are more chickens in Milton then horses.


Anonymous said...

Joe seems to be crafting "selective clairification"

Anonymous said...

It bothers me greatly that anyone would say anything negative at all about our Mayor Joe Lockwood. If you only knew what a first class man he is as I have learned. He is a self made man, a hard worker, and truly a gentleman. He doesn't have a huge ego like the rest of the council. He is just trying to keep out City together and supports those council members and candidates that support the COMMUNITY. I had the opportunity to learn this firsthand when I met him for the first time while doing an oral history of an "oldtimer" in Milton. I've since learned from many of these folks what he has done for these original founders of this area. He is a man who bridges our community so well, new and old. He represents us "regular" people in Milton. I wish that every single one of you out there has the same opportunity to get to know him. Every city should be so lucky to have a Mayor like Joe.

Joe Lockwood is truly an honorable man.

-Patti Silva

Anonymous said...

What would you mean by "selective" clarification? He simply made statement that the $850,000 was not the responsibility of one council person. Don't you think he would know more about that than you?

Anonymous said...

No,I was trying to say that he made a clarification of one and only one part of the many, many accusations made by Santi towards Ms. Bailey.

If one is not true, Bully, but that's clarification in part. I expect him to lead and if there is chaos caused by one [or more] members of council YES he should know, but "knowing" and enlgihtening are two very seperate things.

Perhaps my expectations are too lofty.

Anonymous said...

The chaos created by one or more of the members is pretty obvious if you read all the posts and the press over the last year. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I so late in posting. I just woke up.

Put I believe I shall go back to bed, this has got to be a bad dream.