Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Before It Turns One Year Old, Milton Has It's Second Homicide

By SAEED AHMEDThe Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionPublished on: 10/29/07

The north Fulton city of Milton, incorporated in December, had its second homicide of the year Monday night.

A man was found dead inside a home on Harmony Court, police said. Another man, also shot, was taken from the residence to a local hospital.

Milton police said someone called 911 from a cell phone about 9 p.m. to report the shootings.
Police were still waiting to search the house late Monday night, and did not have any more information.
The department, with a little more than 20 officers, came into existence in May and covers 50 square miles.The city's biggest crime problems tend to be burglaries and car break-ins. Violence is generally tied to domestic abuse.

In June, construction worker Keith Brown, 40, was found shot to death at the Preserve at Deerfield apartments.

Investigators think that at least three people went to Brown's apartment to rob him because he often carried a large amount of cash. The trio are are believed to be tied to a prostitution service, police said. A gunfight erupted during the robbery, and Brown was shot several times.
He was able to call 911 but apparently died while on the telephone.


Anonymous said...

I am a resident in Avensong Community and just read an email that Rick Mohrig was at the scene of the terrible crime that happened in our neighborhood last night. I too, was at the scene as a concerned neighbor, and did not see Rick Mohrig there. I was there for several hours with police and fireman and the President of our homeowners association, Alan Tart. Did you mistake Mr. Mohrig for Mr. Tart??
Harmony Court resident

Anonymous said...

Last night should make all Avensong residence more aware of what is going on around them. As a resident, please take a moment and look around for any suspicious activity and PLEASE report it. We do not need this type of activity in our community.
Ms. Kimsey, thank you for the update, however, I think you meant to say Alan, our HOA President, was there, not R. Mohrig. As he nor you were at the scene.
Dana W.

Anonymous said...

Mohrig was there, I saw him. And to be honest, why does it matter? Is your vote for him or Tart contingent upon one of them being at a certain place?

Anonymous said...

Actually my vote is for crime to stop in our neighborhood, and to me lying is a crime too. I just trashed my Mohrig sign.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Mr. Mohrig would use our community to further his political agenda is unspeakable. I just received and email stating Mr. Mohrig was there till 3 a.m. That is a bald face lie!! Shame on you Mohrig, you dont have my vote anymore, and i trashed your sign. Up yours Mohrig for using crime to try and futher your less than sucessful and useless "political career" YOUR A JOKE MR. And so is that Kimsey woman who is not even active in our community, same on you both!!

A very dissappointed Avensong resident and voter

Anonymous said...

Another point to make is that Alan, our the HOA President has been concerned with crime in our neighborhood for over a year and has actively engaged city officials to make Avensong a safer place this entire time. Mr. Mohrig takes this one opportunity to use this crime to express his concern. Where has he been the rest of the time? This solidifies our need for Alan on the Milton City Council - he cares about us, the citizens, not personal or political gain especially with a circumstance like this.

Anonymous said...

I am a resident of Avensong as well and was shocked to see that the 11pm leading news story last night was of a homicide in our neighborhood. I thought for sure they were going to say it happened in south Atlanta but the next thing I saw was Avensong on TV.

I have been looking all day for more details regarding the homicide. I’m trying to understand how this could happen in my neighborhood. Honestly, I'm shocked and saddened by this ugly turn of events.

How do we keep crime out of our neighborhood? How can we stop this from happening again? I want us to be safe and free from fear. We need to preserve our community and the residents that live in it.